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  1. crushkittykitty

    suggestion (used items for sale)

    was wondering if we could get a for sale place, I would love to buy a used robot to play with an idea I have but I really dont trust ebay.
  2. crushkittykitty

    When do I open up after winter?

    New to this pool thing, I closed it, Did not cover it, So when do I hook it back up? It has been getting in the low 60s and the pool is turning into a green mess, I added chlorine but I would like to run the pump. This is Iowa so im sure there will be more days below freezing. I am not talking...
  3. crushkittykitty

    ok starting on rebuilding the pool

    The pool has been setting for years at this point the last owner attempted to fix it it lasted one season, due to a liner issue. Since its been raining here in Iowa since winter I went ahead and moved the pump filter and installed new 2 inch piping to the pool, new strainer,working on dual...
  4. crushkittykitty

    need some advice on rebuilding inground vinyl pool

    Little back story we bought a house that has an in-ground pool the pool is well in horrid shape at least I think. After we cleaned out the garbage everything from a tent to leaves. I started working on the retaining wall and that took longer then I planned. Now its close to the end of the season...