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  1. buddywiser

    Okay, which one of you did this?

    Man builds massive 317,000-gallon swimming pool in his backyard |
  2. buddywiser

    New leaf net

    This looks the same as the one I got off ebay advertised as a Red Baron knockoff. I'm really happy with it.
  3. buddywiser

    Pool Cover ID

    Looks like my 20 year old pool cover is dissolving. Nothing on the cover or the bag tells me the brand. The Meyco, Loop Loc, etc all look the same to me online. Anybody want to take a guess?
  4. buddywiser

    Skimmer question

    I worry about this every single year. Everything turns out fine in the spring. :)
  5. buddywiser

    Too Far Gone?

    You can get another season out of it. My patch kit has pieces that are 23" x 6". It's not going to look good, but you should be able to make it work. You could also think about getting it replaced at the end of the year before you close (if you close). That would save you a little bit of...
  6. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    Just went and looked at the wire. It says UF/B, so that's good. Not that I'll be leaving the light, but there is more wire going around the other side of the pool for garden lights. I think the plan now is to remove the light, then we'll revisit redoing the whole patio area in a few years...
  7. buddywiser

    Troubleshooting an old pool light

    When you say in the concrete deck, do you mean the junction box is in or above the concrete? How high above water level? Sent from my LG-H950 using Tapatalk
  8. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    No, but I will look into that. I am outside of the city limits and I don't think inspections were needed but I will make a call. Thanks.
  9. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    Yeah, that's why I am leaning toward cutting the light and fixing this later. I was hoping to find something like this in my diving board when I first started looking, but didn't.
  10. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    I have been looking for the junction box for 7 years off and on, Dave. This was probably a little after I spoke to you on the phone about another issue I had. Time sure flies :) I believe others had mentioned earlier that they have found J boxes mounted flush with the deck and also buried in...
  11. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    Opened pool to liner with rips above the water line. I can patch and swim for as long as I need to this year, but we'll be getting one by season's end. Already been measured for a new one. My problem is that I have no idea where my pool light junction box is, so I cannot remove the light for...
  12. buddywiser

    Nicheless light options

    Do you actually see the black light cord at the pad? I'm asking because I'm in a similar predicament.
  13. buddywiser

    Options for a nicheless light

    I know this is a very old thread, but if you see this, did you get a new light or leave the old one. I had my own question about installing a new liner with the same kind of light. Do lights have to be removed to install a new liner? I have the nicheless Aqualumin but I cannot remove the...
  14. buddywiser

    First Time Closing - Blower Question

    I've been using one of those Rigids with detachable blowers for about 7 year now and it does the job with ease. I also drain below the return lines.
  15. buddywiser

    How to drain

    Bruce, you might not have a backwash feature, but your filter could still have a port to go to waste. What kind of filter do you have? Also, in the pool, I assume you are talking about not having a main drain, but you could still drain it through the skimmers.
  16. buddywiser

    Hayward 3/4 superpump.. bearings going bad? Fix yourself?

    Jason B, how did this go? It's my turn to do this.
  17. buddywiser

    Timing of new vinyl liner

    The main reason to do it in the fall was to save $300-400 on water to fill it up. The plan now is to put a down payment on it in the fall, have the measurements done and have it ready to be installed next spring. That's assuming there are no major problems when I open it in the next few weeks...
  18. buddywiser

    Timing of new vinyl liner

    Thanks for the info. I'm ready to do this now. I want to change it up a little and get a sand colored liner but can't convince my wife :(
  19. buddywiser

    Timing of new vinyl liner

    I'm going to need a new liner soon, but might be able get another season out of the old one. Let's say I wait until closing the pool and replace it at that time. I wouldn't fill the pool, but would add as much water as needed, which would be below the return lines. This means that I wouldn't...
  20. buddywiser

    Need advice regarding tan colored liner

    My turn to get a new liner and leaning toward the sand color. My question is, What effect does salt water have on the color of the water, if any? I use chlorine and just wondering if I should expect less blue. The pics above look great!
  21. buddywiser

    Honeybees and pool noodles

    Had this some problem this past week. First time in the 6 years I've owned this pool. Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk 2
  22. buddywiser

    At wit's end, help! With stains and pool chemicals!

    I feel your pain. I've been dealing with these stains for a few years now. I can vouch for the pool magnet plus. It works wonders for me. Just need to add it every couple weeks and figure out what dose works for you. That is if it works on your pool. On a side note, I haven't added any for a...
  23. buddywiser

    Bonding question for a Sharkline Matrix

    Just found this video from one of the biggest diving board companies. Fast forward to the installation at 11:20. Seems to me this install doesn't meet bonding requirements.
  24. buddywiser

    I need to decide on speakers today

    Best Buy had these up through yesterday for $199. I almost pulled the trigger, but read on Crutchfield that they don't recommend mounting to cedar siding. So I was contemplating other options, like mounting in a couple oak trees on the other side of the pool, or going with rock speakers...
  25. buddywiser

    Another stain question

    Been dealing with the same staining issue for a few years now. Entire vinyl liner gets a dull yellowish stain. Iron and Calcium tests always come back negative. I throw in a quart of Pool Magnet Plus and the next day, the liner is sparkling clear. 3 weeks later, the stain begins to return...
  26. buddywiser

    Another stain question

    I've had the CuLator in for about 4 days now. No changes to the color yet. Pool is sparkling clear, so the metals should be going through the system and not stuck on the liner. One thing I'd like to understand better is, How do the metals get in the water in the first place? I have a heater...
  27. buddywiser

    Another stain question

    They are brownish/yellow. I just saw the threads on the Culator and may give that a shot. Sent from my Evo 3D using Tapatalk
  28. buddywiser

    Another stain question

    I've been treating my vinyl liner pool for metal stains for a couple years now. I use Pool Magnet Plus on a regular basis and it works great. I've had my water tested a few times and both times it's tested negative for both iron and copper. A vitamin C tablet clears the stain up instantly when...
  29. buddywiser

    I made a big booboo closing

    Closed yesterday and shut everything down. I figured I'd turn off the electricity to the pump, etc, later. BUT I forgot to take the timer things off of the pump switch. So I just found out that the pump was on for about 5 hours with no water. The motor didn't fell hot at all. I guess I...
  30. buddywiser

    Iron Stains Back After AA Treatment

    What kind of sequesterant are you using? I've had some staining problems also, but seem to have them under control now using Pool Magnet Plus. Jason and Chemgeek break down the good ones here: aaa-treatment-t18251.html?hilit=magnet%20plus