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    New Liner & Water Yesterday : How to Close?

    Had to have a new liner installed yesterday. (Why, why, why couldn't we have had the catastrophic failure of the liner in The pool was filled with approx 7,000 gallons of water delivered by truck & we are adding approx 16,000 gallons from our hose. The water temp is in the 50s. We...
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    Motorized Valve Stuck on Solar Heater

    My in-ground pool is set up with a Compool LX220 Solar Heating system. The motorized valve became stuck in the on position and I cannot get it to turn off. The controller seems to be working properly will all the LED light working and I can here it wanting to turn on and off if I adjust the...
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    Losing 10-12 ppm FC daily?

    I have been a long time member here, and once we started using borates to control our constant yellow mustard algae problem, taking care of the pool has been a breeze. However, this month we have run into a problem that we have never seen before. Since the middle of this month, we have been...
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    Pump Bearings Toast, Now Have Sand in Pool Also

    Hi All: We opened the pool this year to find out that our pump was excruciatingly loud. We figured the bearings & seals were going; the couple of contractors we spoke with agreed. So, because our pump is ancient, we are going to get a new pump (thinking a Hayward Super II.) Unfortunately...
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    How can I have algae w/these test results?

    Hi: We opened our pool with a pretty low CYA level this year and by the end of June our CYA had dropped to 20. Since we were leaving for a week, we turned on our auto-chlorinator. We've continued to use it since July and just turned it off last week because it's nearing a level of 50...
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    FC held overnt, still see algae

    We fight mustard algae each year. We began to see signs of it recently, so last night we shocked to MA levels & brushed the pool. We didn't turn off the filter overnight. FC held overnight, however there were four small areas throughout the pool where I could see green-yellow algae on the...
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    I thought my FC & CC readings would predict algae bloom?

    Hi All: For the past 5-7 days we have seen small amounts of green/yellow powder on the steps of our pool. The powder didn't feel slimy and easily dissolved into the water when we touched it. The rest of the pool looked fine. We watched our FC & CC closely, but they remained stable...
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    Need reputable co. to buy Pool Light

    Hi: I posted this question in a different forum but didn't receive any replies, so I'm giving it a try here. We need to buy a new Sta-Rite Pool Light for our IG pool. We just don't have any clue as to which companies are reputable. Any ideas of who we should order from? Thanks!
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    Help - Need a Good Source For Replacement Light

    I think I need to replace one of my Sta-Rite Sunlite pool lights. The burnt out light shows signs of moisture in the housing and the back rubber grommet where the cord exits is all cracked and starting to fall apart. Can someone please recommend some good sources? Thanks in advance.
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    Can you get algae if FC is within target?

    Hi All: We must be misunderstanding how this all works, because I didn't think we could get algae if our FC stays within the target range indicated by our CYA level. This is the scoop. Our CYA has been between 50 & 55 this past month. Our CC level has stayed at 0. Our FC has been high since...
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    Partly Cloudy, No CC's

    Hi All: I'm so glad I found this site earlier this summer. Our pool has really been pretty "Trouble Free" since. However, in the last 4-5 days it is somewhat cloudy. We have accumulations along the bottom around the seams of powdery green/yellow stuff. When we brush each day the stuff lifts...
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    Why aren't my cc's dropping??

    Hi All: We started this pool season with a green swamp. Found this forum & realized our CYA was well over 150. Have been using the "Best Guess" chart, drained some water, raised chlorine to "shock" levels appropriate to our CYA, etc. We use Taylor's FAS/DPD kit. Anyway, our pool LOOKS...
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    Stupid Question Alert: Liquid "Shock"

    Hi Everyone: I'm sure this is a completely stupid question, but, who else can I ask? We still have gallons of "Poly-Guard Ultra Shock" leftover from when we first opened our pool last month. (Before we found out about BBB.) The ingredient list says: Active Ingredient Available Chlorine...
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    Chlorine too High?

    Hi Everyone: I just found the address for this forum on the Pool Solutions Forum. I'm so glad to see that there is now a forum available for those of us who hadn't previously joined that one! Anyway, we just changed to the BBB system this month when we opened our 30 gal, IG vinyl pool. We...