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  1. Websherpa

    Canadian Winter, Vinyl Inground, Ice and high Water Level ... problem?

    We live near Toronto, Ontario so the winters are mild by Canadian standards, but still a deep freeze and lots of precipitation (mix of rain and snow). Every year when closing I lower the water level below the returns, and we have a safety mesh cover. The few years we’ve been getting more...
  2. Websherpa

    Ideas to remove a stuck CMP Spa Master Top Draw Air Control?

    I've had an issue with sticky CMP (Custom Colded Products) Spa Master Top Draw Air Controls (Gray 1") before, but now one is so stuck that trying to loosen it is also loosening the locking nut behind the fibreglass stairs it's attached to. So I am lookng for possible ideas for removing this Air...
  3. Websherpa

    What is purpose of “24 Hour SWG Chlorine Output” in Pool Math App?

    Title says it all. I am curious to know what the purpose of the 24 Hour SWG Chlorine Output setting in the Pool Math App does?
  4. Websherpa

    Getting started in Automation on a Budget - Pentair 523317 Intelliconnect WiFi ?

    Perhaps this is a "talk me out of it" but I have a simple Pentair pool system with one skimmer, one waterfall, one gas heater, Quad-DE100 (means I only have to backwash or clean it when closing each year), Intelliclor-20, Aqualamp Rainbow Rays LED Pool Lights (x2 on same circuit) and two stair...
  5. Websherpa

    Borate Testing & Dissipation Question

    For the previous two years I used Borax and Muriatic Acid with what seemed like relatively accurate LaMotte Borate Test strips. Water sparkled and softer, pH more stable, level around 50ppm to start - definitely pleased. Second spring the level was down to around 30ppm (and I brought it up...