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  1. Bosley

    Costco comes through

    A couple months back we were considering purchasing a Saltron Mini for the hot tub but prices were ranging $450-$550 CDN so we held off. I had looked at Costco back then and it was discontinued. Well low and behold today I looked and they have them again. Only $229! smoking deal. Order has been...
  2. Bosley

    Spa pack popping GFCI

    Running a Gecko spa pack. Was a new replacement about 5 years ago. Yesterday the breaker popped and will only reset for about 10 seconds then trips again. I unplugged everything from the pack and it still trips. there is a 1 amp fuse in there that from research appears to be associated with the...
  3. Bosley

    How tight to make winter cover

    First time winterizing and the only thing i am not sure on is the winter cover. I cannot determine if the winter cover should be tight across the pool or hang down on top of the water. I would thing to let is loose and hang down but i have seen pools in my area where the cover is trampoline...
  4. Bosley

    Wind blocker

    With winter approaching here in Canada I am looking at a way to set up a wind block for the hot tub. We use it all winter long. Even at -40 but the wind can make it intolerable. We dont want a gazebo because it is nice to enjoy the starry skies. Looking for ideas. I was thinking of using roller...
  5. Bosley

    Water splashing out of skimmer

    Anyone know of a way to keep water from splashing out of the skimmer? Lots splashes out from where the lid seats to the skimmer as well through the vents in the lid itself. We were considering sealing the vents with caulk and possibly finding a large o-ring for the lid.
  6. Bosley

    powered solar cover reel for AGP

    Has anyone done this? i connected a couple lengths of aluminum RV awning tubes to get my 30' in length. It runs down the center of our round pool so when I crank the handle it rolls up from the center but by the time it is half rolled it gets tough to crank. Those solar covers are heavy when...
  7. Bosley

    Taylor test kit in Alberta Canada

    For those of you in Western Canada, I spoke with Lawry`s and their distributors in western Canada are: Pinnacle Aqua - 403-453-1944 CLM - 403-250-2494 Both located in Calgary I have spent more hours in the last few weeks trying first to get a TFT100 kit then trying to save a few bucks on the...
  8. Bosley


    Thanks to TFP our water is looks amazing. Just follow the basics and you cant go wrong!!!
  9. Bosley


    I know this has been asked before but im hoping to get updated information. I tried ordering a kit from the US but the good old USPS cannot seem to find my sisters house so I am forced to buy a kit here in Canada. I have reached out to lowerys for pricing but have not heard back yet. I can order...
  10. Bosley

    Leaking skimmer

    Got the pool installed over the past couple days but have a very slight drip from the skimmer. I have the screws as tight as i can get them but it still drips. Any suggestions? I wish it would have come with a butterfly gasket. Im thinking run a bead of clear silicone around the outside edge.
  11. Bosley

    Putting up walls

    For those of you that have put up your own pools, how long did it take you to put up just the wall and how many people did it? Wife and I want to get the wall up this evening but only have a couple hours to do it and just the 2 of us. The ground work is complete and the bottom track is in place...
  12. Bosley

    Wiring 2 speed pump to Hayward prologic

    Really want to get my electrical finished tonight. All thats left is to connect my equipment to the prologic. I can't find anything that explains how to connect a 120V 2 speed pump to the panel. INYO POOLS shows how to connect a 230V but I dont want to fry anything. Anyone experienced with this...
  13. Bosley


    Been 3 years since we flushed our hot tub. Ordered my little bottle of AHHSOME and tried it out. Speechless. Pics speak for themselves. Definitely works!! So nasty!!!
  14. Bosley

    So it begins

    Started trenching the gas line last night. Have 63 feet and half of it is over underground utilities so I figured I may as well do it all by hand. :shock: Got about 35' done but cant make it all the way down to the 24" depth mark as there is still some frost down there. Also have to trench the...
  15. Bosley

    Jandy & pressure relief valve

    We got the Jandy JXI heater and now reading the install instructions ( I know...crazy right!!!???) The kit is $135 CDN! Its a 75 PSI valve with an elbow and a couple reducers. The problem is the local hardware store only carry valves for residential hot water tanks which have the long white...
  16. Bosley

    Pump to pool distance

    Was originally thinking about having my equipment pad beside the pool but now thinking about putting it beside the house. The distance for the plumbing lines would be about 45'. The way I see it is i only have to dig 1 trench for the PVC instead of 1 for gas & 1 for power. Never mind the savings...
  17. Bosley

    New Griddle

    . As I type this I am cooking potatoes and onions and garlic etc on a cast flat pan on my BBQ and hating it. Anyone have suggestions for a nice outdoor griddle? Looking for something good quality to put beside my Weber BBQ. Natural gas if available. A quick search brought up "Blackstones" but...
  18. Bosley

    pump issues!

    So just got home and checked my hot tub. Pump #1 is a 2 speed but don't remember the brand nor the HP. Havn't been in there in a few yrs. Low speed works but as soon as i hit the button to switch to high it simply shuts down and will not restart for about 10 min then again, low works but not hi...
  19. Bosley

    Artificial palms

    Wife was playing around on the internet last night and discovered she can buy Artificial palm we go! its her favorite tree so she wants a few for around the pool. After reading about them and doing some research they appear to be good product however I cannot find any reviews. Has...
  20. Bosley

    Outdoor bowling

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of this. Couple years ago me and the misses came up with an idea to build an outdoor bowling lane. After a few "pops" and some sketch's we came up with this. 70' in length so not regulation but the ball returns work well and the pin setter works by...
  21. Bosley

    Equipment pad/pool house suggestions

    We are trying to nail down our plans as spring is finally approaching. Our plumber is coming out in mid march to evaluate things and measure for gas lines etc so we need to finalize placement of the equipment. We are considering to building a second garage. 14X28 beside our existing garage and...
  22. Bosley

    clear it

    I am on an acreage and my well is high in iron. I have always hauled water for the hot tub. It needed a top up so i decided to try the well water. Turned it green. Bought some "clear it" and now it looks perfect. Anyone have any experience with this product?
  23. Bosley

    New pool selection

    Hi everyone. I have been following this site intermittently for years. Have had a few intex pools. Even ran a heater on my last 2. We have now moved to an acreage and ready to take the plunge so to speak on an AGP. I really really need some help with a few things. Space is not a issue but...