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    Gift certificate when your a supporter

    I never got one...
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    Help my Pentair pumps leaking!!!

    I have a 1 yr old Pentair Intelliflo 2 VST. I noticed it's quite damp around the pad so I went to take a closer look. Let's see if I can post a video here. Can someone tell me why it would be leaking? And what this white stuff is? Chlorine? And what to do.
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    Any help James W, AZrob.. pool light

    Well obviously my light is back in the pool. New gasket and new brass bolt. The other was pretty much stripped and hard to get in and out. So my question is, there has to be a way to upgrade this without putting a whole new fixture in. I googled it but unable to find anything yet. The water...
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    Boy I sure hope someone can help asap, nothing since giving $

    I got more help before I contributed. So far I've had to pay someone to come and now I have my light torn apart and really would appreciate some help. I pulled it out and it's not a matter if simply screwing the new bulb in. I'll take a picture.
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    Help, leaf basket, light gasket

    I bought this home 5 years ago It's a pool installed by Shasta in 2006. I do not have any paperwork and Shasta apparently doesn't keep that stuff I had an I'ld Hayward NS sp4050 or something like that. I tried that leaf strainer and it shaped totally different. wlAny idea what kind of leaf...
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    Leak, who's cheap and good in Arizona?

    Hi, I just became a bronze member, I don't think it shows yet. I need to research and hopefully find some answers. I bought this house 5 years ago. The pool was built by Shasta in about 2006. It had an older Hayward NS but a year ago I put in a Pentair Interflow pump and a Pentair Clean and...
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    Fix leak in PVC. Repair guy said 200-300!

    Surely there has to be a way. I'll post pic's any help would be much appreciated. The leak is where the blue is.
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    Installer cut out my three way valve no waste line??? Help

    I just noticed that when I had a new Filter installed the, for lack of better term, idiot guy cut out my three-way valve. I need to empty some of the water because I over filled it. I have a Pentair Clean and Clear Plus. What the heck do I do??? Not happy and I can't find his card...
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    I am going to repair this but it's not in use, so input

    Hi, I need to fix a leak in this pipe where the arrow is but it doesn't connect to the SWG that used to be there. Any way to just get rid of it instead of having to cut it out and repair it?
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    Help on fixing my pool pump/piping and adding a threaded shaft??? Flooded yard today.

    No one answered my add on to my old post so I am posting this new... So today at 5:30 am I woke up to a flooded yard. My pool pump came apart at the pipe going into the pump. It isn't a threaded piece that goes into the pump... Any and all help on fixing would be greatly appreciated. I am going...
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    Need help, water leaking, other issues. Need to identify and fix

    Hi, I'm home on my own due to husband being out on the road with work and I replaced my motor in my Hayward Northstar SP4010 pump with a 2 speed. The seal was replaced along with the impeller just to give you some background. My strainer lid was leaking water. I got a new o-ring and it still...
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    New Motor Trouble Installing

    Hi, I got a B2977 motor for my Hayward SP4010NS pump. It is longer then the old motor which is like a B128. Correction, I looked at Century site and it says they are the same. How can he be having this problem? .... The motor I got is a lot longer and that is the trouble we are having getting...
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    Got my 2 spped motor, wiring question

    Hi, My new motor came Saturday evening and when switching it out we had an impeller that was stuck and ended up having to crack it to get it off. So Leslies didn't have the impeller and we just got one today. When my BF was at the pool store they tried to tell him that we didn't know what we...
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    Pump leaking water, time to upgrade to 2 speed need advice

    Hi all. I have a Hayward Northstar SP4010N with a SP1610Z1 motor. I want to get a 2 speed motor and I have done a lot of research. I have in ground AA cleaning in my pool that is important for anyone to know. In calling around I got this quote, " I currently have a 2-speed pump with a toggle...
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    Question about Clorox Pool & Spa Chlorine Tabs

    Hi, I know that Costco just got these in. Are they really Bleach or are they tabs just like the other bad ones?
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    A&A Pop up's not all working need some help please

    Hi, I had to replace the A&A Manufacturing 524664 Low Profile 6 Port Upper Housing and Lid Assembly Valve SKU #: 524664 and also the A&A Manufacturing 540277 Low Profile 6 Port 1-1/2in. - 2in. T-Valve Replacement Parts Kit everything seems good except only three of the pop ups actually are...
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    Water squirting out of my AA Manufacturing Lid For Low-Profile Water Valves

    It was coming out like I had the aerator on. I ordered the lid but now it says it won't be here until Friday. I called them, emailed them everything about next day shipping. We tried to seal the lid with Gorilla glue and that did no good. My pool is going to be a mess of nothing but algae if I...
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    Weigh in opinions on the 2 ez speed motor's lasting and thx to everyone....

    I just wanted to first off say thank you all very much for all the help you have given me. I have been reading and researching and the one thing I can say without a doubt is that it makes no sense to get a VS motor over a 2 speed. Practically everyone believes all the hype and you all are so...
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    Have a water leak out of pump and need help with part

    Hi, I looked up my pump, it's a SP4010NS by Hayward and found a diagram here of all parts, The problem is the place that water is leaking from doesn't have a number or part... It is coming from the pipe...
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    Can someone look at this timer and tell me if it's gonna work please?

    Hi, I am looking at getting a 2 speed motor and I have a timer only for my one speed. I was told that the seller would throw in this brand new timer that he got from someone going out of business cheap. I am not that mechanical and trying to read everything is making me crazy so I thought maybe...
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    One last try to get some help... Need to get this done and still somewhat confused...

    I can not afford to buy a whole new Pump and pay for install. I just had to buy a new Heat pump at the tune of 5K. I am getting some yard work done, a paver and the rocks and plants around the pool. Also have to get Solar Screens for the windows. That means I am shot right now on money so I need...
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    Help figuring out the cost of running my pump

    Hi, I have APS, that being said I called them to help me figure out how much my kilowatt per hour is. What a joke. They purposely make it impossible. I am on the Combined Average Plan. I have a B128, a 1hp 1.4 service factor pump. It needs to be replaced and I am going to get a 2 speed pump...
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    Interesting combination, looking for help on what pump motor

    Hi, I have an older pump it's a Hayward SP4010 NS. When I went to look at the motor to try and figure out what I could replace it with, I was hoping for a 2 speed that would be more energy efficient instead of having to go the cost of a whole now ECO VS or Max Flo... Then I saw that the motor on...
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    Help and advice for new pool pump

    Hi, our power bill is so high... My father has told me that he will help us get a pump if it will really save us a lot of money. I am wondering there seems to be some new Hayward pumps out there that are VS right now. My confusion is getting one that has the same pipe size of what I currently...
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    Help Please Algae filters came but no test kit/5 more days!

    We just purchased this house three months ago and of course we hired pool people and 3 different ones ripped us off. The one thing I asked before agreeing to allow them each to come out was that they go over our equipment with us, explain the care and maintenance etc. Well, long story short...
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    Where to purchase pool parts and reviews

    I don't know about the rest of you but I shop forever to find the best prices, shipping etc... It would be great to have a little section where people could post things and online stores that they have had good service through. Like Cactus Pool Supply in AZ. They have among...
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    Trouble replacing a Pop Up, Please help

    Hi, I'm new and tried to give everything I know about my pool. I had a popup break and so I got a new one and the tool and took it out and tried to put the new one in unsucessfully three times now. It keeps popping back out after I turn the pump on. It takes a minute or two but comes out again...