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    Hayward SW15851X20TL: flow rate?

    Hi - I can't seem to find the flow rate for my pump + filter system. I bought the Seascape 27 ft AGP from the Great Escape and it came with Hayward equipment - pump model is Swimpro SW15851X20TL, motor part number 7-193554-01 - Swimpro Voyager cartridge filter model SW150 The filter says max...
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    Doughboy pools: fencing?

    Hi all - I got a quote from the local Doughboy dealer; cost of Doughboy fencing around the rim of a 24' AGP is >$1200 - does anyone know if 3rd party fencing is compatible? Local Great Escape fencing estimate < $500; a friend paid like $300 for their 24' (non-Doughboy) pool I understand...
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    Pablo from Chicago suburbs

    Hi, just joined. I'm planning to install an aboveground pool before the summer. I have a fairly large, flat yard, and am looking forward to having a fun activity for my kids. My wife grew up with an aboveground pool so I have a good idea of what I'm in for (costs, maintenance, etc). But if...