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    Determine Accurate Gallons for pool

    So you have an empty pool now? When you go to fill it, make a note of what point your water meter is (better, take a pic your water meter reading), then when it is done, take another pic of the water meter. Subtract the first reading from the second reading should give you an almost exact...
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    New pool owner in the Tampa, Fl area.

    You will definitely learn a lot here. Congrats on becoming the owner of a pool. Enjoy!
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    Starting my conversion...8/21/2009

    You need to add another drop to see if it then stays clear. It shouldn't turn back to pink unless you put 5 drops of the reagent used to check for CC's and then only if you have CC's will it tinge or change back to pink. So the answer is that if you add a drop and swirl and it changes to clear...
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    Starting my conversion...8/21/2009

    You should not swim in the water during the conversion.
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    Thank you

    Glad you found this forum, too. I don't think anyone really understands what crystal clear water really is until they have experienced a BBB pool.
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    New Pool Starting, Montgomery Texas

    Wow, it seems to be going so quickly. Keep the pics coming.
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    Wood and Block pool

    Very cool pictorial of your pool demo and rebuild. It never ceases to amaze me at the various methods to build a pool.
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    New Pool Starting, Montgomery Texas

    So, how much progress did they make today? Any new pics? And, wow, that looks like a huge yard.
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    What am i doing wrong?

    Congrats, you did a great job.
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    Greetings all, Newbie to the forum

    Boy, you sure have a pretty view from your beautiful new pool.
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    WaterProof options needed

    I have never seen this type of liner installation before. That is very interesting. I don't know that we have that type in the U.S., yet.
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    My Baq Conversion Story

    I've never experienced Baquacil, but I just love to see these conversion posts and pics and to read about the successes. It's good to hear you are having continued success since your conversion. Thanks for sharing the info.
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    Just started my conversion

    Congratulations on a job well done!
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    Help me diagnose my pool

    During this severely hot summer, I have been using about 1 quart of 12% every other day. You should be able to find 12% somewhere near you. It's made in Eloy and there are many dealers of Hasa products. Here is a link to dealers in Arizona. You may want to call the ones in the east valley...
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    New Pool Starting, Montgomery Texas

    Ooooh, I think your pool is going to be very cool. Love that island idea. I took the liberty to embed your image here. (please check your PM's for instructions)
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    thank you to everyone on this site

    Beautiful pool!
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    Another New Guy with Issues

    Todd, it all depends on what is best for you, when you run the pump. If you are worried about higher rates in the daytime, then set it to run at night. Does it get real hot in Katy, TX? I live in Arizona and it gets beastly hot here. The rule of thumb I use is to run my pump 1 hour for every...
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    Landscape Ideas- Updated! HEAVY pics!

    Oh my goodness, you wouldn't know it was the same place. You all did a great job. What clever ideas. Thanks for sharing your pics.
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    WaterProof options needed

    I don't know the answer to your questions but just wanted to say hi. I hope you keep us posted on your progress and share pictures of your pool build throughout the process.
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    New Pool Starting, Montgomery Texas

    How exciting. I hope you will post pics along the way and please post a pic of your pool plan/drawing, if you can. I love to watch the pool build progress and I think others do, as well. It's fun to learn and see the different materials and methods in the various areas.
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    Here we GO!! Conversion starting TODAY July 21st!

    OH, WOW! What great pics! Your water is clear as can be.
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    Delay between shocking and measuring baseline

    I do what Dave does. I may not go around the entire perimeter unless I am adding quite a lot as could be if you have to raise shock level up very high, besides, I use 12% so the quantity is smaller than would be at 6%. I also don't have a normal return. My return is the 10 in ground pop ups...
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    motor oil

    OMG! What a horrible deed. I hope the vandals got caught and are being punished. Glad you got it cleaned up.
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    Best Way to Add MA

    I didn't even know you could re-polish plaster. Interesting.
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    liquid versus tablets expense

    You know, you really don't have to add it every day. Especially when you get to know the personality of your pool and your current climate conditions. There is a target range min to max depending on your CYA level. What I do and many others also do is take the FC ppm to the max and then only...
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    Had to shock for the first time this season

    OMG! I remember staying at a hotel outside of Chicago that had a bazillion geese walking around. Every morning, walking down the sidewalk to the parking lot was quite a challenge trying not to step on, slip and slide on the goose poo. Goodness gracious, I never saw so many baby ruths in my...
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    Help me diagnose my pool

    Hi, I'm in Phoenix. I'd say, if it is greenish, then it's algae perhaps mixed with dust/dirt and it could very well be mustard algae. Dust/dirt here looks dark brown when it settles on the bottom, not greenish. Your CYA of 100 means you need to keep your minimum FC at 8ppm and max at 13ppm...
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    Greetings from Jackson, MS - BBB Really Works

    Wow, 63,000 gallon pool! No wonder your board name is bigpool. I'm glad you found this site, too. I know I was thrilled when I learned of it. I had just gotten fed up with pool store chems one evening and wondered why you couldn't just use bleach, so I googled and originally found poolforum...
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    water color

    I'd vacuum as much as I could and possibly to waste, if you can.
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    DE not sticking

    Something is broken, else you would never see DE coming back into the pool.