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  1. pragmatic

    CYA, Cl and SE Texas Rainfall!!!

    2015 has brought Bookoo’s of rain to SE Texas. Unfortunately it seems like much more on the way with a tropical storm looming in the Gulf. We’ve had so much water this year that I’m back to using my tab chlorine feeder at full-blast (I let me CYA drop to 30PPM) :( Normally 1 bucket of tabs...
  2. pragmatic

    SWG & Deck Sealer Issues

    An interesting article on SWG pools and deck sealers. Silane & siloxane based sealers seem to prevail...
  3. pragmatic

    Sand Filter & Dog Hair?

    I just read through the “Deep-cleaning a sand filter” thread. Very informative-Thank you Smykowski and others. I'll certainly increase my monthly Backwash from 1 minute to 4 minutes. I’m going on my 4th season with the pool. Although, I’m not having any issues with cloudy water or...
  4. pragmatic

    Easy Touch Remote-Repair or Replace?

    My Pentair Easy Touch remote took-on “moisture”. At a unit cost of $400-$600 I’m contemplating repair over replacement (motherboard,display, etc..). Anyone have ideas on where to send?
  5. pragmatic

    Slow Smoked Pork

    The weather was perfect, Pork Legs on sale and friends to help cook (it’s part of my recipe). We brined overnight the quarters, rubbed with spice/OO and seared, then slow-cooked for about 12 hours. 75 pounds of the best pulled pork I’ve ever made. The Chicken was added to keep an eye on the fire!
  6. pragmatic

    Labrador Ultimatum

    An inside Lab and years of shedding met his ultimatum! He seemed a bit embarrassed in losing his winter coat and certainly isn't as eager when it comes to the polar-plunge. But, he's still happy and a fine young man:cool:
  7. pragmatic

    Tuna, Grouper & Snapper

    We're just now entering the best time of the year for outdoor living! We certainly take advantage of it!:D
  8. pragmatic

    Outdoor TV / Articulating Mount

    It was difficult to decide on the perfect spot and mount; I wanted viewing from 3 angles and then retract/fold when not in use. Protecting from weather just added to the problem; to cover/not to cover is the question. I also refused to spend more than a total of $400; DIY-mount & cable run (was...
  9. pragmatic

    Sashimi! Delicious or just Bait?

    I’m nearing a trip back to Japan and will soon have to switch to my Asian-Stomach. Seven years ago I would not sit at the same table with raw fish, squid and eel. Now I look forward to it. Not pool related, just wanted to share my food-fanatic pics. Whatta think? Delicacy or just bait...
  10. pragmatic

    More Outdoor Sound

    I’ve been torn for months on outdoor sound options. I already have good sound under the patio (Polk Audio Atrium5 powered from the B-side of a Sony ES); pain to control volume from inside and the neighbors don’t appreciate the sound-levels required to hear over hot-tub blower. NoFear95 posted...
  11. pragmatic

    Profile Signature Missing?

    Hello! I've been wondering what happened to my profile signature. It's been missing since the upgrade and I can't find it in my settings. Did I miss a notice or trick to get it back?
  12. pragmatic

    Who says we don't swim in the winter?

    Working from home today and tired of his whining-Air Temp 31F, Pool 49F, Dice Man (our lab)-100% Crazy
  13. pragmatic

    SS Bolt Found in Strainer Housing-Repair Update

    I found yesterday in the strainer housing (but under the strainer basket) a SS bolt; looks like #7 or 8, about 2 inches long. Pump/motor are working normally. Pump is Standard 2HP Pentair SuperFlo. Any thoughts?
  14. pragmatic

    Wednesday Night-Happy Hour

    Perfecting the technique-Searing Burner :goodjob: Ribeye 1.5 inch cut, only salt & pepper, garlic paste w/butter. 5 min each side-perfect rare temp My help staff :mrgreen:
  15. pragmatic

    Another Visitor-This one NOT Welcome

    My teenage son called this morning and said he had to kill a snake. He told me he texted me the before pic, but could not wait for me to get back (i was in a meeting). I immediately thought he killed a "welcome" Rat Snake. Well..I was wrong! He did the right thing~4-1/2 ft Moccasins aren't...
  16. pragmatic

    Crawfish, FC & Fun- Loads of Pics

    We had a big swim party last Saturday; 15 adults, about a dozen kids and 4 dogs. We cooked about 100lbs of crawfish and 10lbs shrimp. I think the pool water would have withstood the people /dog swim-load, but I’m afraid the 2lbs of crawfish I found IN THE POOL the next morning is what took it...
  17. pragmatic

    A Visitor-Just Crawling Through

    Found this critter behind the pool. Birds didn't appreciate him much either.
  18. pragmatic

    First Time Heating Pool –Gas Cost

    I wanted to share my first experience with heating our pool. I was very reluctant :| , but here’s the detail: 25K gallon (non-swg) IG-Plaster (Diamond-Brite) 5 days over Spring-Break (March 10~15); average outside mean temp-54F Starting pool temp- 56F Pentair Heater (400,000 BTU Master Temp...
  19. pragmatic

    A Complete IG Pool Build in 17days?

    Not trying to bash PB’s here as it appears many do a fine job! I just wanted to share information I learned during my recent build (Houston, TX area). Before construction, our PB estimated completion in 3-weeks ”max”! I doubted him and even said I’d prefer a realistic estimate. He then gave...
  20. pragmatic

    Spring Time Grilling

    Spring time is here and outdoor grilling is in full swing! Dove wraps, Stuffed pork tenderloin (with breakfast sausage & rosemary) wrapped with bacon and slowed smoked @250F 2hrs, finished @ 350F 1hr, then sirloin shish-ka-bob with grilled veggies seasoned with garlic instilled EVOO & Rajun...
  21. pragmatic

    Hayward Navigator Problems-Solved

    Hello, My new Hayward Navigator pool cleaner (PB provided) cleans really well when it’s running, but is driving me crazy with how often the thing stops. The slightest bit of debris clogs the impeller. I can deal with this (seasonal acorns and leaves). But, what’s really upsetting me is how...
  22. pragmatic

    New Pool/New Owner-Water Chemistry Concerns

    Over the past 2 weeks my pool started looking a little cloudy and now appears to have spots of brown-algae. I grew concerned with the pool store testing, so I bought the Taylor K-2006 Test Kit (Thanks TFP): Acid-wash completion 10/24 Water temp is around 70F (Moderate use) Using stabilized Cl...
  23. pragmatic

    My Backyard Kitchen

    Hello everyone! I’m a new member from Southeast, TX. I’ve been lurking for quite awhile and I’ve really enjoyed learning and reading all the posts; pool school is great ~ Thanks for sharing. I’m nearing the end of my pool build project (landscaping, lighting & irrigation), but I wanted to...
  24. pragmatic

    New Pool in SE Texas-New Pics

    Hello everyone! After many years of contemplating, procrastinating, saving and then deciding on a pool builder, I’m almost done with my backyard overhaul! It’s been an experience but with the help and advice from TFP (I’m a lurker) everything went smooth. I chose a smaller local company (not...
  25. pragmatic

    Dave from SE Texas

    Hello, New here from SE Texas getting started with my first inground pool build. I have a bunch of questions~looks like I've found a great place to start. I'll start with the search option and try to keep my newbie post's to a minimum :lol: Warm regards, Dave