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    Balboa Panel Electrical Problem - how bad is this?

    My spa is an older Frankentub that has been refurbished bit by bit over the years. I've got a Balboa VS 501 spa pak in my hot tub - about 3 years old now, and installed by an electrician (well, an apprentice...). I've had NO electrical issues at all, until now. We shut down the spa over the...
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    Can a Heat Pump be sheltered? Air Circ question.

    Hello all, long-time lurker posting for the first time here. Short version: Can I put a heat pump inside a shed without any problems? Long version: I live in northern British Columbia and am planning on replacing my old and ailing gas heater/leaky solar panel combination with a heat pump. It...
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    Supply Side leak or clogged line? Not able to Prime Hayward Pump

    Hi All, I would like confirmation or correction if possible, before I dig up the yard to trace back the underground supply side lines for a leak. We can't get the pump to reprime after shutting it off and I can't tell if the problem is a leak in the line, a clog in the line from an errant toy...