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  1. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    I have replaced all hoses with PVC and the intex returns/fittings with standard parts. No intex parts remain except the pool itself. I recently purchased an intex auto pool cleaner (picture attached) that connects to the return. Has anyone figured out yet how to connect this vacuum to a...
  2. Taterfink

    intex, SWCG and rust

    I set my intex 26' pool up in 2012 and I use an intex SWCG. I LOVE it! When I started with my pool a lot of people were curious about whether the SWCG would cause rust issues. It did. I first noticed the rusting (keep in mind that I did keep an eye on it) in the summer of 2015. That's 3...
  3. Taterfink

    Step down sizes of PVC for backwash discharge

    I have searched the forum and found posts relating to plumbing the backwash with PVC vs hose. However, I've not found one (so far) that answers my question. My filter is approx 105 feet from the street and I'd like to get away from having to roll and unroll that blue hose all the time. My plan...
  4. Taterfink

    Crusher dust instead of concrete path?

    I am unfamiliar with crusher dust so I'd like to ask a question. I was planning to make a concrete splash deck like path around my pool so I can stop walking thru wet grass and dirt/mud. Also, in order for my short self to reach over the edge of the pool for maintenance, I have a 2 foot high...
  5. Taterfink

    hard plumbing and the HASA Chlorinator installed

    I have finally got the hard plumbing and the HASA Chlorinator installed. I plumbed the skimmer first. Waited to make sure I had no leaks. Then I plumbed the return side and added a second suction side inlet. I added an extension at ground level (lower left of photo) so I can extend the...
  6. Taterfink

    New Pump, Big Bubble . . . Help?

    I got the new pump (Hayward Matrix 1 hp, 2 sp) and filter (Hayward S220T sand fiter) all connected. All hoses on as far as they can go and all hose clamps are tight. I have one small seeping kind of leak where the hose going to the filter connects to the top of the pump. I am working on that...
  7. Taterfink

    Question regarding PVC size when hard plumbing

    I have read about the use of 2' vs 2.5" PVC when hard plumbing pumps and filters. I don't understand how I get to choose. Wouldn't I need to use what ever size is dictated by the ports on the equipment? I know I used adapters on the SandPro to connect to the intex plunger valves. But we're...
  8. Taterfink

    SCORE! I think I got a decent deal . . .

    I found a Hayward Sand Filter S220T and a Hayward Power-Flo Matrix pump SP1515-Z-1-ESC for $250. I figure I got a pretty good deal since the the filter alone runs for way more than I paid for whole setup. For transporting the filter I was planning to drain it, remove the sand (if someone...
  9. Taterfink

    Sand filter puffs up. No clue why.

    I was out of town for a week and my husband took great care of our pool. I cleaned the skimmer basket late Thursday night and all was great. I then checked on it again early Saturday morning and cleared leaves out of the basket. When I turned the pump back on I noticed a leak on one side of...
  10. Taterfink

    Maybe time to upgrade my pump and filter

    I have the SandPro 75 and tho it was fine last year, it seems to not be keeping up this summer it holds 75 # of sand. My water is a light green after a storm and so I shock it. I am thinking it may be time for a new pump and filter. Please let me know what you think of this set up. The pump is 1 hp
  11. Taterfink

    Contemplating adding an extra return to my intex

    I have a 26' x 52" intex ultra frame pool. I have installed a widemouth skimmer and am planning to hard plumb it all. The skimmer and return are positioned in adjacent sections of the pool so they are fairly close together. What I'm thinking of doing when I hard plumb is to put in an...
  12. Taterfink

    Salt test strips vs k-1766 Taylor salt test

    Which one would be more accurate and which would be more cost effective? Test strips work out to $1.25 each but I don't know how many tests the k-1766 will perform.
  13. Taterfink

    If hard wired pump dies

    The city inspector is telling my electrician that my pump and SWCG have to be hard wired. Thinking ahead a bit, when the time comes to replace the existing units, how difficult is it going to be to disconnect the old equipment and hook up the new? Thank you for any input.
  14. Taterfink

    backwah hoses, what to do when you're not using it.

    I have read and adopted as my own a variety of solutions presented on TFP by other members. So, I'd like to share a couple of my own ideas in hopes that they may help someone else. First one, I have an over the side skimmer for my Intex Ultra Frame pool. Hope to upgrade to a thru the wall...
  15. Taterfink

    Care of rail pockets on intex ultra frame

    I have a 26' round intex and I live in north east Florida so I am leaving the pool up thru the winter. My concern is that year round sun exposure will cause the vinyl above the waterline to become brittle. Does anyone know of a product that I could use on it that will help to ensure that the...
  16. Taterfink

    My Walmart not carrying 182oz 6% any longer

    My husband went to pick up some clorox bleach for me today for the pool. Turns out they have switched to a 121 oz bottle at 8.25 % strength. He asked them to check in the back for the 182oz 6% bottles and they said there was no point in looking as they were not going to carry them any longer.
  17. Taterfink

    Only 1 problem with the 26' x 52" intex ultra fame pool

    I have found that as the water temps get lower :shock: , I am more reluctant to "jump in" to scoop leaves. The return circulates the water around toward the skimmer (lovely). However, this circulation places a nice pile of leaves dead center of my pool. The pool is 26' in diameter this...
  18. Taterfink

    Kudos to my husband!

    I have been out of town for over a month due to my mother being in the hospital. With very little instruction being required, my wonderful husband of 21 years maintained our pool. He would work all day then come home, clean and vacuum the pool and balance the chemicals. I came home to a pool...
  19. Taterfink

    I installed a fountain in my Intex ultra Frame pool

    This is the fountain, purchased at my local pool store (I left before they could sell me anything else :goodjob: ). And my granddaughter under the fountain after we finished. In the next post I'll show the parts that I used.
  20. Taterfink

    I passed my OCLT! (p.s. I studied hard)

    I checked my chlorine last night: FC 3 CC 0 TC 3 checked it again this morning: FC 3 CC 0 TC 3 I passed my OCLT! :party: :whoot: My water looks and feels WONDERFUL! I totally credit the wonderful guidance that I've gotten here on TFP! Thanks guys! My TA is coming down...
  21. Taterfink

    Welcome to the Sunshine State!

    This storm is really beginning to bug me:x. I have as much water on the ground as I have in my pool. I had a pretty good handle on the chems. Guess thats been shot in the foot now:?. I'm draining what I can to keep some water away from the bottom of the pool but if I blink, I lose what...
  22. Taterfink

    Switching to SWG, and I have a few questions

    I have a few questions and would appreciate your help: My current readings are: FC 3 CC 0 TC 3 TA 120 CH 110 CYA 0 I have introduced 56 oz of CYA in a sock, about half way dissolved but too early to test. Will check it Sunday at the 1 week mark...
  23. Taterfink

    My sincere thanks to all who have helped me.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped me in learning the BBB method. My husband thinks I'm smart, now he thinks I'm a chemist too! I realize I'm only just getting started and I have a LOT to learn yet. But you have educated me SO much in pool care. With your help, I...
  24. Taterfink

    My first water sample - am I looking at it correctly?

    The pool is almost full and I am trying to use the pool calculator. Please read and let me know if I am doing this correctly. Okay, here are my numbers: FC - 0 CC - FC did not turn pink so there was no point in going any further with that part of the test. PH - 8.2 TA - 100...
  25. Taterfink

    Landscaping around base of Intex Ultra Frame pools

    Looking for inspiration! :idea: I am trying to plan how to finish / landscape around the base of my Intex Ultra Frame pool. Rubber mulch seems a likely choice as it wouldn't puncture or rub holes in the pool. Anyone have any ideas? or maybe some pictures of how they finished off the "look"...
  26. Taterfink

    The process of installing our Intex 26'x52" pool

    Well, I have picked y'all's brains and you've been wonderful. Now we finally have all the components and beginning the assembly and paver placement. I LOVE looking at all of the pictures you post so I thought I'd reciprocate and post a few of ours! And so begins the process . . .
  27. Taterfink

    A few ?? about: skimmer, testing water, underlay insulation

    I just bought our pool! :party: Ground is prepped. :party: Equipment at the ready! :whoot: Grandkids waiting in the wings. :blah: (nag, nag, nag) My questions are: 1) thru the wall skimmer – where best to place this jewel? I don't mean height, I mean in relation to the intake (to...
  28. Taterfink

    which intex SWCG would fit my situation?

    My apologies. I posted this question in this ("SWG selection? Intellichlor IC15 vs Intex") thread a little while ago. Then I had the notion that maybe I should have started a new topic instead. :oops: Thank you for your patience. _____________________________ Hi, I have searched and found this...
  29. Taterfink

    insulation sheets under intex pool - is 3/4 " thick enough?

    I have read on here that people are using 2" thick sheets of the pink water proof type of insulation under their pools. As far as I can see, those are available only up North. I'm in NE Florida and we get a few light freezes a year and the only stuff I can find at HD here is 3/4". If I...