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    Phosphates Problem?

    Hi, My summer pool season has gone well. The pool looks good and is balanced weekly using measurements from my Taylor test kit. My kit does not test for phosphates or salt level so I took it to the local pool store (Leslie's) to get these measurements done. The salt was reading was good but...
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    SWG output questions

    I have a Jazcuzi SWG. It has five output positions on it that are indicated by the number of lit lights light on the display. My CYA in 80. I bumped up my SWG output to maximum (5) about 2 weeks ago prior to a large planned pool party. By the time I remembered to turn it down my CL was 11. I...
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    New pool light versus repair

    My pool light stop working and the voltages to it are goid. It is an older Jandy Colors large pool halogen colored pool light with 8 bulbs in it. I think the P/N or model no is CPHV. It is recommended that you replace all eight bulbs and the gasket when opening it for repair. The bulbs run...
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    Pool Light Repair

    Does anyone have experience replacing the bulbs in a pool light. Measured the voltages to light and found good. Pool light says there are 8 bulbs that should be replaced together and also a cover gasket that needs replaced. I am wondering if opening the pool light to replace the bulbs is...
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    My most recent pool phosphate reading is 450. Is this high? Do I need to worry about it. If so what do I use to bring it down.
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    Contamination in pool

    My pool is balanced and pretty clean as I can see the drains in the bottom of deep clearly however there is a very light layer of a gold color contaminate on the bottom of the pool. I belive it to be pollen from a Large tree near the pool. I tried everything I could think of to remove such as...
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    Removing Containments from pool

    I have some form of containment on the fllor and steps of my pool. My pool is balanced and as I get good readings from my Taylor test kit and I do not have algae as I passed a recent OCLT i ran. The material is very fine and golden brown in color. I believe it may be pollen from nearby flower...
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    Pool light problem

    I got a pretty good handle on how my pool equipment operates and the maintenance required to keep it running but now am stumped on how to fix a multi-colored pool light that will not turn on. I did measure electrical power going thru switch. The light is the original one installed by Swan pools...
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    CYA question

    What is the best way to add crystal CYA to a pool.
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    Borates Pros and Cons

    I am deligent about keeping my pool balanced. I have been performing daily tests and adding chemicals as necessary. I keep my PH in the range of 7.4 to 7.8 but must add a pint of muratic acid 2-3 times a week. I think this might be due to the fact that i must add tap water about 3 times a week...
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    Pump Priming Problems

    I have a VS pump and have programmed it as follows: 2 hours at 2800 (to drive the pool sweep) 8 hours at 1450 to filter and run the SWG. When my timer came on yesterday to start the first 2 hour run the pump would not prime. It timed out after 10 minutes. It tried several more times but it...
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    Is this Ok balance

    I have a SWG which is programmed to run all night (at 80% for 9 hours) and it produces chlorine that raises the FC by 3 overnight. On most normal days my FC loss is 2 but on real sunny and hot days FC loss is closer to 3. I been measuring my FC daily and in the morning it reads 9 to 10 and in...
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    SWG Operation Questions

    I have discovered thru water testing that my average daily FC is 1 to 2 FC (this is in the daytime with the hot sun beatng down). Using the SWG run calculator I have determined that my SWG needs to be run 8.6 hours at 60% to produce a 2 FC increase. I plan on running my pump and SWG from 11:30...
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    SWG Operation

    I had a new SWG and VS pump installed last month. The installer hooked it up so that when I throw the circuit breaker the SWG controller and pump are powered on. The pump has its own timer so I can program it to run whenever but the controller remains on al the time. I need to push a button on...
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    Pool Returns`Issue

    After a recent bout with algae I decided to check the pressure out of the returns and found that of the seven returns one of them has no flow coming out and a second one has weak flow. I removed the eyeballs and look inside but cpuld not see anything causing this. I alsp put long items down them...
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    FC Testing

    I am trying to see what my FC consumption (loss) is in the daytime by taking readings at 8AM and then at 8 PM that evening. Yesterday I measured an 8AM FC of 8. My 8PM reading was 5 which is probably Ok. This AM the FC reading was 3 maybe 3.5 as I had to use 7 drops of R-0871 using the 10ML...
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    QUESTIONS ON how to add CYA

    So my algae is gone and my pool FC has gone down to normal rangge and I havd started using my new SWG. I now decided to boost up my CYA to 70-80 using a non liquid conditioner. Even though the container says to pour directly in skimmer I do not think this is a good method. Whzt is best method...
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    Optimum Pump Run Time and RPM for SWG

    I just installed a SWG and had some questions as follows: 1) My question is will running my pump at a higher speed supply more chlorine gas in the pool than a slower speed if all other settings are the same? If so can I run the pump a shorter time to achieve the same chlorine results? 2)...
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    Pool Light cleaning Question

    So as part of a recent SLAM in removed the pool light and cleaned it and the niche. My light is located 4-5 feet below the pool deck and I could not reach it from the deck. I had to go into the pool and below the surface of the water to reach it. This made removing the screw holding the light...
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    Questions on cya

    Not to question the experts on TFP but just trying to understand what is correct. I see on TFP that it is recommended that if you have a SWG your CYA level should be 70-80. Reading my SWG manual it states CYA should be in the range of 30-60. Why is there such a large difference between the two...
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    Algecide question

    So i know it is important to keep your FC replenshed by either manually adding chlorine or a SWG to meet the daily FC demand and also to use LC tp SLAM twhen you need to eliminate algae. My question is there any value or harm in adding an algecide to a balanced pool as an algae preventative?
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    CYA levels for SWG system

    My current CYA reading is 60 both measured with my test kit and at a pool store. I read for a pool with an SWG the CYA level should be around 80. Given that I recently had to do a SLAM to get rid of an algae problem I am hesitant to raise my CYA level at this time. Will it be OK with keeping it...
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    Test kit testing Questions

    I have the Taylor K-2006C kit. I bought it several weeks ago when i had algae so I would know where I stood when SLAM testing. Using LC only i conquered the algae and now have a clean sparling pool. During the SLAM I only tested for FC and CC until I passed the OCLT. Today I began trying out...
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    Why did CYA Go Up.

    I had green algae and used the SLAm method to delete. I only added liquid chlorine from Wallmart the whole time. Somehow during the process my CYA readings raised from 60 to 80. As my algae problem just ended i still have an FC of 24 and CC of 0.5 or less. The FC is still to high to measure PH...
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    What is this material

    First time removal of pool light to clean niche and found this material inside along with lots of green algae. Not sure what it is except maybe pool construction material. Any ideas?
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    RECOMMENDATIONS for purchase of Test Kit Reagents

    Looking for the best place to purchase replacement reagents for my Taylor K-2006 test kit.
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    Air in pump Basket

    I am not sure why this is occuring and would like advise/feedback. It seems that when my cartridge filters get dirty air bubles start occuring under the lid of my pump basket. After a few days they create a large bubble that results in my SWG shutting off due to a low flow condition. If i clean...
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    SKIMMER nets

    I purchased from the pool store some skimmer basket nets as i read that they will reduce the amount of debris that gets to the pump basket and filter. I found that if I do not cut holes at the top of them to to allow for the plastic handle it is very difficult to install the basket properly in...
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    Getting debris out of pool.

    I have a good working filter sytems and a Polaris 360 pool sweep which i run daily however I noticed that there is stiil some fine debris floating in the pool that does not get into the skimmer and is too fine for the sweep mesh net to capture. Is there a chemical i can use that cause these...
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    When will slamming be Done?

    So i thought I was done with slamming as my pool is clear (except for some dirt and leaves on deep end bottom). I had passed the OCLT and my CC reading is 0.5 or less. The FC reading is 24 and had dropped 3 FC over the past 24 hours which may just be my normal FC dsily loss especially since my...