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  1. rowiac

    Wiring a pump and salt chlorine generator into a WiFi timer

    Can you take a picture of the current wiring on the inside of your WiOn box?
  2. rowiac

    Buying older home and want to upgrade pool controls including SWG

    I'm not a chemist, but you need sodium chloride (NaCl) in the proper concentration for the SWCG to work. The system uses the sodium and the chlorine in the salt to essentially create sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl (aka bleach). The chemical formula doesn't work with potassium chloride (KCl). The...
  3. rowiac

    Should I add a SWG??

    No harm in adding salt up to the middle or so of the range that your SWCG needs. Don't add the calculated amount all at once. Inch up on it for a few days to make sure you don't overdo it with the salt. I ended needing two fewer bags than I calculated, for some reason. Probably had to do...
  4. rowiac

    Lowest RPM that will activate Hayward Chlorinator…..

    In my case, after priming at a high speed, the SWCG would work at 1600 rpm--or so I thought. After a while, the "No Flow" light would come on and the SWCG would stop generating. I increased to 2000 rpm and now the SWCG will work for the full 10.5 hours I have the pump set to run at that speed...
  5. rowiac

    Should I add a SWG??

    If the low speed on your pump provides enough flow for the SWCG to turn on, then it will generate chlorine whenever the pump is on. If that's the case you might be able to reduce the time you are running it on HIGH and increase the time on LOW to save on electricity. In fact, you can probably...
  6. rowiac

    CircuPool RJ-60 vs. AutoPilot Dig 220 PPC4

    I do not know where the CircuPool units are manufactured. There was no indication on the box or the unit itself for my CORE-55. I saw another post where someone said they were manufactured in Australia, but I think that is unsubstantiated.
  7. rowiac

    Should I add a SWG??

    Why do you think pool builders are so against SWCGs? I could understand a pool service company being against it since it takes away chemical sales, but not builders. This seems to be a common occurrence. ??? Regarding the conversion to a salt pool, people will probably notice that the water...
  8. rowiac

    Looking to replace SWG

    The CORE-55 is simpler to install because the flow switch and control panel are built into the unit. The RJ60+ is a little more complicated to install because it requires a separate flow switch to be plumbed in, and the control unit needs to be mounted somewhere. It provides a bit more...
  9. rowiac

    Wiring a SWG with VS pump

    If there is no water in the cell, there is nothing to make gases. The cell creates hydrogen gas as a byproduct of chlorine generation, and if no water is there to provide the hydrogen ions, then no gas should be produced. The SWCG has sensors in addition to the flow sensor, such as the "low...
  10. rowiac

    CircuPool RJ-60 vs. AutoPilot Dig 220 PPC4

    Besides the longer warranty of the CircuPool unit, it's also meant for bigger pools, so the cell should last longer. Since Discount Salt Pools sells both, you could ask them for a recommendation. For what it's worth, I recently installed a CircuPool SWCG (a different model though) and I'm...
  11. rowiac

    SWG selection and installation questions

    Instead of using a current sensing relay (CSR), has anyone considered using a pressure switch on the filter head to detect when the pump is running? A relay would still be needed in my case, since I only have 220VAC and no Neutral wire available. If I use a relay to switch the two hot wires...
  12. rowiac

    Oversizing a new SWG system

    Good point. If I run my SWCG at 100% instead of 75%, I can theoretically reduce pump run time by 3 hours a day. At 375W that is a savings of 1125 kWh or about $0.25 savings per day at my hyper-inflated California electricity rates. I'll give it a try.
  13. rowiac

    Oversizing a new SWG system

    The SWCG uses less electricity than the pump typically (depending on the speed), so you may want to consider reducing pump run time further and increase SWCG output to make up for it. Even though the SWCG is run at a higher output %, you are running it for less time, so the wear and tear on the...
  14. rowiac

    SWG advice - my first post

    A corded jigsaw is great, but even a hand hacksaw works fine. It just takes a little longer. Use a sharpie to mark the cut to make sure you are going straight. If there is paint on the existing piping, thoroughly scrape it off where the new fittings will be glued to make sure you get a good bond.
  15. rowiac


    Here's an update on my CircuPool CORE-55 SWCG installation. I am a relatively new pool owner (less than 1.5 years) and this is my first SWCG. Although I could have mounted it vertically, I didn't want to have the display sideways, so I re-plumbed a bit to install it horizontally. It was...
  16. rowiac

    New salt cell needed. Generic? Brand recommendations?

    It looks like it's
  17. rowiac

    CircuPool SJ-40 Issues - Can't "see" it working anymore?

    @Cmasty : did you ever get this resolved? I hope CircuPool took care of you, since I just purchased one of their units.
  18. rowiac

    CircuPool SJ or RJ?

    I just received my CORE-55 yesterday, and it appears to be well made. Hopefully you feel the same way about your RJ-45. There is another thread where vertical mounting was discussed for the CORE series and it's supposed to be OK, it's just that the display will be sideways since it can't be...
  19. rowiac

    CircuPool SJ or RJ?

    My plumbing is 2" so I shouldn't need adapters. The CORE-55 arrives today so I'll see the actual size then. If it won't fit on my horizontal pipe space, I'll need to mount on a vertical pipe, but that is still supposed to work, it just doesn't look as good. :rolleyes:
  20. rowiac

    CircuPool SJ or RJ?

    I just ordered a CORE-55 because I don't have much space on my plumbing. The integrated flow switch on the CORE models makes them quite a bit more compact, plus I don't need to mount a separate control unit.
  21. rowiac


    Thanks for the response. This is kind of a dumb question, but I'm considering the CORE-55 unit for my pool and as I mentioned, it would be easiest to mount the unit vertically in my situation. In that orientation is the display forced to be sideways, or can it be rotated so that it is...
  22. rowiac


    Moved from here. Anyone have any experience with the CircuPool CORE series of chlorine generators? I don't remember seeing those the last time I looked at Discount Salt Pool's site and it looks like they would be easier to install. The only problem is that I don't have much horizontal pipe...