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  1. mikespoolfl

    This may be a dumb question...

    At most it will alternate the direction of the water line cleaning and the twist in the wire floating in the pool.
  2. mikespoolfl

    This may be a dumb question...

    Handles just help in the direction it will go when it's up at the water line.
  3. mikespoolfl

    This may be a dumb question...

    Yes it will be fine.
  4. mikespoolfl

    Storing My Hayward Tigershark QC

    The little flaps on the rollers is what I tried to keep it from sitting on. Location wise your should be fine.
  5. mikespoolfl

    Storing My Hayward Tigershark QC

    I kept it in a storage box and would sit it on a short piece of 2x4 so the rollers and treads didn't touch anything. I really liked it but it died about a week ago. With a little care it lasted 12 years and did a good job of cleaning.
  6. mikespoolfl

    Storing My Hayward Tigershark QC

    I had a Tiger Shark for about 12 years and storing it on its side is not a good idea. The impeller motor shaft is straight when the unit is sitting flat. Sitting on its side puts the weight of the motor on the bearing that runs through water proof case to the impeller. It will eventually...
  7. mikespoolfl

    Suggestions on which Dolphin Robot?

    The Z5 has Top-Access Cartridge Filters. Top access was one of the things one was looking for. Not pulling on the cord to get it were I wanted was another.
  8. mikespoolfl

    Suggestions on which Dolphin Robot?

    I feel your pain. My Tigershark QC just died last week almost 12 years old. My head was spinning from trying to figure out just the model differences for the Dolphins. I ended up ordering the Z5 from Epic, should be here this Tuesday (6/6). I also ordered the pro remote for $69 ( from someone...
  9. mikespoolfl

    Dolphin M5 vs Dolphin Oasis Z5

    Just ordered a Z5. My Tiger Shark just bit the dust after 12 years. I think I got my moneys worth out of it.
  10. mikespoolfl

    Stenner Tank

    I got a used 15 gallon barrel from a car wash for about $11 but it is the tall kind. I have been using it for a little over 2 years and it's holding up well. You my have to be a little creative on were to look.
  11. mikespoolfl

    New Stenner install , couple questions

    My only concern would be the off gassing of the chlorine in the garage and the way it corrodes metals. Light switch contacts, garage door openers are a few of the things that it can have a negative effect on.
  12. mikespoolfl

    chlorine off-gassing in peristaltic pump supply lines

    Since this is a peristaltic pump and is self priming would adding a couple of minutes to the run time solve the problem? Unless your lines are extremely long all the air should be gone in a few minutes.
  13. mikespoolfl

    Is legit?

    I just got a pentair VS pump from them a couple of months ago. Happy with the price and the service. BlakeJ keeps a eye on the board and will jump in if he sees a problem. Glad everything work out for you.
  14. mikespoolfl

    SURVEY - Liquid FC Dosing

    1. Which liquid chlorine dosing system do you use? (Stenner 2. Does your system respond to a sensor, or do you dial it in based on your drop-based testing? (drop-based, 3. What is your current pump run time? (8 hours per day) 4. What is the run time of your liquid chlorine doser? (50 minutes...
  15. mikespoolfl

    Another Stenner install

    If the heads of the bolts are in the tank not sure how long they will last being exposed to the chlorine.
  16. mikespoolfl

    Hayward SP3400VSP technical question

    I have the Intermatic Surge Protector PS3000, it's a panel protector. Replaced the old no name one when I replaced my hayward ecostar with the bad drive.
  17. mikespoolfl

    Hayward Ecostar VSP pump stalled

    I have one on the main panel for the house and one one the sub panel for the pool. - - - Updated - - - Forgot about the one on the meter. The software seemed to work ok from what I could see on the display. I also checked the impendence on the motor leads and they were either .6 or .7 ohms and...
  18. mikespoolfl

    Hayward Ecostar VSP pump stalled

    I took the drive apart enough to see what was under the burn. It appeared to be a surface mount resistor.
  19. mikespoolfl

    Hayward Ecostar VSP pump stalled

    I'm going to replace the pump. Haven't decided with what yet. I've been looking at Pentair intellflo.
  20. mikespoolfl

    Hayward Ecostar VSP pump stalled

    Sounds like my ecostar that died about a month ago. From what I could determine from the trouble shooting that Hayward recommends it’s the drive unit that died. I’ve seen a few photos of some units that have had drive unit die and I have noticed a little burn spot right above the circle next...
  21. mikespoolfl

    SWCG or Stenner

    Yes to Jimrahbe. I'm a little spoiled by the ease of access to bulk chlorine in Florida.
  22. mikespoolfl

    SWCG or Stenner

    Below is a link to my setup and the cost, third post down. This was done in 2014 and the pump prices have gone up a little since then. The used barrel I got from a car wash place for $11. This has been one of the best and most cost effective investments for maintaining the pool that I've...
  23. mikespoolfl

    Stenner pumps and tanks

    The link will show a picture of my set up and cost. Where the black tube goes in the tank I left a little play in the hole. This allows a little air to get in. My set up pumps just under a ounce a minute. Did I pull the trigger too fast?
  24. mikespoolfl

    Need to start planning on new pump for spring

    If you are looking at the intelliflo VS model 011018. You may want to look at it's replacement coming out the intelliflo 2 VST model # 011055.
  25. mikespoolfl

    New wet end for the intelliflo ?

    Looks like this is going to be the new intelliflo to replace model 011018. New model number is 011055 and is called the intelliflo 2 VST. You can go to website and compare the 2 models. Looks like a more efficient wet end. A few other bells and whistles about it on Pentair site...
  26. mikespoolfl

    Labeling Suggestions?

    I use a brother P-touch label maker with ½ inch clear laminated tape. It’s been on my PVC pipes for about 5 years and still looks good.
  27. mikespoolfl

    Stenner Pump- How Much is too Much?

    I have the 10gpd model. It puts out just under a ounce minute, even with low flow rates you should be okay.
  28. mikespoolfl

    Stenner size and type?

    Cord is 6 foot long.
  29. mikespoolfl

    WHY should I buy this TF100 test kit from TFTestkits ?

    There so many myths about taking care of pools. I have to say I was hesitant about dumping half my pool water to get my CYA down but I was also tired of always being on the verge of a algae outbreak. Four years ago I started following the advice on the board, got the TF100 kit started keeping...
  30. mikespoolfl

    Stenner Install

    I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and the only thing I’ve done in that time is replace the tube once and that was more a precaution than a necessity. Model number is in my signature.