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    Maintaining someone else's pool

    Pool in question: 20k gallons, in-ground, plaster, DE filter, Jacuzzi VS pump, spa. I've taken over my brother's pool after he passed away last year. At the time, the pump had been inoperative for a while and the pool was a swamp with a lot of tree debris, algae and bugs. I had a company...
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    Maytronics Rebates 2019

    This year's rebates just posted. Rebates and Promotions - Maytronics
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    Cleaning my bro's pool

    Hi folks. I've been following the TFP method for the last 11 years since my pool was built. I have the TF-100 test kit and familiar with the different chemical levels. This message is concerning my brother's swamp of a pool. When he was having pool issues a few years ago, I suggested that he...
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    Bad Temp Sensor?

    I was investigating why my solar heat wasn't turning on. Going through the diagnostic menu on my Aqua Logic controller, the water temp was reading 113F. Safe to assume the temp sensor is bad? Looks like the correct part may be GLX-PC-12-KIT; can anyone confirm? The listing on Amazon says...
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    Maytronics Rebates

    Just an FYI for everyone that Maytronics has started their 2016 residential rebate program today. Valid for in-store purchases only. Consumer Rebate - Maytronics US, Inc
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    Special Seal for SWG pool?

    Collecting the parts to replace my pump motor. How important is it to use a special seal for a pool with an SWG? Although it's not easy to find, US Seal has a line of salt and ozone resistant seals.
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    Replacing motor with two-speed motor

    My pump (Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro P6E6E-206L, 1hp, 1.65sf) has been getting noisy the past year, so I thought now would be a good time to upgrade to a two-speed pump. The pump is only 6 years old and since I don't want to mess with the plumping, I want to just replace the motor. My Aqualogic...
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    SWG Bypass Pipe + Bonus

    I haven't had the best of luck when it comes to the longevity of my salt cells, but I noticed that Hayward sells a bypass pipe so I can remove the cell in the winter. When I received the pipe, I was surprised to see that the unions on both ends were included. Now with a small investment in...
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    Super High CH

    In order to lower my salt and CH, I did a partial drain of my pool last weekend. I only drained about 15-20%. Before the drain, my CH was at 1100 (!) It was 44 drops with a 10ml sample. I assumed it was this high because I know the water in this area is rather hard. But when I tested the...
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    Low Salt...or not?

    For the first 18 months, my AquaLogic read 3200ppm of salt. Then I received a "Low Salt" error message and then a "Cell Power Error" message. It's currently reading 2300ppm. Seems possible because I do get some splash out from normal use and the Polaris shoots out water sometimes. Tried some...
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    Polaris Booster Pump Motor Replacement

    My Polaris PB4 booster pump for my Polaris 280 may be bad. It randomly makes a loud buzzing noise and doesn't pump water. I called Polaris and right away, she said it sounded like the motor is bad. I'm going to remove the cover and see if I can move the impeller. The motor has a separate...