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  1. Kiss4aFrog

    Does it help to add algaecide Kem/Tek 60 over the winter?

    I'm in Wisconsin so it wouldn't be long and my pool will be a frozen ice cube. I'm presently vacuuming, sweeping and slamming to make sure it's where it's supposed to be as this week I'll be blowing the lines and putting on the cover for winter. It'll be covered for 6-7 months. I normally open...
  2. Kiss4aFrog

    Suggestions on replacing my old filter

    I have an old Hayward S240 two piece side valve filter that the top is cracking quite a bit and leaking more than is reasonable. I'd like to just get a new top half for it but anything I can find is more than half the price of a new filter. In the near future I'm thinking of going to a VS pump...
  3. Kiss4aFrog

    My cost calculator is missing ??

    I've posted links to in the past as it was a great tool for comparing different strengths and jug sizes of bleach as it reduced everything to cost per oz, same strength. Today it came up as a "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" Is there another I can use or...
  4. Kiss4aFrog

    How much sand ??

    I have an older Hayward sand filter and it seems to have lost a bit of it's performance. I opened it up to take a look at it and I'm wondering if it has enough sand in it. There's no info on the filter but I'm pretty sure it's a S240 that's supposed to hold 300lbs of sand. Plenty of room to add...
  5. Kiss4aFrog

    Information on how to add an in wall light to existing vinyl pool

    I've been searching here and on the net to see what would be involved in adding an underwater light to my 40 year old vinyl liner pool. I can't find any articles or any show and tell on it. Has anyone done it or seen an article on it with photos ?? Wondering what would be the best way to cut a...
  6. Kiss4aFrog

    Automatic cleaner for a lazy L shape

    I get tired of vacuuming the pool but the owner (my GF) says she's been told automatic cleaners get hung up in her shaped pool. I tend to think that old info like the fight I went through to stop using algecide and switching over to the TFP method and buying a TF100 also applies to what cleaners...
  7. Kiss4aFrog

    Sometimes you just want your teddybear.

    This dog really knows how to float in style ;) Bdog The Bear In The Pool with - YouTube
  8. Kiss4aFrog

    Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    I finally talked my GF (owner) into sending the LP heater on it's way to becoming something useful by way or recycling. For eight years it's sat without being used due to the cost of LP. OK, I'm leaning toward a heatpump because the operation cost is cheap, no spa connected to the pool and tried...
  9. Kiss4aFrog

    Adding a "Like" button would be nice

    Adding a like button would be a way to +1 a post without actually having to add length to the thread.
  10. Kiss4aFrog

    Time to replace the solar cover, any recommendations ??

    My solar cover is finally to the point that so much of the bubble wrap is popped it's having a hard time floating. I need the heat (Wisconsin) so I'm going with clear as it seems it has the best solar gain letting the sun in. In the past have bought a big rectangular cover and cut it down to...
  11. Kiss4aFrog

    Adding borax box after box, after box, after ...

    It just seems like it will never end. Dumped in 12 boxes and added some acid and swept it all together and then added the rest and swept some more to get it all dissolved and now waiting to do some balancing...
  12. Kiss4aFrog

    Trying to attach photo from computer and told over my limit ??

    Trying to attach photo from my computer and told over my limit. Do I need to go in and delete something from storage ?? I looked around and don't see where it might be.
  13. Kiss4aFrog

    Ok,, I'm at the point of tossing in anything that might help

    I started slamming with liquid chlorine over a week ago. Granted the pool was terrible since the owner (girlfriend) didn't want to put it to sleep last year with the proper level of chemicals so it was pretty nasty. I took out about 4 gallons of leaves and pine needles from the bottom but I...
  14. Kiss4aFrog

    How to sererate motor and remove sheared off bolts hayward super pump

    I have a spare motor and pump that I'm trying to tear down and overhaul. Tried an impact but it didn't help. When I tried to take off the four bolts holding the pump housing together all four sheared off. I still have the whole assembly together (motor, impeller housing and body) and I tried to...
  15. Kiss4aFrog

    Tool to change the dome O ring on Hayward sand filter S200 S200KT

    My top was leaking most of last year and someone previously had tried to silicone it so I knew it needed replacement. I didn't mind the price of the O ring but the spanner tool P/N S200KT was four times the O rings cost. Normally I love to buy tools but I don't think I'll be doing this again. I...
  16. Kiss4aFrog

    Infusion Venturi Eyeball Replacement - kiss4afrog

    I have created your own new thread so it doesn't confuse responders and readers. Anyone with any experience using the Venturi eyeballs, good or bad ?? I'm thinking of adding one or two for the same reason.
  17. Kiss4aFrog

    Repair suggestions for damaged Aquatherm solar panels

    I have some solar panels made by Aquatherm model 10001-2. They were not treated the best and presently I have some tubes on the exterior edge ripped that I would like to seal back together and two of the collectors have a couple inch seperations between the tube material and the header. Is...