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    Pentair pump ?

    I'm looking to get the Dynamo 1hp 2 speed pump or the Optflo 1hp 2 speed pump. Does anyone know if they have a three way switch (off,high,low) ? The only info I can find says on, off switch. This is going on a 15x30x54 deep AGP.
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    1 HP 2speed pump

    I'm looking to get a new 1HP 2 speed pump. Is one brand better than another? I've been looking at Pentair and Haywood pumps.
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    need new pump

    I don't have a fountain or solar heater, the only time I use high speed is when I vacuum the pool.
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    need new pump

    I have a 15x30 AGP, the pump went out. I have a 2 speed 2hp pump with a 120' cartridge filter. Do I need another 2hp 2 speed pump or could I go 1.5hp 2 speed? What do you think I need?
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    New pool in Atlanta

    very nice
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    getting pool...have a few questions?

    I have a pool rover jr and love it .
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    Above Ground Pool Deck

    looks nice
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    Chlorine Tablets ?

    I would like to get some chlorine tablets to have when I go on vacation. Is one brand better than another, or just get any of them ?
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    SeanB and the hurricane

    Hope every thing goes well for you. Glad you and your family are ok.
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    Cover Pump

    I have one of those cover pumps.Works very good.I left mine on the cover all winter, and when ever water was on the cover you just pump the bulb a couple of times and it drains the cover.
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    I've finally done it

    Congratulation, this November will be 17 years for me.
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    First Post

    Welcome to TFP
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    Automatic Vacumm for an AGP?

    I have a Pool Rover and it works fine for me. Never got sand in the pool so i can't say if it will get it up or not.
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    Newbie looking for BEST AG pool cleaner...Help!

    We have the Pool Rover and love it . Had it about two years with no problems.
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    What to soak a cartridge in.

    I use automatic dishwasher detergent.
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    Do we need a pad under steps in AG?

    I got a piece of shower stall liner from Home Depot under mine.
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    Hey there!!

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    Poolidiot - Happy Birthday to you............

    Happy Birthday.
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    Pool noob from South Florida...

    Welcome to TFP,good luck with your business.
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    Better Late than Never

    Welcome to TFP
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    Trish3125 - Hello

    Welcome to TFP.
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    Liner Choices.....

    I like the one on the left.
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    Newbie from Westford, Mass

    Welcome to TFP, nice pool
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    Welcome to TFP
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome, good to have you here.
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    Question about Above Ground Pool Entrance Systems

    I order them from inyopools. Shipping was very fast, lest than a week. Very nice people to deal with.
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    Best auto cleaner for AG pool?

    We have the Pool Rover and love it. Just drop it in the pool and away it goes.Cleans the pool very good.
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    Question about Above Ground Pool Entrance Systems

    I just purchase the Royal Entrance Steps, but have not put them in the pool yet. Will probably install them ether Saturday or Sunday. Put them together today,went together very easy. Really nice steps,we will enjoy them more than the ladder we had. I don't think algea will get under them, but we...
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    Whats behind the name?

    My initials plus 4 people in my family - JET4