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    What to use to raise calcium level

    Can I use hydrated or barn lime to raise the calcium level in my pool? Never had to do this when I had a liner pool, but now need to do. Would rather buy something than the magic calcium increaser they over price at the pool store.
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    Hayward SwimPure Plus question

    I have had a pool for 20 years that I used BBB method on, but have moved to Florida and am buying a home that has a salt system installed. It is a Hayward Swimpure Plus. What do I need to check out to make sure it works before I buy the house. I could not find a model number on it but there...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Thanks, I have a test kit that does all those same functions by another company. What I really need at this point is one that will measure copper, but the one you suggest does not seem to do that. That is why I went to the pool store. What kit do I need to have to measure copper rather than...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    OK, taking your advice. I just drained about 18" which is roughly 9,000 gallons. Did not want to get too low in the shallow end and risk floating the liner. Refilling it now. I realize 9,000 won't get rid of everything, but it seemed like a reasonable start. That represents about 30% of the...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    That is a good question as far as how much can I drain, I really don't want the liner lifting. The solution to pollution is dilution, so would I get anywhere if I drained say 3-4" a day and then added that much back and then repeating for a week or two? Is there really no way to chemically...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Well you were right about the Chlorine. It was over 10ppm when I checked it correctly. Guess my mistake was trusting the test strip when I first opened the pool. I think the acid level messed up the test. I went to the pool store and had them test everything today. Here is what they came up...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Not sure why you think the chlorine is that high, but I'll do a titration. I have only added one pound of shock and four bottles of Chlorox into a 33,000 gallon pool that showed as zero free chlorine to start with. I added the baking soda as the total Alkalinity was low at about 50.
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Pool is starting to look a little better since I vacuumed all the fluffy stuff out. It is fairly clear in the shallow end as you can see below, but still cloudy in the deep end. Added a bag of baking soda to help raise the alkalinity, but have not done anything on the pH yet as I want to get...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Gotcha, thanks that makes a lot of sense about the paper towel when you put it that way. Went out this morning and found a very light fluffy layer of greenish-blue floc on the bottom of the pool. Manually vacuumed it up the best I could but some of it just floats away as you get near it cause...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    No copper pipes in the systems at all. The only copper was from the refrigerant side of the old heat pump. When I took it out and cut it up a few weeks ago the entire compressor was filled with pool water from when it failed last year, so I imagine a lot of copper got in the pool from that...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Well the old 19 year old heat pump gave up the ghost the end of last season and the pool was closed about two weeks after it died. The heat exchanger was titanium but there was copper piping that was in contact with the pool water from the freon size which got filled with pool water. I vaguely...
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    Strange blue cloudy color to water

    Just opened my pool, and it looked fairly good, just slightly cloudy. Put some chlorine in and turned on the pump and came out to a pool the next morning that was very cloudy the next morning and I could not see the bottom. Added more chlorine and checked and found pH down around 6.4. I had...
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    Gulfstream HE 125 RA Heater PIC UPDATED 4/13/2013

    I know this is an old thread but wonder if after having the Gulfstream for a while you are still happy. I am considering one or an Aquacal.
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    Heat pump advice needed

    Think I have it narrowed down between an AquaCal and a Gulfstream - any opinions on these?
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    Heat pump advice needed

    My 18 year old heat pump failed the end of last season and I need a new one? Looking for recommendations on brand. I have a 20 by 40 IG in New Jersey that I keep the solar cover on when not in use. Would like the water 80-84 degrees. Typically have pool up and running the end of April and...
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    Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump Flashes error code LP

    Have had the same issue. You could just jump out the low pressure switch and see if it will start up. Don't leave it that way for a long time or you could cause some damage.
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    Advice wanted on what heat pump to buy

    My 20 year old heat pump just bought the farm, so I am in the market for a new one. Looking for suggestion into brand and sizing. The current one was 85,000 BTU/Hr for my 20x40 IG pool in Northern NJ. I am thinking something slightly bigger might work better. Suggestions ???
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    Repak heat pump sizing tool: fact or fiction?

    Sounds plausible. I have a 20 x 40 IG pool in NJ and open first week in April and run till mid October and have had a 85,000 BTU/Hr and until today it did just fine. Unlike a gas heater, you really run the thing all the time and don't get fast heat ups. If you use it correctly it should be...
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    Did I just mess up big time or what :(

    Let me start out by saying I have had my pool for 18 years and have never really had any issues. But boy did I create one yesterday. My wife had a woman over a few days ago who had some sort of self bronzer on, which I attribute to an oil sheen I first noticed on the water surface that night...
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    replacement filter needed for Dolphin

    Thanks. I can't believe they want $50 for about 50 cents worth of material :( Any idea where I might be able to just buy the fine filter mesh and glue it into my existing frames?
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    replacement filter needed for Dolphin

    I just took my Dolphin Primal X3 out of the pool and one of the filter screens is ripped. Where is the best place to get replacements and how much? Is it possible to just buy the fine screens and glue them in rather than spend the money for the entire set of replacements?
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    Dolphin Primal X3 (Supreme M3) any good, any problems?

    Well I went with the Dolphin Primal X3. It just arrived and I tossed it in and turned it on. Has run for about 90 minutes now and has most of the pool done. It was pretty bad as the old unit has been dead for over a week now and there were lots of tree droppings. I took out my iPhone and...
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    Dolphin mx3

    Any opinions on the Dolphin Primal X3 ???
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    Blue Pearl stopped working/died

    Did you ever find out what the problem is? Mine is doing the exact same thing and is about 5 years old. I am guessing the cheapest option may just be a new unit, but would like to know if there is a cheaper fix.
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    Dolphin Primal X3 (Supreme M3) any good, any problems?

    Looking for a new cleaner as my Blue Pearl just died. Came across the Dolphin Primal X3 and was wondering if it would be good for my 20 by 40 vinyl IG pool. How do its filter screens compare to the bag filters that I am used to. Will it climb walls well? Is it safe on the liner. Should I...
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    [FYI] Seems to Have the Best Prices on Robots

    How hard is it to clean the filters? I have a blue pearl that I have had for years that uses a bag filter, unfortunately it just stopped working. Do you know how often you need to replace these filter grids and how much do they cost?
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    Blue Pearl dead, need advice on new cleaner or a fix.

    My Blue Pearl cleaners seems to have died so I either need a fix or a recommendation for what to replace her with for my 20 by 40 IG vinyl pool. When I push the green button on the power unit it lights up green while I hold it but the unit does nothing, when I let go the light goes off. I...
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    Anyone know about Pureion Wave

    My thoughts exactly. Had a friend who has a salt system that died and she asked me about this. Sounds like a bunch of garbage some of the claims they make.
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    Anyone know about Pureion Wave Any clue what this magic chemical free system is, how it works, and if it is worthwhile?