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    Bath mat for pool ladder

    I'm not sure who 1st suggested using a bath mat as a pad under your pool ladder.Thank you who ever you are.I've used a bath mat under my ladder the last 2 seasons and it's worked out great. The mat doesn't curl up or float around.(the kind with suction cups on the bottom)
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    Salt Levels

    Just thought id mention this.I've been travelling for the last 2 weeks and when I got home today I checked my salt levels and of course salt level is low2200ppm.Salt level is normally in the 3000-3200ppm range(it's been raining alot the last couple of weeks here in Ohio)Just added some bleach...
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    Poolcrete why?

    I have always been curious why poolcrete or vermiculite is used for pool hopper walls/floors.Why not concrete?cost? Ease of installation?Ground movement?
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    When I wanted a new Autopilot SWCG I called Josh at,the phone rang and rang no answer.I thought fine you must not want my business so I hung up.Within 30 seconds of me hanging up Josh called me back,apologized and asked if there was anything he could do to help.Right then I knew...
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    Actuators for in floor cleaning systems

    Just curious.Why doesn't someone make an infloor cleaning system that uses actuated valves.If you had one of those systems that uses 4 zones you could use 2 3-way valves and 1or 2 actuated shutoff valves (depending if the system had it's own pump) to turn your zones on and off via something...
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    Deck ladder

    I want to get a new deck ladder for the upcoming swim season,any suggestions on good sturdy ladders? Heres a couple i've been looking at. ... -6000B.htm ... 200200.htm Does anybody on here own either of...
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    Decal no Diving

    You know that decal that came with your AG pool? The one that says NO DIVING,the one you didn't want on your nice new pool, the one with red and black text on a white background,the one thats something like 3"X9",the one they sell at the pool store by the register for a couple bucks? GET ONE ON...
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    Solar heat

    I'm thinking of adding some solar panels to my above ground pool.There are lots of manufacters out there and I was wondering what qualities I should be looking for in a good mid priced solar set up?Basically which brands are worth the money?
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    I should have posted this awhile ago.(should have taken pics as well) When I was growing up in Mi. my parents and aunt and uncle both used bleach as a source of chlorine.(no pucks no SWG)Fast forward 30 yrs.I wanted to use bleach as well but no one could recall exactly what method was employed...