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    Correcting wrong replastering

    I'd stay with the white plaster and a BIG discount on the renovations The other options may make the situation worse
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    New Pool -- Southlake, TX (near Dallas)

    My pool light is also a 500 watt bulb. Check out the link below to see the blue lens installed in my pool. pic-of-my-pool-at-night-4th-of-july-t66526.html
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    New Pool -- Southlake, TX (near Dallas)

    I put one of those blue colored plastic lenses on did cut down the glare...I think there about 10 dollars at leslies.
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    Part way Through Build, Loads of Pictures!

    denaw, Are you on Lake Conroe? I grew up boating on Conroe in the 70's and 80's...I'm sure it's much more crowded now. Your pool build is awesome! I'm in Denton TX...originally from Spring TX......Looks like you will have a fun summer! congrats!
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    Wanted: Equipment Pad Pics

    Okay, Lets see those equipment pads! [Merged from a similar new thread ... jblizzle] Pentair Challenger 1.5hp pump/motor...Pentair TR-60 sand filter (new) with updated/improved push/pull backwash valve...and the Polaris booster pump. Jandy 2 way valves control two skimmers and the main drain...