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  1. rowiac

    Facts and opinions please. Salt vs Chlorine?

    Kids are perfect salt mixing tools. I first added salt when they were in the pool and they freaked out until I told them it was okay. The next thing I knew they wanted me to add more. They liked the feel of the salt on their feet and said that it felt cool. Endothermic reaction of the salt...
  2. rowiac

    Help! cloudy pool

    OK now I see how you came up with that number. As @IceShadow said, you should check FC after your last addition to get a real baseline. Keep at it! I thought my 32 gallons over 5 days was a lot, but yours must be way over that!
  3. rowiac

    Help! cloudy pool

    In that case I still don't understand how you came up with 1.3. The reading should end in a .0 or a .5. I went back and read the notes on the FAS-DPD test instructions from and even when using a 25ml sample, each drop is 0.2ppm, so readings would be in multiples or 0.2, which...
  4. rowiac

    Help! cloudy pool

    OK. I always do the 10ml test as described in the TF-100 instructions.
  5. rowiac

    Help! cloudy pool

    How did you get an OCLT FC loss reading of 1.3? The resolution of the test is one drop equals 0.5 ppm, so you would read either 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0, etc., but not 1.3. Just wondering... When I recently went through my 5-day SLAM, when I finally passed OCLT, I had less than 1.0 FC loss overnight...
  6. rowiac

    Can't get Chlorine to hold

    The worst CC I have personally seen was 2.0 where it took 4 drops to turn it clear again. But it was still a light pink as opposed to the very dark pink you will get when your FC is high during a SLAM. When doing an FC test, you will see the pink get lighter as you get close to the last drop...
  7. rowiac

    Can't get Chlorine to hold

    As a point of reference, I went through 32 gallons of 10% bleach over five days in the SLAM process I just finished. The water was clear at the start but was dropping lots of dead algae in the bottom. It took a lot of bleach at first just to get to the 16 ppm SLAM target for my case. My wife...
  8. rowiac

    What is needed to convert to saltwater?

    First, get yourself a Taylor K-1766 Sodium Chloride test kit to check how much salt is already in your water. I've found that the salt test strips are not accurate. Then use Pool Math to calculate how much salt you will need to add. You can use pure sodium chloride for water softeners instead...
  9. rowiac

    TF100 the best test kit?? what accessories?

    The SpeedStir is definitely worth it. My 8-year old granddaughter and her friend were "helping" me test chlorine level the other day. With the built-in LED light they could easily see when the color changed from pink to clear. Maybe I can get them to do the testing soon ;) Sure beats swirling...
  10. rowiac

    Oil / sludge residue on water line in skimmer

    I noticed something similar in my skimmer the other day, and Killer95Stang's comment about fires made me realize that must be it in my case. The Carr fire in Northern California is about 60 miles north of me.