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    New liner - to go with dealer, or go online?

    So we're going to need to replace the liner of our doughboy above-ground 41x21 pool, that got damaged over the winter. The local doughboy distributor quoted me 1100-1400. Then there's websites like Dohenys that sell them for 8-900, and yet others like for 300-500, on sale. I...
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    Need advice in mitigating damage from catastrophic winter water loss from doughboy AGP

    So I need some advice. We have a 40'x20' doughboy agp, came with the house when we bought it 3 years ago, near Omaha Nebraska. Huge deck around it. It's an acreage, so water is our own well. Past two winters went fine, but this winter something went wrong, and the pool has been...
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    Closing AG Pool with Main Drain

    I'm a first time pool owner in Nebraska (hard freezes, frost line 3 feet). My wife and I just bought this house in July, and it came with a 20x40' doughboy above ground pool. The pool has a 'deep end' 6 feet deep, with a bottom drain. It's now about time to winterize, and I wanted to get...