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    Jacuzzi Spa 355 temp sensors tripping breaker

    Within about 5 to 20 secs of turning on the breaker the unit trips the breaker. I removed each pump and sensor 1 at a time and have isolated it to the temperature sensors. With the sensors disconnected all other equipment operates. Any guidance on what to do or replace the sensors? I can see...
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    Intellitouch SPA Error; when heater is required

    I have a raypak heater connected to the pool. When the pool function requires heat is activates the heater perfectly and everything is fine. In order to establish a second heating cycle at a higher temp, I have connected the SPA function to the heater. When the SPA function calls for heat, I...
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    Pentair Intellitouch to control heater to get different temperatures

    I have an Intellitouch system and want to set two different set of temperatures during the day. The main reason being I do not want the heater (Rayvak) to activate when the pool is in it's normal very low flow mode - I am also using a Intelliflo VF pump so the flow is very low during the day -...
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    Autopilot water flow sensitivity

    My Autopilot seems to continually complain about the flow level being too low. Is there an optimum flow. I have a pentair variable flow pump and have begin to raise the flow to 50 GPM to get the autopilot to work.
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    Auto pilot - better to run shorter or adjust power

    Is it better to run the Auto Pilot for a shorter period at 100% or a longer period at a lower power? I have the ability to do either as I am using the Intelliflo which runs for most of the day.
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    Using Chlorine to boost (Trichlor)

    Do I understand from a posting (which I can't find now) that you can use granular chlorine to boost FC even if you are using a SWG? Thanks Sean
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    Autopilot and Salt water eating plaster and using acid

    I have had the following problem for 4 months. PH is dificult to maintain and the pool (15k) uses 3/4 of a gallon of acid a week (even in winter). Initially the plaster had a tremendous amount of scale from high PH as the use of PH caught the pool company off guard. The company emptied the pool...
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    Pentair Intelliflo VF Pump Priming Error

    Does anyone have experience of priming errors with this pump. Even though the pump is fully primed and there is no air in the system, the pump (multiple times a day) reports a priming error. There are no leaks in the pool and the filter is clean - it appears (lthough this may just be total...
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    Ameri-Dome Pool Domes

    Has anyone used these domes. I am looking to order one next week and wondered if anyone has a comment. We have spoken to the company and reviewed their samples and they have been very helpful.
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    Intellitouch - Heat Pump preferred settings

    Does anyone know how the heat pump preferred setting on the Intellitouch system works? The manuals give no explanation and I have spoke to a Pentair tech twice in the past week and he was adamant that the Intellitouch systems decides which is most effective (ie the heat pump or the gas heater) -...
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    Using a Pool Dome for the Winter - Ameri-Dome

    I am considering adding a heated dome to the pool for winter. Has anyone had experience/seen reviews of the Ameri-Dome system? Thanks Sean
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    Gritty Deposits all over

    We have had the pool for 2 months and have had a SC-48 for a month. Suddenly the entire pool surfaces have become rough and the pool cleaner (Polaris 380) is collecting grit - about a cup a day of this white type sand. It can be brushed off the pool surface (needs to be a steel brush) but is...
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    Efficient Pool Pump - 24hr use low flow

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an efficient pool pump. I want to run it 24 hrs (to ensure the heater and heat pump can operate) but in order to keep costs down am trying to approximate 1 turn per day and thus need about 10GPM. I have been told that the Pentair Intellitouch while very...
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    Intelliflo versus ?? - running 24 hours a day

    I am looking to run my new gunite (30 x 15) pool throughout the upcoming winter season. Due to freezing (northern VA) I am planning to run the pump fulltime once the temp drops below 35 - (I have the Intellitouch 10i system + Autopilot - so the intellitouch will address the activation below 35)...
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    How do I connect the Autopilot to the Intellitouch

    Sean or anyone who knows I have the 4 cables running from the autopilot but do not know where to connect them on the Intellitouch (10i). When I connect to the Std Com port it freezes the intellitouch. :(
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    Using a Gas Heater and a Heat Pump

    Has anyone had experience of using both a heater and a heat pump? I am looking to extend the pool season and use gas for Dec and March/April (in Washington DC) - I already have a heat pump to keep costs down during the rest of the year.