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    Landscape Lighting that meets code

    I am not an electrical contractor, nor do I play one on TV, but I am reading about the changes to the NEC and wondering what options I have for landscape lighting within the 5 foot horizontal barrier of my pool tied in with my easy touch 8. The link and snippet below are one of many online...
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    IC40 showing zero salt on EasyTouch 8 but is still generating chlorine.

    I recall reading about this a while back but could not find the thread. Apologies for asking again if this is a repeat question. EasyTouch 8, Intellichlor IC40. IC40 LEDs indicate everything is "good" but ET8 says Salt level is 0. IC40 set to 40% and must be generating chlorine because I...
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    need help reprogramming easy touch valve settings for solar.

    I'm not sure how, but my valve and heater configuration got messed up, and I'm not sure exactly how to get it all back. somehow it ended up in heat pump mode and the default valve configs were empty. needless to say my solar setup wasn't working very well. Pool Spa Combo, with a single solar...
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    Looking for first hand feedback for the florida sunseeker / pool baron aftermarket LED replacement kit for pentair intellibrite 5G color lights

    update: My Intllibrite 5G did not die. It was tied into a GFI I was not aware it was tied into and that GFI had tripped. resetting the text to small font that is not accurate. My intellibrite 5G color pool light died and this is one of the possible repair options. Pentair® 619818Z Kit...
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    Cellulose: Long term feedback please?

    I'm looking for long term feedback on cellulose as a filter media. Pentair FNS 60, Sta Rite variable speed. Years ago I removed the backwash valve so I never backwash, always just completely clean the filter grids by removing and hosing down in the garden. Cost doesn't seem horribly out of...
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    Did forum preferences get reset ?

    I'm not here every day so I don't know when this might, but I saw my timezone was GMT and my notifications were set to not email me. Did something reset things, and I just haven't noticed? I'm fairly sure I had PM set to email me, and noticed I had one from 5/1, then I noticed the time of my...
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    Replacement alternative for IC40 ?

    IC40 died last night. It had been off since last summer. I left it off because I had no salt in the pool after the rennovation. Last weekend I added salt, gave it a day to distribute, turned it on and it it was complaining about high salt. ( 4900 IC ) I did not measure salt because it was...
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    spa light replacement. old cord does not want to come free. suggestions?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'll try to post some pictures. i want to pull a pull cord with the old cable. I was able to pull towards the pool side a couple of inches, but wanted to pull it back the other way and it is not budging. ideas? should I call an "expert" what would they do?
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    Preventative Maintenance for a Sta Rite VS 3050

    Starting April 5th, I'm getting new plaster and tile and the pool will be down for about 10 days. Pump was replaced in 2011 when I added Solar. Is there any preventative maint I should consider to the pump? It is a sta rite VS 3050. I think it is not as quiet as it was when brand new, but I...
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    what am I doing incorrectly where images are not showing inline?

    edit / final update: I think the images I was uploading were too large. I've instead chosen to post them to imgur and I will inline them. /edit renovation: 1999 IG pool / spa with pebble and new tile in No. CA edit: post 15 in the thread above... Not sure what I'm doing that is causing the...
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    Adding Screen Logic ( 1? or 2?) to a 5-6 year old Easy Touch 8

    I'm thinking about adding a Screen Logic 2 to my existing Easy Touch 8, and was hoping someone would point me in the right direction. It looks like there are Screen Logic and Screen Logic 2. Any versions work better or any to avoid? and will the newer one work with my older easy touch 8. I...
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    renovation: 1999 IG pool / spa with pebble and new tile in No. CA

    I'll use this to track the process start to finish 1: choices advice and decisions 2: selection of finish and tile 3: the renovation 4: startup and first 30 days Phase 5: Ahhhhhh :swim: Original title: 1999 IG pool / spa getting ready for rennovation Plaster? Pebble Sheen? Pebble Fina? Close...
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    "best?" way to add DE after a full filter clean with a variable speed filter

    "best?" way to add DE after a full filter clean with a variable speed filter Pentair FNS 60 with the curved vertical grids. Sta-Rite VS 3050 pump. I always clean with a full disassembly and cleaning. 4 way backwash valve was removed years ago. My question is what's the "best" way to recharge...
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    IC40 IntelliChlor reading high salt when not

    About a week ago, the IC40 started flashing high salt and was listed at 4500 indicated on the Easytouch diagnostic screen. Today I measured with salt test from a TF-100 kit and it is reading 3000ppm I'd read it might need an acid clean so I removed it for a cleaning, and this is what I...
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    Intellibrite 5G Color longevity and feedback

    Basically this is a gut check before I buy. My 1999 vintage light housings need to be replaced. We have an easytouch 8, so an obvious choice is the intellibrite 5G Color. I've seem some reviews complaining, but like many things, often the silent majority is happy and doesn't take the effort to...
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    Repair tile and crack behind tile ( images resized )

    edited out huge images... Looking for some advice on repairing this tile. The remaining tiles seem solid and the plaster isn't cracked. I'm tempted to just glue the tile back on and would advice on what adhesive to use. There was a little shifting of the deck into the stairs a few years ago...
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    LED options to upgrade Amerilite and Spabrite

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my pool and spa lights. I need to do something with the pool light ASAP, but the spa is less time critical. Pool light is american product. 500W 120V. the sticker on the case indicates Amerlite 7885xx or 7845xx or 7895xx series. I haven't pulled the spa light out to...
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    Easy Touch temperature sensor

    My Easy Touch is about 2 years old. The OEM water sensor went bad in March. I replaced it with an aftermarket versions (Optimum Pool Technologies) and replaced it in March, and the replacement failed a couple of days ago. The air sensor is still accurate and the on-roof solar sensor seems to...
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    leaks :( anyone heard of flood grouting

    I suspected a leak all summer but did not want to shut down the equipment to find it. I used the brain-dead approach and turned everything off, and the leak was 3/4" plus per day until the water level got close to the return jets, and it has since stabilized. Next step is a pressure test, but...
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    Easytouch 8 and gas heater settings

    My heater isn't working, and I'm not sure if I messed up a setting on the easytouch when winterizing or... Easytouch 8. Laars Lx400. There is a heat pump setting on the easy touch showing disabled, but I didn't remember disabling it. Does the heat pump need to be enabled for a gas heater to...
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    easy touch and service mode?

    I give up. how do I run the filter pump in service mode on an easy touch 8 pool/spa combo If I select service mode, all the valves work including drain and fill but I can't turn on the filter pump. seems like one of these must be true 1) it isn't setup right 2) I can't read :hammer: 3) the...
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    "normal" Salt, Bicarb and Acid consumption with a SWG

    I'm trying to understand how much salt usage, Acid usage and bicarb usage is "normal" in a salt pool with SWG. Pool was converted to salt on 7/6, and on 7/24 salt was 3200. I added a 40 lb bag in August (I didn't log the date) when the salt indicator and the salt test showed it was a little...
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    plaster polishing / smoothing without draining

    Black plaster pool, generally in good conditions with a few few rough areas, mostly on corners of steps but a couple on the side walls. I've read about some polishing disks, but they show them being used with the pool drained. Can this be done without draining? I'd like to do this myself, a...
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    easy touch 8 remote questions

    I'm shopping for remotes for my easy touch and have a couple of questions. Near term I would like a QuickTouch 4 wireless remote to allow my kids and wife to turn on the waterfall, or turn the spa without having to open the main door of the load center. Long term I'd like the following: easy...
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    can an EasyTouch 8SC-IC40 run 5 valve actuators?

    The sales guides indicate this comes with 2 and will work with 4. Can it be expanded to run 5?
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    plumbing inlet height for intelliflow pump

    I've found the install manual and there are dimensions, but not the key one I need. Trying to see how much difference it is from my current pump.
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    Other considerations when swapping to a variable speed

    I’m considering a variable speed pump, but I need to learn what else needs to be done. I’m looking for suggestions including brands of pumps, automation systems and perhaps other upgrades. Sorry this is long, but writing it all down helps me collect my thoughts. Pool is a 1999 33 x 16...