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    running low speed - air in pump basket

    Hi: Converted my Superpump 1hp to a 1hp 2 speed this spring... works great! My question is... why am I getting a bit of an air bubble in my pump basket when I run it on low speed? The air bubble seems to grow a little bit if I run it continuously for a day or so. Water seems to be moving...
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    Hayward sp711-13 multivalve

    Anyone have experience repairing a Hayward sp711-13 multivalve key assembly? Mine seems to be developing tiny cracks in the notches where the key lever fits to select the various settings (backwash, rinse , waste, etc...). It's about 7-8 years old. I rebuilt the valve (new o rings and spider...
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    Old pucks... how potent?

    I have some old trichlor sticks (2 years old). Are they still chemically useful. I thought of using them since my cya is finally down to around 30 or so (took 2 years of nothing but BBB for it to come down from over 100!). If they are still good, I could put a couple in the skimmer while I am...