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    hot tub aerator

    I have ben using bleach in my watkins hot tub for about 4 years now. I would like to do away with the aerator in the hot tub. My question is can I just unplug aerator unit or do I need to remove and plug air lines also? Thanks Ric :?
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    spell check???

    Did we lose the spell check feature with the new program or is it that I just can't find it. :?:
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    Galion Ohio...Twins drowned in neighbor's pool

    debated if i should post this but decided i needed to. 3 yr old twins drowned Friday in Galion Ohio at the next door neighbors house. My heart goes out to both the twins family and the pool owners. The pool was a AGP 16' by 48" deep. The twins had got away and were found in the pool. The girl...
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    Liquidator check valve replacement

    I tried to blow through the check valve's by mouth. One valve I can blow through both ends with no problem. The other I cant blow through either end. It seem to me both are bad. Anyway I can find the part number for the valves but cant find ware to order new ones. Any help?? finding these...
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    Low CH with a fiberglass pool

    I have a fiberglass pool and I have never had concern about testing the CH. I am doing my pool opening adjustments and the CH is about 75. The question is do you think I should increase the CH to about 150 or is it still thought the vinyl and fiberglass don't need it? Thanks Ric W.
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    portable hot tub cover

    Hi everybody I have done a lot of reading on this subject. my tub is about 6 years old and the cover is now water logged. I see this happens to about everyone. My vinyl on the top is in good shape but replacing just the foam seems to cost as much as a new cover. These covers seem to be all the...
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    Merry Christmas to all

    As I look out over the kitchen sink at the pool surrounded with a white fence and covered with snow and the christmas lights on I have to think of the look of Christmas (or the North Pole.) Thanks Sean for taking the time with this forum, BBQ forum and the news letter. You did a lot in a short...
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    iron and the soft water tank??

    Hi all I have always dealt with Iron water in my fiberglass pool from using a well. In the house I use a soft water system to catch the Iron and it works very well. In this system I use Potassium Chloride. I plan on doing some plumbing to tie the soft water in to the pool fill. I am looking for...
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    polyquat 60 and borates

    I have never used polyquat before at closing and would open to no cya low ph and low ta but a clear pool. so i bought some polyquat to try it now i am thinking i have 30 borates and it would be just as easy to add the borates to 50 at close and i could save the poly for a acid treatment next...
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    supporters discounts

    I was going to make a order at chem geek and at one time i had read tfp supporters would rec a discount how does this work? is there a special catalog number? I cant find any info on this. Maybe there is no discount any more. any help?? Thanks Ric W
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    paint ball??

    My niece is having a tough summer. She is doing her internship in Columbus Ohio with the art district. 3 weeks ago he car window was broke and computer Camera and other things were taken. I replaced her window and ordered a new computer. The window is on a Saturn and I had to remove the hole...
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    future e-mail address change

    I have Embarqu high speed internet service with free earthlink e-mail account. The earthlink e-mail account will terminate on Oct 31, 2007. I will have to change my e-mail address. THIS IS A PAIN Question What steps and ware on this great forum will I need to change after i get the new...
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    liqued bleach in your hot tub

    Hi everyone I have a 310 gal hot tub made by (Watkins) Tiger River Sumatran. This hot tub has ozone and Silver Ion Purifier. The last five years I have maintain this tub per manufacture guide lines and had no problems except a musty smell whin I would first open the cover and a yellow stain on...
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    Main Drain

    Hi everybody Can anybody explain how a main drain with a hydrostatic valve operates these are my concerns. 1. pool drainage from excessive leaf build up. 2. Whin winterizing I never have blown the main drain out but install a 4 foot ruber hose sealed at both ends per instructions from...
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    cya with the talyor k-2006

    Hi all I'm working with the cyanuric acid test and it has 2 scales on the back of the tube one is cya and the other is ml i get 50 cya and the ml is about 5 what is this ml scale for? i'm starting to feel real stupid at this point because I bought strips and they indicate below 1 ppm cya I...
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    adding borax

    my numbers are ta-50 fc-4 cc-0 ph7.2 cya-0 temp 85 1. I have a low ta and 0 cya and have bin adding some pucks to bring cya up but i will probably stop soon because it goes very slow. I wonted to tell this because i am trying to get the boron levels up also. with the low ta i have bin adding...
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    Aqua Chem pool alarm

    Hi all I have a Aqua chem pool alarm that sounds alarm if something goes into the pool. If anybody knows how to turn this off to get into the pool without taking it off i would like to know. The alarm works great but I would like to go swimming. thanks Ric W