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    Cannot connect to TFP using Tapatalk

    The biggest lost IMHO is TAT would allow me to see all threads I participated in or I am following using a streamlined approach. It's more cumbersome now but change takes getting use to, only time will tell if it impacts how often I'm reviewing threads. As you can see, I've been a member for 7...
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    Pool Math

    I agree with the OP. Although the App is good, I don't really care for the GUI but everyone has their preference.
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    What changed?

    Settings-Apps-Tapatalk--Advanced-Open by Default-Clear Defaults Unfortunately it clears all Defaults set, can't individually select which sites you want to remove, it's all or nothing. Thanks for the quick responses, they were helpful
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    What changed?

    I discovered the same problem...but I don't know how to "turn off" Tapatalk so when I open a link from Google it opens in a browser....(Android Pie - Pixel 2), so here I am on the PC browsing the forum.....Ugh...
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    Pennywise and pound foolish

    What I read many times on this site is. ...go purchase 1 of 2 recommended test kits before we give advise and that's pretty much it. I spent a lot of time behind the scenes, following newbie threads that came on here for the first time needing help. As I started to read about the results...
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    New Build in West Houston Area - PB

    Applause, cheers!!!!!!!!! My daughter swims competitively (she's 9, 2nd in district - 50 back and fly) and saw me looking at this thread. Now she thinks our 16x32 pool is trash and wants and upgrade. I told her I would fly her to Houston since it would be cheaper. Congratulations. That's...
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    Shocking pool question

    Are you sure your pool is 80,000+ gallons? A standard in ground pool that is 24 ft x 44 ft with an average depth of 5 feet is approximately 40,000 gallons. You have a near commercial pool size that is managed with electronics and chlorine gas most often. EDIT: OP signature reads 30 x 60...
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    What's growing on my hose?

    Looks like sand particles, do you have a sand filter, if so, put pantyhose or cheese cloth over an eyeball and see if it catches sand over the next few days.
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    Replacing liner

    Just curious, what's the cost of having a liner replaced. This will be our 13th season with the liner that was installed the year we bought the house
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    Has my Bullfrog CROAKED?? Photos attached

    Does the skirt of your spa cover fully cover the acrylic? This looks like warping due to heat. I'd make sure your skirt is long enough and isn't getting stuck underneath the tub lip when closed. If you have a infrared thermometer, I would shoot it at the side of the tub on a warm, sunny...
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    Treating Pool In Winter To Prevent Miserable Opening Every Year

    This is my 14th year opening and closing our 30,000 gallon in ground pool with vinyl liner. I use a loop lock safety cover and have never opened to a green pool. I'm in Upstate NY and close right after Labor Day when day time temps are in the 50s and nights in the 30s. I shock the pool with...
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    Improving convenience of adding Bleach after each use

    We use bleach exclusively except on initial fill until CYA gets where it needs to be. I had the same problem with "can't be bothered with testing and measuring chemicals, I just want to use it". This is all I heard from DW and my 23 yr old daughter for the first two months. After month...
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    The One Thing I would not want to do without Thread

    I dont have one but I'm adding it this year. SWG..... We camp during the summer and having to ask a neighbor or relative to stop by and add chlorine to our pool is a big headache. We shock b4 we leave and throw a floater in but there is always the worry of coming home to a green pool in the...
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    Sundance 880 Cameo 2013 LED lights acting up

    Problem surfaced again last night after 25 minutes of using the tub. Wife went to change the color using topside panel and lights went out. You could turn the lights back on but could not freeze a color. Checked all connections today, no corrosion, everything is tight. All light cables run...
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    Ahh-Some or Scum Out?

    Reads like an advertisement to me....
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    New Tub- Jacuzzi J-345

    Welcome! First use Ahh-some with 6-7pm chlorine, run for 30 minutes, skim off brown foam, drain, rinse, clean tub, refill. Add enough dichlor to get to shock level, I use 12ppm free CL on fresh fill. Pull pillows. Ahh-some residual will consume CL so keep an eye on CL level. Test...
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    Hot Tub purchase advice

    Hotsprings, Sundance, Marquis that is what I would consider. All depends on your budget as each of those mfg's make very high end to good base models. Full disclosure I'm a Sundance 880 owner, bought it used.
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    Sundance 880 Cameo 2013 LED lights acting up

    We were in the tub late last night, cold out (28F) and snowing. When you turn on the LED lights, the color rotates. Wife wanted to lock in the red color and when we pressed the light mode button, the top side LED lights flickered(reminded me of short in a circuit) then color continued to...
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    Pool Light Install Lessons Learned

    For difficult wire pulls, wrap a few cotton balls in monofilament fishing line. Stuff the cotton balls in one end and place a shop vac over the other end. Once the cotton balls are pulled through with the suction, tie your pull rope to the fishing line and pull it back through. When you...
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    Let's Talk Spa Covers

    rhtubs, great covers imo
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    New and frustrated: can't balance water!

    Hi Susie, First of all, welcome. You have a great resource available at TFP and great people to help you. Chlorine pucks are going to cause you more headaches than they are worth (high CYA levels that will reduce chlorine effectiveness, PH and TA fluctuations) especially with a hot tub...
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    Leave return lines empty or add antifreeze?

    Re: How much antifreeze? I blow out my returns using an air compressor and use plugs to seal off water entering the returns through the long winter. Make sure the O-rings are in good shape, no anti freeze here. For the skimmer, I blow it out and while it's bubbling, I insert a gizmo for...
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    Tripping GFCI

    GFCI spa breakers are expensive so what I did was install the breaker in the main panel with a disconnect outside within view from the tub. Disconnects are cheap to replace.
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    Tripping GFCI

    Seems to me you have some type of cable or breaker problem or both. Based on that article above, my suspicion would be the breaker is over heating or failing/failed with no power to top side. Do you have an IR gun, you could measure the temp at the breaker with no load and with load if you can...
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    SOLVED: Hot Tub Green Water Color Issue After Clean Fill - Fixed with Ahh-Some!

    Re: Hot Tub Green Water Color Issue After Clean Fill - Help! Ahh-Some Convert! I would fill and see what your chlorine demand is b4 adding a maintenance dose. Keep in mind, on the refill, your chlorine demand will be higher after using ahh-some since the chlorine oxidizes left over product...
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    cleaned out de filter but......

    Polaris makes a silt bag that should help but as it sucks up the DE it will not float very well, tends to flop over then debris can't enter the bag. Vacuum is the best option.
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    Ahh-Some vs Serum Hot Tub Water Care

    I used ahh-some but not the other. I have trouble with the maintenance dose. If you keep your tub sanitized, how can growth occur in the plumbing system if you previously flushed it with either product prior to refill? This statement has always seemed fishy to me provided you keep an...
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    Treating water for a Redneck hot tub

    Personally, I would just carry in a bottle of Walmart bleach, it's cheap and readily available. Using bleach won't impact PH much and if the lake water is neutral, there should not be too much water maintenance other than putting bleach in after people use it since you are dumping after 5...
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    FC not dropping?

    @Noise Good information, thank you. While it made sense to me to raise free chlorine level to shock level the directions for hot tub use do not say to do this but that's what you wrote above "typically raise chlorine levels..." I was concerned a little on what affect high levels of chlorine...
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    Fc was 0

    Make sure you pull your pillows.