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    Need help identifying this plumbing connection part and function

    I have the following setup: - 15k pool with its own pump and filter - spa with its own pump (no filter) - water heater, that can in-take water from pool, spa, or both via a 3-way jandy selector valve - water heater always outputs to spa I see a transparent brown looking connector piece in two...
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    Dual Speed versus Variable Speed Pump

    I have a 15k underground pool, and my 10 year old pump (came with the house) is creaking on its last leg. It's a standard single speed hayward pump. I am considering replacing this with either a dual or variable speed pump. My goal is replacing the pump with a new one before it breaks, and...
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    Need help diagnosing bad SPA LEAK, before I shell over $2000 to have someone fix it

    My spa was draining 1.5" per day, so I hired a pool leak detection company to test my spa and pool. They pressure tested all the lines and they appeared to be good. However, they found leaks near the drain and returns. Specifically they quoted me the following: Hydroseal Main Drain in Spa...