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    Sundance 880 Cameo 2013 LED lights acting up

    We were in the tub late last night, cold out (28F) and snowing. When you turn on the LED lights, the color rotates. Wife wanted to lock in the red color and when we pressed the light mode button, the top side LED lights flickered(reminded me of short in a circuit) then color continued to...
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    Used Sundance Cameo Getting Ready to Start Up

    It's finally on line ! # ! # ! # ! # ! # !
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    2014 Cameo 60amp Jumper Settings

    According to the image below I need to jump pins 7&8 on JP-9 but I don't think I have a spare jumper unless pin 1 on JP-9 is not in use. Is pin 1 on JP-9 being jumped in its current position,I don't think it is, if not, then why does the wiring diagram show it On?
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    Connect to ISC-100

    I'm finishing my wiring to a 2014 Sundance Cameo and while connecting the LFNC-B conduit to the spa panel, I found a ribbon cable unplugged at the bottom of the equipment bay. This cable is labeled 'Connect to ISC-100'. A quick Google search (no hits searching this forum) leads me to believe...
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    Used Sundance Cameo Getting Ready to Start Up

    I purchased a 2014 Cameo from a couple near DC that didn't want the spa (it came with their house) for $1,500. I drove 7 hours to get it. I've run the wiring and cut off box now I'm waiting on the electrical inspector to come out next week, then I can start things up. Ahh some has been ordered...
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    Hot Tub Buying Guide

    Spent the last two hours searching and browsing posts for a hot tub buyer's guide. We are in the market but I feel really vulnerable talking to these dealers as I don't know what to look for as far as build quality, number of pumps vs jets, ozone vs SWG, size of heater relative to capacity. I...
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    CYA = 90ppm, pool store says no problem???

    Hi, According to several pools stores in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, the legislature has restricted the sale of 12.5% Sodium Hypo to consumers. The pool store continues to sell my mother Trichloro or DiChloro in power form for shocking the pool since she has mustard algae. As of today her...
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    Where to Buy Liquid Chlorine in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

    Hello everyone! My mother is getting bad advise from her pool store. Today her CYA was at 74 and the pool store sent her home with more Trichloro granular and algae bombs to combat the green problem she has. I told her to go by liquid chlorine and she tells me you can't buy liquid chlorine...
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    Hayward NorthStar converted to 2 Speed - Very Low Filter PSI

    My mother lives in Texas and I am in NY. She called today and her pump motor won't run. The breaker is on and I had her test for current at the timer box and then also test the pump side of the timer with the timer in the on position. I would like to replace her motor with a 2 speed. This is...