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    Which Dolphin for my fiberglass pool?

    My biggest concern is that it be able to climb the walls, up over the ledge found in most fiberglass pools, to scrub the waterline. My pool has steps in each corner and a small tanning ledge. I understand the cleaner will likely not clean the tops stairs and tanning ledge. Marina Pools...
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    Central Ohio 2017/18 Fiberglass Pool Install w/video

    After 20 years (yes, years!) we finally moved forward with our long planned pool. Once we pulled the trigger, things moved pretty quickly. We signed our contract in August, and the installation took place primarily over three days in October. We are anxiously waiting for our weather to dry...
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    Hello from Ohio

    I have been reading for months, joined in August, and am finally getting around to my first post. We started our build on Monday, and 4 days later it is almost completed. Dig, pool installation, ~850 sq feet pool deck, auto cover installation - it has been an amazing week. We still have...