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    Manual slatted PVC covers in the US?

    Hey all, I’ve been searching and searching for someone that sells a European style slatted cover in the US, and all I e been able to find is some expensive automatics that definitely won’t work on an old existing pool. Anyone know of someone who sells something like this here?
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    looking at a house with fiberglass pool

    Hi all, We're looking at a house with an existing fiberglass pool that has a 6-8" crack from the coping down to the waterline. All of my past and current pools have been gunite, so I have no experience at all with fiberglass. We think the pool is roughly 25 years old, and apparently...
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    Externally triggering jandy VSP

    Hi, My old pump died, and it was replaced with a Jandy ePump VSP. I have a heat exchanger hooked up to my AC and pool, and previously when the AC ran it triggered a relay that manually powered the pump. The new pump doesn't run when you simply give it power so I guess I need a way to...
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    Countertop construction

    Hey all, I'm planning my countertop right now. It will be a skim-coat concrete countertop (using ardex feather-finish), and the test sample I made looked great. What I'm wondering is the makeup of the countertop, as there will be 2 weber kettles suspended from it (a 22.5 pizza kettle and...
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    Toe kick??

    Hey all, I've just finished designing and ordering the frames for our BBQ island (went with big ridge - very helpful folks), and a question occurred to me while planning the finish. The front and sides of our island will be covered in a marble subway tile ( Stonegate Subway - Elida...
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    solar pumping options

    I'm buying a new pool (with a house thrown in for free) and I've run into a conundrum. All of the 'prime' roof space on the house will be dedicated to PV (electric) solar, so I've got some challenges in heating the pool as well. There is some roof space on the detached garage that may work...
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    DIY Automation?

    Hey all, I've got a decent enough intellitouch setup here at my current home, but we are moving in a few months and the new pool is ~20yrs old with no automation at all. I plan to replace the old pump with a new variable speed one, rejuvinate teh solar panels, upgrade the filter, put in a...
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    Adjusting 'baby barrier' style fence

    Hey all, I've got a 3 yr old baby barrier style fence that has apparently sagged a bit over the years, and i need to re-tension it. The gate hangs a little low right now,and as a result the gate wont latch without a push. If I squeeze the gap between the section with the gate and its...
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    colored replacement lights

    Hey everyone, My pool cleaner hates the colored covers for my pool lights, but I love the color. I do not however love the idea of spending $1500 to get new color changing intellibrites (I currently have 2 amerilites and 1 spabrite as near as I can tell). So, do I have any cheaper options...
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    Pentair MasterTemp 400 cycles on and off in Spa mode

    Hey all, I have a Pentair MasterTemp 400, which is about 2 years old. Recently it started cycling off and on while attempting to heat my spa. It cycles every 2-3 minutes and runs for a minute or two at a time. I did run it for about 10 minutes while circulating my pool as well, and didn't...
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    Argh! Paying twice for the same dang work.. (heater and AC)

    So frustrating... I want/need to heat my pool - current day temps are in the mid 70s. You see, I live in a pretty dry area that gets pretty cool at night (day/night swing is generally 30+ degrees) so even though it's 90+ outside, my pool won't get hot. On the other hand, I need to cool my...
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    Infrared grilling?

    I gotta admit, i'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to outdoor cooking (my current weber genesis is a concession to convenience and my wife), so I've ignored these newfangled infrared 'grills' for a long time. But now my curiosity is getting the better of me... Am I missing out on...
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    in-water fence/barrier

    Hi All, My wife and i decided early on that we wanted to be able to separate our tanning shelf from the rest of the pool to make a kiddie play area. The plan *was* to use baby barrier along the outer edge of the ledge, but the BB installer said he wouldn't do it - he's afraid it would leak...