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  1. AV8TOR

    Tarp Cover Color

    My pool cover has bit the dust after 5-years of service. I am thinking of using a tarp this time with a 28" bouncy ball with handles to tie off in the center. What about color for the tarp, does it make a difference? Was thinking the brown to absorb more heat from the sun. Thanks in advance
  2. AV8TOR

    Negative CSI

    Pool Math says this about CSI, "Less than -0.6 is suggestive of problems for plaster, tile, stone, and pebble pools. Greater than 0.6 is suggestive of problems for all pools." Yet the target when importing TFP settings is -0.19 which is less than -0.6. Is there a typo here?
  3. AV8TOR

    Is this Calcium Scaling?

    I never had any problems in the 7-years of moving into this home with this pool. Last spring we had it re-plastered and through the winter I had a bigger problem with hi pH that ever. After taking the cover off I saw this when adding chems but just thought is was a dirt like powder that I have...
  4. AV8TOR

    Return Spigots in pool

    Is there a rule of thumb in selecting the outlet diameter of the return spigots in your pool? The people who re-plastered our pool put news ones on that only have a 1/2" outlet hole and looking online they also make them with a 1" and 3/4" outlet. The 1/2" has significantly raise my pump...
  5. AV8TOR

    Change speeds on a SuperFlo

    I saw this post when searching for how to install a switch to get two speeds. (Bama thats for that post very informative) I am looking to install a 1HP Pentair Super Flo and would like to so this instead of installing a new timer box. Can someone confirm that this will also work on a SuperFlo...
  6. AV8TOR

    Replacing my Pump

    I have an old 2HP PurexTriton WhisperFlo pump for my filtration pump for a 16,000 pool. I am looking to replace this soon with a Pentair WFE-24 WhisperFlo Up-Rated Energy Efficient 1HP Pool Pump after reading so many threads on pump downsizing. I would just like to get a fews opinion of this...
  7. AV8TOR

    Skimmer shut off valves

    Are these ball valves a suitable replacement for my two skimmers and center drain adjustment? Or is it better to pay $73 more to get the Neverlube's? I am going to replace my main pump and all plumbing is why I ask...
  8. AV8TOR

    Need help cleaning filter

    I have an Aquatech FNS-48 DE filter and as I took over this home I never had equipment manuals. Am I supposed to be able to lift this assembly out of my filter? Or do I have to remove the two screw and remove the black plastic top cover and remove all plates individually?I have been just hosing...
  9. AV8TOR

    Going to be an expensive year

    I have several projects this year we need to do to our pool, new pumps and re-plaster time. This post is about the pump Over the last 5-years at TFP I have had great success following the quality advice given here so please allow me to tap this knowledge once again. First my pool estimated to...
  10. AV8TOR

    Re-Do filter plumbing

    We have been living for 6 years at our house and the pool is 18 years old. My backwash valve has been hard to read for several years. I never felt like I could change it because there is not enough room on the piping to cut the pipe and add a coupling. This year it looks like my booster pump...
  11. AV8TOR

    Pool Calc IOS7

    Okay so I am a long time user of Pool Calc and love it. I had some issue when I switched to ISO7 where I lost registration. I took the simple route and just bought another copy as it is that good and I am okay sponsoring the program. I have a problem now thought that is very frustrating, the...
  12. AV8TOR

    New Pump

    I have been wondering when my pump was going to go and it looks like today was the day. I have several questions that I need help with. Pump size - we bought this house three years ago and the pump has a 2HP pump on it. Did a very good job cleaning the pool. The pool is just under 15,000...
  13. AV8TOR

    Skimmer Basket

    We have the Hayward 1080 vented skimmer baskets (that came with the house and pool) and one has developed a crack where the vented portion attaches to the basket. I need to replace it and having never had a standard basket are these vented baskets worth the extra money?
  14. AV8TOR

    Adding CYA and Pool Calc

    I use the iPhone app for the Pool Calc but I noticed the online is the same, but it only give measurements for Liquid Stabilizer. I am in a location that Leslies is my only choice and they only sell powered. Am I missing something in Pool Calc for dosage?
  15. AV8TOR

    Solor heat question/advice

    I am located in Texas where heating the pool is not a problem but I would like to stretch the season by 3 weeks or so beginning and end. I should also say that we have a lot of sun. These panels are only $225 and to me it seems worth it. I understand this will not be the most efficient not...
  16. AV8TOR

    So whats your starting swim Temp?

    Last year when the pool hit 70º we did our first swim. That was last year with the new house and poll and all. Well the pool just hit 70º yesterday but I don't have that same desire to take the plunge so I was wondering what your first plunge temp is?
  17. AV8TOR

    Digital pH meter

    Anyone us a digital pH meter for their pool? I had Reef Aquariums for 15 years and used a PinPoint and was thinking of buying one for my pool. The Pinpoint is very accurate and of course easy to read.
  18. AV8TOR

    Anyone use both a hand leaf rake and a robot

    The house we bought came with a Letro Legend and for the most part I really like it. Several people at work just use a Commercial Grade Leaf Bagger from Leslies. My wife hates when the pressure robot keeps bumping into you so I was thinking about switching. I already have the booster pump to...
  19. AV8TOR


    When you do a backwash where do you drain your water to?
  20. AV8TOR

    Took off the cover today

    I live outside Fort Worth TX and last winter I did not put a cover on our in-ground pool. This winter we left on our solar cover. Between my two oak trees and my neighbors live oak our pool gets it's share of leaves. Last winter I routinely used the leaf net to keep it clean. I think I will...
  21. AV8TOR

    In-ground pool solar heating question

    I have started looking into the addition of solar heating to our 14,000 gallon in-ground pool. I am leaning on a simple manual system with panels like a Favco. I am sure from the reading I have done and some experimenting this season that I will be happy with it. My concern with a system like...
  22. AV8TOR

    Solar Cover question

    I have a question about using as solar cover. In the end of the season like now in Texas where it can still be 90º during the day but the evening temps are getting in the 70's is it best to leave the cover on during the hot of the day or off then cover it during the evening? Which will warm...
  23. AV8TOR

    Pac Fab 2” Hi Flow Multiport valve

    Does anyone have a Pac Fab 2” Hi Flow Multiport valve on their filter? The handle positions are almost faded beyond recognition and was hoping that you could take a digital picture from a top view. Here is a picture of it. Would love to find a manual for it as well.
  24. AV8TOR

    Bleach on hand

    Just curious as to how much bleach you store on hand? Here in Texas we do not have the abundance of deals on anything over the standard 6% variety. I have been using Sams club Clorax as it is convenient and an okay price. I buy three cases at a time and store it in the laundry room (air...
  25. AV8TOR

    Auto Water Leveler

    Can anyone recommend a auto water fill for extended vacations? I am looking at the Pool Keeper Pool Water Leveler (Auto-Fill) and was wondering if anyone has used this one. Link
  26. AV8TOR

    Time of day

    What time of day do you do your filtration and robot operation? How long is your filter cycle? Your robot cycle? Just curious to hear what others do. I am new to in ground pools and we have the filter coming on late morning so the skimmers have had time to clean up the surface some and leave...
  27. AV8TOR

    Bleach Storage Container

    Thought I would check with the experts here on this. Obviously white is the choice color for the bleach bottles to be sold in but I cannot find any white storage containers in the 5-gallon size range. First off is bleach sensitive to light? If not white what color container would be okay? I...
  28. AV8TOR

    Run times for pool cleaners

    I have a Letro Legend pool cleaner that came with the pool when we bought the house las November. It has been on a run cycle of half of the filter run time. I was curious what run times do you have your cleaners on? I am thinking of taking it off automatic timer and just using it on demand...
  29. AV8TOR

    Silicone tubing and Bleach

    Does anyone know if silicone tubing is compatible with 6% bleach?
  30. AV8TOR

    Weir flap question

    We have 2 American Products Skimmers on our pool and I have a question concerning the proper operation of the Weir Flap. The flap appears to be working fine as it is laying down when the skimmers are on and when the pump is off the flap goes closed – well almost. There is a molded stop on...