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    kreepy spider disc cleaner gets stuck. what else do you recommend?

    I have those kreepy krauly spider disc type suction cleaner. It is a non branded cleaner that cost $70. It cleans really fast but it gets stuck in 3 spot in my pool. So it is pretty much useless. I had a Sandshark before it works ok but really slow never got stuck at those 3 spots. What...
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    Pentair IC 40 blinking Check Cell w no Calcium deposit

    Is my IC 40 cell dead? I have no Calcium deposit and the IC40 blink LED indicating Check Cell. The Plates looks ok. one plate have a bit of wear but not a lot It is a 3 year old replacement.
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    Intellichlor ic40 Plate broke off.

    So one of the center plate broke off in my IC40. I assume the chlor Cell is toasted after 5 years of service. Before I get a new Cell at $600 2 Questions 1. Any way to repair it? 2. Anyone tried retrofit to Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater system at way lower price?
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    Mastertemp 400 wont auto start w intellitouch

    Hello, My Mastertemp 400 will no longer auto start with intellitouch spa setting. It use to be automated start when SPA switch is turned on with remote now it wont Now I can only get it to manual start and stop after I use the fireman switch jumper - disconnected the fireman switch with...
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    Both Pentair LED light not working w Easy touch control

    I cannot get both my spa nad pool Pentair LED light on. They are controlled by a Pentair EASY Touch 8 panel. I have reset the panel and the light breakers, didnt help. Is there another breaker somewhere for the lights. LED's are about 3 years old they are not turned on often. Hard to...
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    outdoor shower

    about to have 20-30 pre-teen coming for a pool party. My wife requested I get a outdoor shower going to relieve after pool showering congestion. Ordered a stainless shower panel from ebay and got some copper pipes and sharkbite connection fittings. 1 day of work. Price of the parts shower...
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    easy touch 8 and solar control

    How much automation can I get out of the solar control from the easy touch 8 control box? I have install the solar sensor and Actuator for the diverter valve. doesn't seem to do much. except i can push the solar button and the actuator valve moves. I could have did that by hand. Solar is...
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    Pentair CVA-24 Actuator question

    Can I configure the Actuator to move only 90 degrees rotation? Do I actually configure the diverter valves movement to limited the rotation? or do I configure the actuator? I installed solar panel and the Pentair 3-way diverter valve was provisioned in place when the pool was built. to go...
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    New Island Build.

    Pictures coming soon. Im constructing a 13'x8' 80 degrees V shaped island. Planning to have a Pergola shading attached to the island. Frame - Hybrid materials. Pressure treated wood base Wood 2x4 frame with Steel stud for Heat zone framing. Equipment list. Jenn-air 39inch built in grill 4...
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    Solar panel install question

    Pipe question. I have 2 inch pipes for the pumps, However my Solar panels are 1.5". I have a pretty long run to the panels. 1.5 inch would be easier to work with since weight and cost is lower. Should I run 1.5" pipe up to the roof or use 2" pipe then reduce the diameter at the panel...
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    Side burner question

    Just came back from a BBQ outlet store. They had 2 Side burner that is affordable to me. I need this more for Broiling water and frying pan. I already have a sear burner in my BBQ head. 1 is a bangged up dented but new drop in dual burner 1 is a new smokeless dual side intra red sear...
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    evaporation question.

    my pool is losing about 1" of water every 2 weeks or so. I have 14000 gal in ground just finished in Dec 09 Been using the spa in the weekend. Pool is mostly in the sun and it is somewhat windy in my area. Do you think the evaporation and water lost is normal?
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    Intellichlor IC40. flashing both green and red light

    Intellichlor IC40. flashing both green and red light Is this normal? both green and red light flashing. Pwr Cell lights are on solid green. Sanitizer output on 60%. 14000gal IG pool - Added 1 bag of salt it is still flashing. Test shows I am getting really low Chlor level. I also...
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    electricity cost question for VF3050

    I just turn down my pump operation time to 5 hours a day from 9. 14000 gal inground pool. I have the pentair VS-3050 my pool guys set up different speeds. 2- hrs on 3350 rpm 3- hr on 2250 rpm According to the pump Calculator. I will turn the water once a day and only use about $10-15 a month...
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    pool just finished, coping looks beat...

    My pool just finish in Dec 09. however after all deck pour and plaster install. The coping looks really beat. What can I do to make it look more fresh? My decking guy say I shouldnt seal it. it can be too slippery. My coping is a chocolate color concrete bullnose. you can kind of see it here.
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    mastertemp heater cost of operation?

    just wondering how much does it cost to run the Mastertemp 400. Our Pool/spa just finished and we have been heating the spa a few times. Takes about 40min to heat the spa from 55 to 95 degrees.
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    Heater bypass switch?

    a friend of mine has a Cal Spa hothub. He is wondering if he can get a heater bypass switch installed so it will not power up the heater in the winter months. This way the water can circulate without heating it. He doesnt want to drain the water all the time and doesnt want to keep it...
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    72 ft run to the equipment pad

    Is there much difference between running a 72 ft run to the pad compare to 56 ft? Just broke ground yesterday. We have to put our equipment pad on the other side of the house. The pool builder seem to be concerned with the longer run. the 56ft run will cut right in the middel of our existing...
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    Pool Fence requirement for LA county.

    Building a pool is like learning how to be your own contractor. Just researched on fence requirement. pool fence requirement for LA county california Please correct me if Im wrong. Reading building code is confusing Fence needs to be 60" high and no more than 2" off the ground. 4" above...
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    Pentair Easy touch and Solar control

    Im getting the Pentair Easy touch with 8 aux for my new build IG pool. from the instuction manual there seem to be controls for Solar valves. There is a solar sensor input. Where do you find the sensor. cant seem to find it even on the pentair site. Anyone has experience with the easy...
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    New Pool on the way.

    After about 1 month of quotes, research and 5 PB and 10 designs later. Just signed. New pool and spa hopefully in about 2 month. 14000K gal of water about 400sq ft of water space PB will provide all Pentair equipment.: Pentair Intelliflo VS3050, Pentair Clean and Clear cart filter, Pentair...
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    baja step and bubbler

    We had a PB that introduce an idea about installing a bubbler on the baja step. However we are choosing a different PB that had a better overall design. How would you install the bubbler. Is it like a spa jet installed on the floor of the baja step? How deep is the baja step is it like a...
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    2 pump question solar panels and Water feature.

    I have 2 pump related questions. 1) I will be installing about 200sq ft of solar panel on the roof. the piping will be independent from the main pump and filter. What size pump do I need at minimum. I will be installing the system myself and trying to keep cost down. 2) My wife really...
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    need opinion on Pentair Intellichlore SWG

    My builder is recommending Pentair Intellichlor to use with Easy Touch wireless control. Any Opinion on the Pentair SWG? Since Pentair and Zodiac is the only brand he carries. and Intellichlor is suppose to interface with wireless control of my Intelliflow VS pump , Heater and lights...
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    Newbie need Opinion On Filter, Pump, Water Treatment Combo.

    Im about to install a inground pool and spa. One of my builder said Salt system is good and couple other builder say stay with chlorine. another builder suggested Ozone / mineral sanitizer and auto chlorine feeder. Please give me your opinion. What would you get? Ozone or Salt? Is there a...