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    Intelliflo vs or vf used in conjunction with intellitouch

    chem geek, Please expand on this. Are you referring to the pump under control of an IntelliTouch? "Note that the advertising of the VF being able to keep track of cumulative water volume to shut off early during filtering is not true -- they removed that feature." A stand alone VF calculates...
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    Jandy Cartridge Filter

    Like any filter clean, you should remove the tank o-ring, wipe it and wipe the channel on the tank bottom and tank lid. This filter has a tank o-ring that is not round. It has a flat side. Make sure you seat it properly. If it is more than a year old, it may need replaced.
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    In our area it is the most common product used. The issue with scale requires a question first. Is it recent or not? ScaleTec will give dosing for removal vs prevention and as a prevention it is pretty good. I've never found any remover that does any good. I use the word prevention loosely as...
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    Filter Housing Repair

    The C-4000 is known for blowing out the bottom in time. Especially the black California Pool versions. You can buy a new bottom but it is not cost efficient as the top will soon crack. With the two, you are in way over the cost of a filter.
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    PB said intelliflo not enough. Any thoughts?

    I think what causes the misunderstanding on this pump is the very real need to have it installed right. Yes, you can internet them out the back door at wholesale but you do nothing for your future sales as the average guy putting one in, emphasis on "one", is not going to have a clue as to what...
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    Hayward Super Pump Starting Issues

    If you have an AO Smith motor, the cover is on the end. Remove it and the capacitor is the round black cylinder on the left as you face it. If the capacitor is bad, you need to be careful when putting the new one so you don't pinch the other wires. It happens a lot.
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    2 speed spa pump won't switch to low power mode

    Do this first. open up the air switch box. It's in your picture on the left and has the two air tubes on it. You'll need a pair of needle nose plies for this. Pop the tube you know is working onto the one you know is not. Go to the spa and see if it actuates the micro switch. This will tell...
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    Strange Seal Plate Damage - Pentair Whisperflo Pump

    Here's the deal. Those bottom two holes are shot because the leak was allowed to continue without repair. This is a lack of maintenance, not a pump issue. The squishy stuff is the aluminum face of the motor corroded around the bolts. I imagine you had to torque them pretty hard to get them out...
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    Just got my Intelliflow 3.2kw, any advice about installing?

    I've seen all kinds of things on the box. A proper box in my area is a single gang box, not an entrance elbow as some are doing. You'll need a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer for the flex conduit to your source. I've seen some use the pigtail straight to the source box if they are close but that will pose a...
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    Just got my Intelliflow 3.2kw, any advice about installing?

    Think outside the box. Do you have room for the current pipe to extend 30+ inches parrallel to the existing pump and then 90 back to the new pump with the 10". That will give you the length you need AND point the pump LED towards you. Or, do you have room to position the pump 90 degrees fom...
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    What's causing this backpressure spike and vibration?

    For a sand filter, get a product from SeaKlear called filter cleaner. You add it to the filter and let it sit for awhile. Then backwash. It will get most gunk from a sand filter. Also, you may have a layer of debris on top of he sand bed.
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    Good online source for pool umbrellas

    Got a favorite sports team? We sell them with your team colors and logo. 149.99 It's a wooden pole but I've found it to hold up better than the aluminum ones. College, NFL and some baseball. ... 8&DID=1271
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    filter pressure on spa mode

    That's way too much pump for that filter. Sure they are rated for the flow but in a real world it's just not true. Sounds like your builder went the cheap way and did not want to spend another $80 for the 420 filter. Four jets, 320 and 1.5 whisperflo is a bad combo. It will use more energy and...
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    Jandy LT Heater Problem

    If the heater is actually firing, you have some sort of flame rectification issue. It would not fire if this was a straight air flow sensor deal. The air flow sensor will trigger for insufficient vacuum and that diagnostic is only associated with the vacuum switch. The key is insufficient...
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    How does my Rainbow Chrlorinator (Holds 10 x 3" Tabs) work??

    Even though you need cyanurites as you say, you need to be careful about using so many tabs on new plaster. you're going to kill that rich layer of calcium and pay for it later with bad plaster. There are better ways to put CYA in your pool w/o the low pH factor of tabs.
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    Hayward TriStar Variable Flo vs. Pentar Intelliflo

    The 3.2 is more than plumbing and electrical. That's a piece of cake. To get the efficiency, the manuals will not do a thing to steer you in the right direction. They show you how to work through the various menus but it is meaningless unless you know what you are trying to accomplish. Each...
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    Leaf traps

    Tightwatt is a relatively new controller out of Arizona. Their big thing is that their timer seasonally adjusts throughout the year to save money. The theory is that you don't go out and change your hours every three months so it does it for you. A great idea but after installing a few and...
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    Replacement for Fafco solar control

    If you do it yourself you can find the Pentair SunTouch under 4500 online and that will do your solar and upgrade you to automation if you don't have it now.
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    Hayward TriStar Variable Flo vs. Pentar Intelliflo

    As an installer, you go with where the support is. Pentair rolled out their product and gathered people to learn it. Some took it to heart, some walked away. If you truly get it and "it" is what the future is in terms of energy usage, you need to embrace this technology. Hayward was late to...
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    Suction side pool cleaner

    The Pool Cleaner is the only way to go.
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    wiring new breaker box

    ok, that picture clearly indicates the light cord is not wired to the breaker which is good. However, if you look at the r/w/g "shrink" coated wire to the gfi breaker, there does not appear to be a continuation of this neutral (white) wire to the neutral busbar. It's clearly coming from the...
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    wiring new breaker box

    Here is one thing I have not read yet. Everyone is making a recommendation on wire color. You cannot make an assumption on any voltage by referring to wire color. The same wire is under that plastic color and it carries the same voltage. If you are told that something is a ground and it is not...
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    Where to get a replacement pump motor?

    If you have not replaced that motor yet, the most common issue with a spinning shaft and hum is a bad capacitor.
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    Water flow meter by Rola-Chem

    Coming out of the commercial service end for 25 years, I never bought the Rola Chem flowmeter. One reason, they use the same rubber cone washer to seal that the chlorinators use. I exclusively use the feeders though. The issue we see with them is that the washer is just not consistent when it...
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    help with pump selection

    Rather than fight the loyalty we all have to one or another and the rare occasion that someone does not have a Hayward problem, here are the facts as I see them in repairing things all day. 1. I cautiously installed about 3 TriStars last year just in case there was an issue to prevent from...
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    Pentair Lighting/Sam halogen vs.Intellibrite??

    The early SAM's had a lot of wheel issues that were pretty much all under warranty. I've had two in for about 5 years and have never had an issue. I am taking them out soon in favor of the IntelliBrites just because I need to be like everyone else.....
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    Electricity usage

    Installing a lot of IntelliFlo's keeps me pretty much in tune in dealing with all of these estomates. The first thing one needs to be mindful of is that we are always dealing estimates so that is exactly what they are. Anyone who says you will save this much is giving more sales pitch than sales...
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    What the heck in going on???

    Wired spa side remote or wireless? Sound like a shorting spa side remote. That is the only thing it could be if it is random and freeze is not a part of the equation. You could go into the control box and disconnect the wired spa side remote and watch it for a week to see if it stops. That does...
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    Pentair Automation controllers....Whats the difference??????

    Didn't you say you bought the pump in 2007 and were going to install by Feb? Maybe that was somebody else. If you bought in 2008, your rebate is now $200. You can get the $400 for a 2007 install if you have it submitted like now but the funds are not guaranteed. Without a heater, I would not...
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    Pentair Automation controllers....Whats the difference??????

    gman, There really is a distinct difference between the two. On the main issue with the IntelliFlo, it comes down to the IntelliTouch (IT) being a direct plug in for the 3.2 pump. You have all of the access to the pump that you would on the LED screen. You do not have that with the EasyTouch...