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  1. Dave31410

    Celebrating a year of clear water

    Our pool was put into service last March. Since then we have enjoyed a year of clear water, even with heavy leaf drop in the fall and spring. I attribute this to frequent testing, following the TFP recommendations, having a SWCG system, and a robotic cleaner. The pool is open all year and I...
  2. Dave31410

    Free standing screen enclosure?

    It seems like most of the screen enclosures I see pictures of are attached to the house. Does anyone have a free standing screen enclosure? I assume it would cost more since it is not anchored by the house.
  3. Dave31410


    Has anyone used a PoolSkim, that works off a return line and is supposed to capture floating debris? Does it work? Does the pump have to run at full speed?
  4. Dave31410

    New Pressure Gauge

    I bought a new pressure gauge from TFPTestKits. Thanks. It is so much better that the one that came with the filter it is not even close. I usually run my VS pump at 1750rpm. At that speed the pressure is only about 2lbs. Variations are much easier to read on the new gauge. Also the better build...
  5. Dave31410

    How to translate lbs. of Cl production

    My Hayward generator can generate 1.47 pounds of chlorine per day. I assume this is 24 hours at 100%. How can this be translated to ppm at various % and run time? I thought I saw something on the app but now can't find it.
  6. Dave31410

    Brushing pool sides?

    It seems like pool brushes are made for the bottom, not the sides. Because of the angle of the brush attachment you have to hold the pole at an uncomfortable angle to brush the sides. Is there a brush with a 90 degree attachment to make brushing the side more efficient. I have seen the Wall...
  7. Dave31410

    Do cooling sprays decrease Cl delivery?

    Since we are having a heat wave, a made a couple of pvc sprays for the returns, with valve to control the mix between spray and straight to pool. I am wondering if the spray causes chlorine to be lost to the air, reducing the effectiveness of the SWCG.
  8. Dave31410

    Relying on son-in-law

    Well, we are going on a 2 week trip in our travel trailer with 2 grandkids. I have shown my SIL how to test Cl levels and how to adjust the SWG output if necessary. I will reduce the Ph down before we leave. He will also check the skimmer. I am hoping we come back to a nice clean and clear...
  9. Dave31410

    Small patches of algae on liner

    I have been keeping the FC level around 5-7 (CYA 70) and the water is clear. Water temp is now 84 and I am getting some small green patches on the liner, mostly in a corner or transition between the sides and bottom. Is that just a matter of brushing? I think I have been negligent in that...
  10. Dave31410

    Info on chlorine dates

    I thought there was a sticky on reading the date on various brands of bleach, but can't find it. Three brand that I have convenient access to are Pool Essentials (WalMart), HDX (Home Depot) and HTH (Ace Hardware).
  11. Dave31410

    Thanks to this forum

    Just wanted to say thank you to the contributors and moderators on this forum. I did a lot of reading before committing to installing a pool, so much that the builder we selected seemed impressed with my knowledge. Also we were able to tell him to omit some items from his standard package (like...
  12. Dave31410

    Interesting information from Hayward manuals

    Just out of curiosity I went through the online manual for the several SWCG systems sold by Hayward. Here are the results for their FC and CYA recommendations: Aquarite 1-3ppm FC, 60-80 CYA Aquarite 900 1-3 FC, 30-50 CYA Aquarite Pro 1-3 FC, 20-30 CYA Salt & Swim 1-3 FC, 30-50CYA AquaPlus...
  13. Dave31410

    Should I try to lower TA?

    After refilling pool after warranty liner replacement I have been slowly adjusting the water. Current test results are: FC 5 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 90 CYA 70 Water temp 65 Does the TA need to come down some, especially if I plan to add Borates?
  14. Dave31410

    Salt test or Aquarite indicator?

    My Hayward Aquarite is indicating a salt concentration of 3400. I picked up a Taylor salt test kit and got a titration of 3000 ppm. I am inclined to believe the Aquarite based on the volume of the pool and the amount of salt I put in. How reliable is the test?
  15. Dave31410

    Starting over

    Had a vinyl liner pool installed in October. Got the water nice and balanced using liquid chlorine and acid, waiting until warmer weather to add salt and fire up the SWCG. Then we had a leak problem from a liner tear around the light. PB did a temporary fix with epoxy. This week temperature were...
  16. Dave31410

    Anyone still swimming?

    (Australians don't count) Our pool was completed in late October. I started swimming laps a couple of times a week. When the water got below 70 I started wearing a short wet suit. Last swim was a couple of days ago with water temp at 62. We have had cooler days and nights and temp is now 54. I...
  17. Dave31410

    Improving color matching for tests

    I have found a method that helps distinguish the colors for C or Ph. Take piece of card stock about 3" x4". Cut a slot in one end that is the width of the color bands and long enough to expose the test solution and the color bands. Then hold the card against the test container and move the slot...
  18. Dave31410

    Torn liner in new pool

    I posted a little while ago about a leak in our new pool. Thought we had it fixed but slow leak continued. Pool tech came back and discovered a tear in the liner below the light, like the liner pulled down against the screws holding the light fixture. They are going to replace the liner. My...
  19. Dave31410

    I think I have a leak on new pool

    Three times I have added water to get the level just over the top step (which is also just over half way up the skimmer opening). It seems to go down about an inch and then stop. Leads me to believe it is in the step or skimmer gaskets. Calling the pool builder Tuesday. Hopefully it will be an...
  20. Dave31410

    Critique my numbers

    Our new vinyl pool has been filled for a week. I have not added salt yet but have just been using bleach. FC 2.4 pH 7.2 TA 100 CYA 30
  21. Dave31410

    New Southern pool

    We live in Savannah, GA, and just had a pool build competed this week. We have a salt chlorination system, but I am wondering if I should wait until Spring to add salt to the pool and turn on the chlorinator. Until then I would just use bleach and pH adjustments as needed.
  22. Dave31410

    Temporary sanitation

    Our pool was basically completed today, but the electrician will not be here until Thursday (tenatively) to hook up the pump and SWG. The pool is still filling. I feel like tomorrow I should go get a floating puck holder and some dichlor tablets to put in until everything is working. What do you...
  23. Dave31410

    SWG CYA level

    I have read through most of the pool school and I don't remember seeing an explanation of why CYA should be higher with a SWG system. Just wondering why?
  24. Dave31410

    Rough coping with Kool Deck

    Last week our concrete deck was poured and surfaced with Kool Deck. The deck is OK but the coping is extremely rough. This is important because the coping is where you contact the deck when sitting on the edge or exiting the pool (other than the steps). I don't think the subs installed the...
  25. Dave31410

    Finally getting started.

    We signed the contract in March, and contractor said maybe July. Well now it's October and they finally started. Pretty simple build; 16x32 vinyl lined with solid concrete support walls, 3.5' to 6' depth. r
  26. Dave31410

    The waiting is the hardest part...

    Apologies to Tom Petty (RIP) We signed a contract back in April. Called last week and they said probably July. Fortunately we live in an area that is warm through October.
  27. Dave31410

    Cooling pool water

    It is really hot here in the summer and I don't like swimming in hot water. I assume that a pool heat pump can be used for cooling as well as heat. Does anyone cool their pool with one? Expensive to operate?
  28. Dave31410

    Finish elevation?

    Met with a builder today concerning an inground vinyl 16x32 pool with concrete walls. He said the walls need to be 8 inches above ground level at the high point. Is this correct? If so it will totally change my plan due to problems with grade changes in meeting an existing patio.
  29. Dave31410

    What happens to the chemicals?

    Okay, I have been reading about adjusting and maintaining correct balance in the water. Over time, as the pH, TA, etc. are adjusted, what happens to the chemicals added to make adjustments? Do they build up or precipitate out, or something else? After reading about CYA buildup, I am just...
  30. Dave31410

    Concrete or Steel walls

    I have gotten quotes from 2 installers for a 16x32 in ground vinyl pool. One specifies steel side walls, one 10" concrete. It seems like even galvanized steel will eventually rust, especially if a SWCG is used. Concrete just seems more substantial but there must be potential problems as well...