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    Recurrent green algae

    Smarter people will be by, but IMO: Your CYA level is high and your FC level is low for the amount of CYA you have. Without algae, you should be maintaining at 7-10 for FC with CYA of 85. Take a look at the chart in the pool school section for the recommended chlorine/CYA levels. For now, you...
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    Screwed by the Pool Store?

    Leslie's always tries to sell PhosFree. Before I found this forum, I bought a lot of expensive chemicals I didn't need and had a green pool to boot. Trust your test results, heed the advice here, and avoid Leslie's if you can. :)
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    My week long conversion.

    Wow, you pool looks great! Aren't you glad that you read about baqua conversion here before emptying your pool?
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    Pet Pictures

    Here is a picture of our dog, Smokey, diving into the pool: And another one:
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    Polaris 280 and sand

    I had a similar problem, when my polaris wasn't working (Our pool backs up to a middle school track, lots of dust gets kicked around.) If it is an ongoing problem, then I would see what people say about the silt bag. Otherwise, I found that a good vacuuming with a skimmer sock in my leaf...
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    Pool Fire??? Ash in the pool ......

    I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I have a problem with sand getting into my pool since our yard backs up to a junior high track. I use a vacuum with a leaf canister and place skimmer sock into the canister. It is really good at catching the fine debris. Before I got the skimmer socks, I...
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    Not all Pool Stores are evil!

    There is a national chain pool store closer to me, but having been "pool stored" by them before I found TFP, I refuse to go to them. I found this place when I needed advice on how to drain our pool during a storm. They talked me through it over the phone even though I had never set foot in...
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    Not all Pool Stores are evil!

    I finally got around to taking in our Polaris to the local Pool Store to get fixed. It hadn't been working for months and I had been manually vacuuming the pool. It turns out that the jets were clogged. They charged me a whopping $4.99 ($5.40 with tax) for the fix. Best 5 bucks I've spent. :)
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    Taking the plunge!

    Wow! Your pool is really starting to look good. This thread has been fascinating. I cant wait to see the bottom of your pool. :)
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    Taking the plunge!

    cmtpres, Have you checked the prices of the liquid chlorine 12% solution at local pool stores? With the amount of bleach you are consuming, it may be more practical to use and require less trips to the store.
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    Another "pool store" story

    Aren't you glad that you are armed with correct information about your pool's chemistry? After getting pool-stored one too many times, I found this site last year and stopped going to Leslie's. I found a nice mom and pop pool store for liquid chlorine, and the times when I need Muriatic Acid...
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    clear to green in under 2 days...why?

    Someone smarter than me will be along soon, but I'm wondering if it could be copper.
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    Feeling overwhelmed

    It is ok. You can do this. Follow the steps in the Sticky and your pool should be back to sparkling clean in no time.
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    [UPD 3/22/2008] Pool Neglected - For a long time...

    Piku, your pool is looking great. It looks like you are almost there. :)
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    Jason, I think that we do have a sump pump, so I'll suggest that to my husband as well.
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    Waste, my husband's reaction to the crack was to apply an epoxy. I am really worried about the possibility of an explosion, so if it comes down to it, I'd prefer to deal with an algae-filled pool rather than take that risk. The filter is running at a pressure of around 25 psi. We just...
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    I don't think I have a recirculate option, but I'll have my husband check. With any luck, our pool store will have the parts we need in their warehouse and we'll be able to get this fixed before too much damage has been done to the water clarity.
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    Crack in filter casing, how to keep algae away?

    We developed a crack in our filter casing and will need to order a new one. In the meantime, since we can't run our pump, does anyone have suggestions on how to keep the pool from turning into a swamp? Should I just pour in bleach and brush to mix? Should I keep it at a shock level or a...
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    Vacuumed my pool and now my pump isn't sucking water.

    Would an air pocket cause a problem with the pump? I was vacuuming the pool and the hose popped open. A bunch of air sucked into the pipes before I could shut it off. I have a leaf catcher attached to my vacuum so I don't think the pipes are clogged with leaves. Could I force out an air...
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    I like my liquidator, it makes BBB super easy.

    That doesn't look too hard, though I must admit that the thought of drilling into the pipes is a bit scary. I'd be really afraid that I'd mess it up. Maybe I could talk my husband into installing it. ;)
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    I like my liquidator, it makes BBB super easy.

    I'm seriously considering purchasing a Liquidator. It seems like a more hassle-free way to keep the pool sanitized. How difficult is it to install and how long did it take?
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    "ReOpenning" Pool

    I don't want to sound like a broken record, because I've said this in a few threads where the CYA issue has come up, but I had a similar experience last summer. I took a sample from my very green, algae-filled pool to Leslie's. They tested it and told me that my CYA was at 70. After I cleared...
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    Can't get rid of Algae.CYA is high and already drained once

    I just wanted to add that if you are in the middle of an algae bloom, that can register a inaccurately high CYA level. I tested CYA when I had a green swamp on my hands (and thought a partial drain was on my to do list) only to learn later that our pool's CYA level was really a lot lower than I...
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    Emergency Help Needed to Drain Pool

    Flintstone- I hope you weathered the storm ok. My husband suggested siphoning in addition to draining, but I couldn't bring myself to start the siphoning. I'm a bit of a wimp.
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    Emergency Help Needed to Drain Pool

    I use terms like "hose thingy," so I was lost at first when the pool service man was talking about hose bibs and valves. But I figured it out and the water level is slowing but surely returning to normal.
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    Emergency Help Needed to Drain Pool

    I'm in NorCal and we are in the middle of a huge storm. The water level is way high and I need to start a drain to prevent overflow. There is a pip which says drain but I don't know how to get the water to flow there. Any suggestions? I don't have a sand filter. Edited to add: I called a...
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    My algae odyssey - do I sound bitter?

    You sound understandably frustrated. It is too bad that you found this site so late, you may have had an opportunity to enjoy your pool before you move. I went through an extended algae battle earlier this season (and there is a thread which documents the progress). It took a lot of bleach...
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    Test results, help!?

    Your CYA reading could be artificially high due to the algae clouding your sample. After your water clears, do another CYA test to get a more accurate reading.