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    Store VSP Inside for Winter?

    I know this has been discussed before for traditional pumps, but haven't seen anything for variable speed. Is there a big benefit to storing my variable speed pump indoors during the Minnesota winter?
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    Timer for Heater

    I recently installed a Hayward MaxFlo variable speed pump so I am no longer using my Intermatic T104P201 mechanical timer to control my pump. The Intermatic timer has a fireman's switch that I had been using to control my Raypak natural gas heater. I was planning to continue using the...
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    Hayward MaxFlo VSP Problem

    I installed a new Hayward MaxFlow SP2303VSP variable speed pump today. Before plumbing it in, I hooked up power to make sure it wasn't dead in arrival. It powered on and seemed to run fine for the few seconds I ran it. After doing the plumbing and reconnecting the wiring it is not working...
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    Alkalinity Level with Auto Pool Cover

    For those of you with auto pool covers where your pool is covered the majority of the time, what TA level do you find you need to keep pH stable? Before my auto cover, a TA of 90 would give stable pH. With the auto cover, I find I need my TA to be 120-130. I understand that with the cover on...
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    Diverter Valve Dimensions

    I will be replacing my pump soon so taking the opportunity to also redo my suction side plumbing. I would like to use Jandy or Pentair diverter valves, but I'm not sure if I have enough space. See the picture below. I have 3 suction side pipes (2 from skimmers, 1 from main drain) that are pretty...
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    New Dolphin Nautilus Plus Smushed Rollers

    I just received my new Dolphin Nautilus Plus today. The rollers were smushed where they were resting on the bottom of the box. I'm not too worried about the gray scrubbers, but don't like that the white foam parts are deformed. Should I return or do people think this will fix itself over time...
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    Hayward pump comparison

    I am looking for a new pump. I used Mark's spreadsheet to compare the various options. To try to make a fair comparison, for the VS pumps I plan to run them at 2 hours a day at a higher flow rate (~45gpm), and the remaining time at a lower flow rate (~20gpm). The higher flow rate would be to run...
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    Pentair VS Pump - How to Protect Heater and Booster Pump?

    I am planning to upgrade to a Pentair VS pump (most likely SuperFlo). I want to ensure that my booster pump or heater are not on when the pump is turned off. I would like some extra safety over the heater's pressure switch. Currently, I have a T104 Intermatic mechanical timer with a fireman's...
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    Pump & Filter Recommendations

    I am considering replacing my pump and filter this year. Information about my set-up: - 27,000 gallon in-ground vinyl pool - Three 1.5" suction lines, 2 skimmers, 1 drain - Three 1.5" return lines to 4 eyeballs, plus separate 1.5" line for pressure side pool cleaner - Pump is maybe 12" higher...
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    Auto Cover & Solar Heat Gain

    I am having an auto cover installed this summer. The cover will be navy blue. Has anyone experimented with how much water temperature rises having the cover open during the day vs. having it closed? Obviously, its better to have it closed at night, but I'm not sure about during the day. On a...
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    Intermatic Timer Not Working

    When I opened my pool this spring my Intermatic timer is not working. It is model # T104P201. The on/off switch does turn the pump on and off, but the timer/clock is not turning. I checked all the wires and connections and everything looks ok. Do the clocks ever just stop working?
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    Auto Pool Cover Price

    I've received a couple of quotes for installing an auto pool cover for my inground pool and am wondering if the prices seem reasonable. I have a 20'x40' vinyl oval shaped pool. The estimates I have received are both about $10,000 for the cover and install of the cover. Both are for CoverStar...
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    RC Submarine

    Any recommendations for a good RC Submarine for the pool? I'd be interested in either something that is relatively cheap ($20-$30) and works OK, or if there is something more expensive but works really well and is well built, I'd be interested in that as well.
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    Add Auto Pool Cover to Existing Pool?

    Does anyone have experience adding an auto cover to an existing pool? Searching the web I have found sites showing the tracks for the cover sitting on the existing decking and the reel for the cover is above the ground. I understand that this isn't the best aesthetically, but am wondering if...
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    Recommendations for Pool Builder in MN

    I am looking for recommendations for a pool builder in Minnesota (Twin Cities).
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    Closing Water Level With Mesh Cover

    Yesterday I had my pool professionally closed and the mesh winter cover installed. The guy who did the closing recommends that I raise my water level back up to 3-4 inches below my skimmers. The reasoning being to prevent the mesh cover from stretching too much under the weight of all of the...
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    Sequestrant Question

    I'll start out with test results: FC - 7 TC - 0 ph - 7.6 TA - 90 CYA - 40 CH - 200 I believe I have some Iron in my fill water, so I have been using a maintenance dose of Pro Team Metal Magic in my pool. The instructions for Metal Magic say that the sequestrant crystallizes the metal and...
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    Sale on Polaris 9300 Sport

    I saw this price for a Polaris 9300 Sport and thought it was a pretty good deal for anyone in need of a cleaner - $899 ... add=action I'm not affiliated with this site in any way.
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    CC Testing

    When performing the FAS-DPD test, for the FC test I added drops of R-0871 until I thought the water turned clear. I then added five drops of R-0003 to perform the CC test. The solution turned pink, but then clear again upon adding 1 drop of R-0871, giving a CC of 0.5. Since I haven't had any...
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    Combined Chlorine

    I am wondering if should be concerned about 0.5ppm CC in my pool. I just received my TF-100 a few days ago, and for 3 days in a row my CC has been 0.5. I only have a few days worth of data, but I believe my pool is consuming about 3ppm of FC per day, and it has been hot here: mid-90s air temps...
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    Hello - I am new to pool ownership this year. I am wondering if it is recommended to use some sort of clarifier with the BBB method.