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    How to Deal With Drain Full of Plaster?

    My late father's house has been sold. The last time the finish was redone, the contractor got plaster in the main drain. My dad did not force them to repair it, and now the pool can't be drained in the usual way. Eventually, the buyers will need to have it drained so the drain line can be...
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    How to Capture DE During Backwash?

    I have a feeling I'm asking about something people prefer not to talk about, but here goes. I read that I'm supposed to put used DE in a container and "dispose of it properly." How do I put DE in a container when it comes shooting out of a hose at 100 gallons per minute? I think I may dump my...
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    Tough, Economical 2 HP Pump?

    My 2 HP Pentair pump is not doing well. The motor is making an interesting noise, and the housing has cracks which are too numerous to repair. What's a good economical pump to replace it? I just want reliability. It doesn't have to be wi-fi enabled or make espresso.
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    Wire Brush Okay for Gunite?

    I've been using a wire brush on my gunite pool, and it seems like a lot of junk ended up in the filter. Is it better to use nylon? I'm afraid what's going into the filter is gunite. Amazon lists a lot of nylon brushes, but the ads say they're for vinyl pools.
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    Green Stuff on Screen Enclosure

    My pool is screened in. The enclosure is bronze-toned aluminum. Green stuff is growing on the screens and frame. What's the best way to get rid of it? Is there a way to prevent it from growing?
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    Vacuum that Catches Crud Before it Gets to Filter?

    Last year I wanted to vacuum my pool, so I got a cheap vacuum thing and a hose. Problem: the Crud I vacuum up goes into the filter, so I have to backwash and add DE every time I vacuum. Is there something better out there? I don't want an expensive gadget that cleans the pool by itself, but I...
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    Reinstalling Sta-Rite S8D110 Clamps So They Don't Leak

    I am trying to get my filter to stop leaking. I try following the instructions (alternating sides as I tighten clamps), but the filter still leaks. Is there a trick to this?
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    How do I Make Swimquip Slide Valve Stop Leaking Around Shaft?

    I have a Sta-Rite DE filter (S8D110) with a Swimquip slided valve. The slide valve leaks at the top. I replaced the O-rings, and it doesn't help. The O-ring that is supposed to prevent leakage around the shaft is a #014 ring. It goes up against the underside of the lid. There is no seat for...
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    Generic O-Rings for Pentair Backwash Valve?

    Does anyone here know the specs for generic O-rings to fit a Pentair 14930 slide backwash valve? I don't want to spend $20 for $3 worth of O-rings, and I don't want to spend a week waiting for Ebay. If I have the specs, I can go to the hardware store.
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    Output Keeps Dropping Quickly; Lots of Algae

    I'm new here. Hope this is the right area for this post. I have an in-ground pool with what appears to be a big Sta-Rite sand filter. I am having some strange problems. I got a little algae a while back, so I shocked the pool and brushed it. It cleared up and came back, so I shocked and...
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    Hello from FL

    Hi. Thanks for establishing this forum for lost individuals like me.