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  1. TulsaPool

    Hayward T-Cell 15 Warranty Replacement with GLX-Cell-15-W

    Hello, I'm sure this has been addressed but could not find a specific post in the forum. I have struggled with chlorine in the pool for weeks and tried everything but cell replacement. My pool company agrees there may be an issue and says I have to replace it with a GLX-Cell-15-W. The...
  2. TulsaPool

    Massive Chlorine Consumption Mystery

    Good Morning, I've had an ongoing problem with keeping chlorine in the pool for a couple of weeks. It's accelerated the last week or so. Water continues to be clear and no sign of algae. Ive brushed three times a day for the past week and shocked pool twice daily for a week. We had a lot of...
  3. TulsaPool

    Running SWG while swimmers in pool

    Happy 4th everyone! Pool is getting a workout today. Is it safe to run chlorinator while swimmers are in pool?
  4. TulsaPool

    SWG Settings

    Helllo all, having some concerns with chlorinator. We have finally had a number of hot days in a row and my pool with no shade has reached 92 degrees. Ive had to push chlorinator all the way up to 80 percent to keep 3 ppm free chlorine in pool. Cya is 80. Usually i run it 20 to 30 percent...
  5. TulsaPool

    Bubbles and sputtering from return jets

    I've read a few related posts on this but not quite found a situation that matches mine. Everything appears to be filtering fine but I have a jet that sputters occasionally and makes a popping noise. Water is still returning fine but I do see bubbles as this occurs. I am wondering if there is...
  6. TulsaPool

    Help w Hayward Pro Logic, Zeroed out Salt Reading

    I added salt tonight and attempted to get an instant salt reading off the dignostic menu on the aquapod. The instant salt screen said 0000 ppm and i incidentally hit the + sign thinking it would refresh but i saved the 0000 ppm reading and now my default menu screen reads zero and gives me a...
  7. TulsaPool

    Help with CYA Type/Recomendation?

    Need to add CYA after copious amounts of rainfall. I am down to around 30 and it is noticeably affecting chlorine levels. Pool store recommended a liquid stabilizer from natural chemistry that is instant and claims to be less harsh on pool equipment etc. I could add one gallon and get to...
  8. TulsaPool

    Pool Flooded

    Need Help. I went from perfect water to a swamp overnight. Is floccing the only way to attack water that went from blue to brown. Chlorine is basically zero now, ph is 8, and salt is 2300 now after massive amounts of flooding. De filter was unable to keep going earlier so ive backwashed and...
  9. TulsaPool

    New Pool Owner Broken Arrow, OK

    Hello, thought I would take a moment and introduce myself. Been lurking/reading and educating myself over the past year with the great info you all share on this site. I am a Scientist so i naturally enjoy the concepts discussed here. I have realized quicky that no amount of scientific...