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  1. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    Yes, it worked for me. One end screws into a standard fitting and an intex nut screws onto the other end (shown in one of my pics). Rather than order online, I suggest checking with your local pool store. I know, we try to avoid these places but, sometimes they have what we need. Also, if...
  2. Taterfink

    Advice on hard plumbing AGP This is a link to pictures that show the plumbing on my 26' Intex pool. I replaced all the hoses with 1.5" PVC. I put unions EVERYWHERE ! just in case I ever needed to...
  3. Taterfink

    Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Are you talking about the grey one with 4 wheels and hooks up to the return side instead of the suction side? I have that one. To vacuum, I turn my pump on low. If I turn it on high? The vacuum flys all around the pool and after a minute or 2 it stands on one end and shoots water straight up...
  4. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    MirellaJoe, Google is my best friend. That's how I found that adapter. The local pool store owner is smart enough to realize that more and more people are setting up intex pools. I do try to support local stores as much as possible. However sometimes they simply price themselves out of the...
  5. Taterfink

    Vacuum for Intex Above Ground Pool

    Kellyfair, I've used a hairnet in my skimmer before but it was a black woven one with holes in it. It catches a lot but these things you mention could be pure gold!
  6. Taterfink

    Vacuum for Intex Above Ground Pool

    Run22225t2, put the panty hose or kneehigh on first then the mesh bag. The drawstring will help hold the kneehigh in place.
  7. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    kellyfair, Here are a couple pictures of my pool plumbing. I didn't get the SWG in the picture (you can see it peeking out from behind the filter) but it also will disconnect from the return lines and from the filter. The line dropping off the back of the filter is the backwash line. I recently...
  8. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    I've spent the past hour looking on my computer for my older pictures (my grass currently needs mowing and the mulch needs to be freshened up). But I'll get some new pictures and post them.
  9. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    kellyfair, I do have shut off valves on everything. I also have unions on all the equipment lines so I can just unscrew them for maintenance. I added a second return on the opposite side of the pool from the skimmer. Placing it so that it blows into the steps to keep them clear of debris. I...
  10. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    Okay, here's what I've found and it works like a charm! I found this adapter on the internet, went to my local pool supply store and they had it! They didn't have the 2 pack in stock. Only the package in the picture on my table. I didn't need the cone shaped one but this was the only combo they...
  11. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    I'll get pictures but my point is that I have NO intex parts anymore and the hole size necessary for an intex assembly is different from the hole size necessary for a standard assembly. The inside of the (standard)return is threaded (female) with male threads for the eye itself. The diameter and...
  12. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    Yes! The grey screwy thingy! (That's a technical term you know). I was hoping to find a simple way to build an adapter. If I figure something out I'll post it.
  13. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    The connection to the return is where the problem lie. It comes with an intex screw on ring that fits only an intex fitting. I'll post a picture when I get home later. I've already got 2 intakes plus the skimmer and 2 returns (the original hole plus 1 I added on the back side of the pool) a...
  14. Taterfink

    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner: how do i connect to a standard return?

    I have replaced all hoses with PVC and the intex returns/fittings with standard parts. No intex parts remain except the pool itself. I recently purchased an intex auto pool cleaner (picture attached) that connects to the return. Has anyone figured out yet how to connect this vacuum to a...
  15. Taterfink

    Vacuum for Intex Above Ground Pool

    If the included vacuum is the one with the mesh drawstring bag on top that you hook to a garden hose, try putting a pair of panty hose or a knee hi stocking on the vacuum then put the mesh bag on and pull the drawstring tight. The pantyhose/knee hi mesh is much finer than the mesh bag and will...
  16. Taterfink

    Using Liner Armor

    I have 3/4" polystyrene insulation sheets and a gorilla pad under my pool. Do as advised and triple tape the joints in the insulation. The weight of the water will try to separate the insulation sheets. (ask me how I know. ). I topped the insulation with the gorilla pad in an effort to keep...
  17. Taterfink

    Pool Placement

    I had a huge pecan tree removed and the stump ground. We compacted the ground as much as we could. I live in Florida and sand is difficult to compact down. It looks good and solid when it's s damp but it fluffs up when it dries. Anyway, I put 3/4" polystyrene insulation down as a barrier...
  18. Taterfink

    Intex leg joint

    You can order replacement parts directly from intex. I had several legs rust badly and it didn't warrant replacing the whole pool so I just ordered the parts I needed.
  19. Taterfink

    How much space needed for a 18x9x52 pool

    I put my intex up in 2012 and I applied for and received a city permit. When the inspector came (the first time) he called his supervisor for help because he'd never seen one of these types of pools. I guess I'm the only person in this whole huge city of over a million people that applied for a...
  20. Taterfink

    How much space needed for a 18x9x52 pool

    You may need to check with the city also to find out distance requirements from property line/ fencing and from the house and/or garage. In my city the pool could be no closer than 5 feet from property line or structures.
  21. Taterfink

    Small leak in fitting, need advice

    Just a thought, how many times did you wrap with Teflon tape? Personally, I've found 7 wraps to work well for me. Any less and I'll have a leak.
  22. Taterfink

    Hayward wanda the whale...... wt?!?

    You can put a leaf cannister in line on the hose sections or, as my cannister broke, I use a leaf net to scoop the leaves before I run the vacuum. I have Diver Dave. If you'll aim the return toward the middle of the pool and turn the pump on high, it'll blow the leaves to the sides. Or aim the...
  23. Taterfink

    landscaping around AG pool

    I'm thinking that the vinegar/salt/soap is a homemade weed killer.
  24. Taterfink

    landscaping around AG pool

    Here are a few pictures of what I did around my pool. I used rubber mulcH.
  25. Taterfink

    Intex Ultra Frame vs Cheap Solid Steel AG

    I have loved my intex ( 26' x 52"). I set it up in 2012 and will need to replace it this year. Entirely my own fault I think. The sleeves covering the top rails are stiff and fraying from year round exposure to the intense Florida Sun. It would have lasted longer if I had covered it thru the...
  26. Taterfink

    New Intex pool build soon, concrete pad expansion joints and best tarp

    Jaxhusky, here's a link to a thread of mine showing and explaining my rust issues. The 2 legs on either side of the skimmer rusted after 3 years but only really became an issue going into the 4th year. I did have minor rust on one other leg where it fit into the little black shoe. intex, SWCG...
  27. Taterfink

    16x32 Intex ultra frame construction

    If you use the extruded polystyrene sheets make sure to use 3 overlapping strips of gorilla tape on all seams. Anything less and the weight will push the sheets apart a bit and the resulting dips will collect dirt and debris. The voice of experience.:oops:
  28. Taterfink

    New above ground oval 18x33 install

    Hi, I have read your entire install thread and am in awe of the job you've done. About algae collecting around the steps, I had a problem with that because my return was on the opposite side of the pool from my steps. So my steps were in a " dead zone" with virtually no circulation. So, I ran...
  29. Taterfink

    insulation sheets under intex pool - is 3/4 " thick enough?

    DJ, I trimmed the foam around my pool using a 1" x 6" board that was long enough to span 2 legs at a time. I laid it flat, against 2 legs and used it as a straight edge while cutting the foam with a case knife. This left 6" of foam outside the pool diameter. I have put border trim about 20" out...