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    Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?

    Thank you, Lowe's shows they have some in stock. It's only 10% for 3.86 when Wal-Mart had 12% for 3.64 but I'll take what I can get I guess. I can only find bleach up to 6% around here.
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    Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?

    I've tried ordering online with pick up from all my local stores, so far I've tried about 5. They've all cancelled my order stating they're out of stock.
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    Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?

    I've tried several Wal-Mart stores in my area and they are done with the liquid chlorine. I have one bottle left and approximately 5 weeks left of pool time. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on what else to use? I'm in East Tennessee. ***Note to self, next year, stock up...
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    Pump stopped working

    I notice my water was still this morning and went out and saw that the outlet where my pump is plugged in had been tripped. I reset it and tried to start the pump. It will only hum. Nothing starts happening. Is my pump tore up, am I going to have to replace it? Any ideas will help.
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    Losing flow after a couple hours

    I was having the same problem the first couple of days after I opened my above ground pool. The cover had gotten blown off during the storm the night before I opened it and all the extra crud on the cover went into the pool water. It had a white flaky stuff covering the water surface. It was...
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    Kroger bleach

    Last year I found this forum and took control of my pool after fighting a green pool/algae the whole first half of the season. I maintained a beautiful, crystal clear water pool after that! I even got compliments on how "sparkling clear" the water was. I have a Kroger across the street from...
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    Refill for TFP testing kit

    I bought the TFP kit last year. I'm opening my pool today and realizing that my chlorine powder is dried up and I'm running out of other supplies for it as well. Can I buy refills for it? I searched but I don't see a link where to buy it.
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    AGP left uncovered for winter

    I guess that's the difference. I'm ready to close but my water is still showing in the high 70's. Too cold to swim, to warm to winterize without a cover. Oh well, I guess I'll just cover it again this year.
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    AGP left uncovered for winter

    How does the water stay clear if you're pump is disassembled and you're not adding chemicals. I'd like to try a winter with no cover because it's so hard but I hated starting up my pool this spring with the green swamp and pool full of leaves. Last year I closed my pool with a pool store...
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    Closing Question

    I have a 27' above ground. My cover is for a 27' so I can't help with that regard but if you're not able to buy a 27' cover I would go for the 30 and make sure the wire is ran through all the grommets and wound tight. Mine wasn't tight enough last year and blew off partial last year and...
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    Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find it?

    Re: Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find Hey wprileyjr3, I'm a local in S. Knox. The Wal-Mart out here is out too and I was told they're not restocking.
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    Tips and Tricks

    How do you get it around your handle and what keeps then attached to the basket? The elastic itself or do you use like a rubber band or something?
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    EasyTouch won't allow solar night cooling

    Wish I had that trouble. A series of storms been passing through the past few days, water temp down to 80. Getting a bit on the cool side for me.
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    30' Round Pool

    I was afraid a 24' wouldn't be big enough for my 3 teenage boys. I got the 27' and would loved to have got the 30 or 33 if I had room. With that being said, I don't think you'll regret it at all! I think you're going to love it. There's no such thing as too big a pool.
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    CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!

    I just donated 30.00 to be a bronze member but I paid through Paypal and it never allowed me to identify myself so you could link my account to my donation. How do link the two?
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    What is the benefit of using bleach vs pucks?

    I would say I use bleach as my primary. My Kroger has 8.25% for 2.99 and Lowes has liquid chlorine at 10% for 3.98 so I figure it comes out about the same and Kroger is more convenient. I do however, use these as well. I find them convenient and gives me a peace of mind that my chlorine won't...
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    Using bleach

    first pic is from 7/1/18, second picture is from 7/4/18 and third pic is today 7/15/18. - - - Updated - - - Not sure how the pic of my kd rock climbing got in there but hey...
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    Using bleach

    I have completed my first SLAM! My water is crystal clear! It took me 7 days to complete because I work and couldn't always keep the fc up but man it looks wonderful today. I tried to add photos but I couldn't figure it out. Thanks to everyone for their help!
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    2018 Bleach Prices

    Menard must be a northern thing. There's nothing like that here in Tennessee. I'm paying 2.99 for 121 oz of 8.25% from Kroger.
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    Using bleach

    My water is clear now but when you go under the water you can still see it's slightly brownish/dark. So it's not clear under the water. I tested today during my SLAM, these are my numbers. FC 14 CC 0 CYA 30 I was keeping my SLAM around 10 but kept noticing it dropping off to 5-7ppm. I work...
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    Chlorine Tablets ok?

    3" tabs brought me to this group too. I over used them and granular chlorine trying to clear up cloudy water and sent my CYA through the roof. The pool company sold me liquid chlorine but never mentioned my CYA at 94! When the liquid chlorine didn't work, he was shocked. By then my CYA was...
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    Using bleach

    Wow! JimMarshall, I didn't realize it was such a small amount of bleach, I guess I was just looking at all the jugs of bleach I've already used. I'll try to get it up to 12ppm. I was afraid we couldn't swim at that level. It's now getting clear. Anybody else who looked at it would call it...
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    Using bleach

    I'm sad. Finally made it to the Rural King in my area which is 30 minutes away. All they had was Majestic Bleach which I learned is only 3%. So I had to go back to my Kroger and pay 2.99 for 8.25%. I'm SLAMing right now and going through the bleach. I hope it doesn't bleach out my liner...
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    Replacing liner...should we add gorilla pad?

    Faye2 how long did it take for the roots to come through? When I had my pool installed three years ago, it was over a fresh dig of pulling up a large tree stump. There were many loose roots and such in the ground. They covered it with sand but then installed the liner. My pool bottom is not...
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    Using bleach

    Re: Using bleach ok thank you. I'm still new and trying to learn to follow all the different threads. I'm getting the hang of it I think but I appreciate it.
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    Using bleach

    Re: Using bleach I ended up doing the back to blue and well it got it blue but not clear. (I lost half my pool vacuuming to waste and so I knew my alkalinity was down. So Mendy48, I went and bought 12 pounds on baking soda at Dollar General for 8.00 and I would have paid 18.00 for a 12 pound...
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    Post store sales deals for pool area furnishings (furniture, gazebo, grill)

    I'm not sure if there's Food City grocery stores everywhere but the Food City stores in my area have crank open 9' umbrellas marked down 50% to 35.00. I bought 3 yesterday!
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    Using bleach

    Re: Using bleach Thanks for everything and all the advice. I've gone back and ranmy CYA again tonight and got the same reading as this morningso I feel confident I got a pretty accurate reading. It's been 20 and 30 so I ran it up to 30 and added bleach because when iI tested FC it had gone...
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    Using bleach

    Re: Using bleach Yes I did all of the test a couple of times just to make sure I was getting the same thing. I did put 1 1/2 gallons of Great Value 6% bleach in last night. I didn't know what my chlorine level was as all I had was the k1000 kit and it showed my chlorine over 5 ppm and I knew...