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  1. Honey

    First real reading

    Hiya! I thought a real test kit was coming in the mail, but apparently my sister purchased a test strip reader =( not what I was hoping for. I decided it was time to stop shooting in the dark and I took a sample to the pool dealer. Before I list them let me say good hard work pays off, and a...
  2. Honey


    Hiya I am very new.. here and at pool maintaining hehe :oops: I am 30 yrs old live next door to my sister who half heartedly care for her pool, and since our yards are linked and my son uses the pool more than anyone I have decided to become the pool....umm...girl hehehe. I look forward to...
  3. Honey

    Hiya Total noob here =) Would love some advice.

    Hiya thanks for letting me join the forum I am very happy to have found you. Hopefully I will learn a lot here and will be able to help others someday :-D For the past few days I have been researching ways to start up a pool. I have been reading post after post here and on the other forums...