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    Burning through chlorine

    Hi! I’ve had a few patches of yellow algae over the last few weeks. They scrubbed up with no problem. I’m in the process of super chlorinating (liquid 10%) the pool to wipe it out. The pool looks great but I’m burning through chlorine. Going from a 20ppm to 2.5ppm. I have scrubbed the pool and...
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    Adding JVA to water feature

    Hello, I recently upgraded my controller to the iAqualink system. Easy upgrade and everything works right out of the gate with the exception of one JVA valve. I’m having trouble setting up one of my water features. Aux 1 - activates secondary pump and sheer descent. I need to activate a JVA...
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    Question on upgrading from PDA to iAqualink

    I have the Aqualink PDA system which I have it set to control my pool, spa, heater, lights, waterfall, deck jets and gas fire feature. If I upgrade to the iAqualink, will I have to reprogram all the features and valves? I’m guessing yes since it will require changing the least I think...
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    Spa refurbish advice

    We are ready to start tackling our buried spa (courtesy of the previous owner). From what I can gather, they just cut the pipes at the equipment pad and left them buried. The spa is just filled with rocks and dirt, then added concrete on top. Since its not a spill over spa, what is...
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    EasyTouch 8 - valve programming

    Hi, I've read the manual and watched many youtube videos without finding what I need. I have a pool only, no spa. I have a 3-way valve going into the pump that switches from skimmer to wall suction (currently hooked to my suction creaper). I have installed the actuator on this valve. I need...
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    EasyTouch Intelliflo IC60 wiring

    I've searched through the archives but can't seem to find any definitive answer. Hopefully the Jedi Masters can help me. I've had the EasyTouch and Intelliflo VS installed for 3 years+ but ran the pump independently. Now I'm getting the whole system operational. I'm hooking up my IC60 but...
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    Polaris ATV power module repair

    After a quick visit to Leslie's, I was told the power module ( 5-5000 ) is not repairable. After a few minutes on the internet, I found out this is not true. How do I know if I need to replace the power module gears ( 5-5050 ) or the reverse clutches ( 5-5040 )? What's the troubleshoot test...
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    Intellichem - Intelliph question

    I am using the EasyTouch subpanel to power and run my Intelliflo pump. GOAL: I want to install an Intelliph or Intellichem to integrate w/ my ET to control MA addition to lower PH. I constantly get PH creep even though my Alkalinity is in line. Do I have to run the Intellichlor in order to...
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    Help: EasyTouch - IntelliFlo connection

    I need some help hooking up my IntelliFlo pump to my newly installed EasyTouch. I've had the IntelliFlo for a while but just installed a new EasyTouch panel. I'm lost on how to hook up the wires and the books don't help either. Do I simply wire the L1 and L2 from the pump to the 2-pole 20amp...
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    Plaster flaking

    I have a few small spots (silver dollar size) of plaster flaking on my entry steps. The pool was replastered in 2005 so not sure of the issue. Otherwise it's really smooth throughout and no other complaints. Can you give me some advice on repair? Is this a simple job? What kinds of questions...
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    Hose spigot on pool plumbing

    I need to do some changes to my pool plumbing on the pad. I've noticed some folks have a hose spigot plumbed into their equipment. Is this something I should install since I'm doing some changes anyway? Would ideal be 1. After pump / before filter or 2. After filter? Thx
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    Tested, now next steps?

    FC - 8 PH - 8.0 TA - 200 CH - 875 CYA - 70 Three questions I need help with: According to pool calculator, add 111oz of acid. Does it matter how I add it? ie. in one spot, spread it around, etc? Since i'm in LV, do I need to drain 50% of my water due to the CH? Or is that acceptable because...
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    Photo request - separate in-ground pool / spa

    Does anyone on the board have a separate pool / spa? Meaning the spa doesn't flow over into the pool? Mine are about 10' apart and originally built in '78. I'm will be doing some renovation soon on my spa and would like to see other set ups and plumbing options before I get quotes. Thanks
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    SWG sizing question

    I know this is a tired thread but the ones I've seen are for smaller pools. If I have been reading correctly, I need to size the chlorine generator 2x times the size of the pool. Is that right? If so, what are others doing with pools over 45k? What SWG options are available for my size pool...
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    Just tested, not 100% sure what to do next

    Just put my Taylor 2006 to use. So excuse the rookie explaination as I want to make sure I'm using it correctly. I've been a pool owner for 7 years but always been a chlorine and PH tester. FC = 2ppm (25ml sample, 10 drops x .2) CC = 0? (nothing happened on step 5 when I added the drops, did...
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    Lowering PH, adding MA

    First off, great site! I've been reading lots of info in the school section of the past couple of months trying to educate myself. I just received my Taylor kit last night and will be performing the test later. I've read that you shouldnt add more than a quart of acid in 24 hrs to reduce risk...