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  1. Berger82

    Diving into the SWCG world

    Alright so Im seriously considering installing a SWCG. Im already through pg 8 of this forum which has brought up a reoccurring question for myself. Equipment wise - I have a VS pump with NO automation. My pumps run on high (90%) from 11 am - 6 pm and then low (40%) from 6 pm to 1 am. I keep...
  2. Berger82

    new build in Richmond, TX

    Hey guys, pool was complete last April but wanted to post photos of the completed job. Details are in sig.
  3. Berger82

    Bubbles in pump sight glass

    While running the pump on high (90%) the glass is completely filled with water and no bubbles at all, cant even tell theres water in there. While on low (40%) there are a few large bubbles and seems the water level drops just a hair. Is this normal while running the pump on lower speeds or is a...
  4. Berger82

    Need to raise CH level

    Ive recently found out through many threads here that Cal hypo tablets cannot be used in an in line chlorinator... and I dont want a floater floating around. So I guess that leaves me to granules. Are there any things (additives) to deicer that i need to look for or will any bag work? Also...
  5. Berger82

    How often to brush in winter months?

    Water is now staying in the 60's so swimming is now done till the spring. I was running my robot every 2 weeks in the summer. Should I be doing the same during the cold months? I get very little debris so my concern isnt dirt in the pool, its algae build up.
  6. Berger82

    Rain affecting chemistry

    With a good rainfall, lets say 3-5" or more, what parts of the water chemistry is going to change the most? Im guessing FC will be weakened significantly. Any others that have a high fluctuation or should you test everything and treat accordingly?
  7. Berger82

    Question re: chlorine levels

    New build - Fill up completed Sat night and startup began Monday morning. I have the TF-100 test kit in hand but the pool builder used his Ph and Chlorine test kit to measure. Without adding any chemicals to the pool, my chlorine was reading 3 and ph was at 7.6, so my tap water is already...
  8. Berger82

    New build, Richmond, TX

    Hello everyone, been following TFP for a couple months and have learned a lot. First time pool owner with new build in progress. Last Monday, they started and finished excavation, Tuesday was rebar and plumbing, and Wednesday was scheduled for gunite but rains were scheduled to come in so they...