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  1. lynns

    Pleatco filter question

    Anybody know the difference between the Pap-150 and Pap-200? They both have the same measurements and the filter I am replacing has both part numbers on the end cap. I'm not sure which one to order. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. lynns

    Water level went down?

    I just peeked under the cover. It looks like the water level went down a couple inches over the winter. Is this normal?
  3. lynns

    Pump is not staying primed

    Hello all, Before the hurricane started we shut off the pump and covered the pool equipment (afraid of trees falling on the equipment). The day after the hurricane we went to restart it and it needed to re-prime (it was off for about 36 hours). The pump and the filter had no water in them. We...
  4. lynns

    Salt Loss

    How much salt loss is normal? I know that is a hard question to answer. The pool is used only about 3 times a week (no kids splashing). Last year I didn't have to add salt at all but this year it seems to be lowering about 100ppm per week and I have to add some.
  5. lynns

    Start-up salt reading?

    When I uncovered our pool on Saturday the digital salt reading was 3400. I was shocking the pool and didn't turn on the SWG. Now on Wednesday when I turn on the SWG it reads 2400 and won't generate. Is this normal? Was the 3400 reading basically just stored in the memory from last season?
  6. lynns

    Ok....I think I'm ready!

    This is my first full season with the pool. I got my TF-100 kit and I'm excited to try it out. When the pool was closed in the fall I failed to watch what the crew did. Now I'm hoping I know what goes back where. I'm familiar with the putting the cartridge back in the filter and the baskets...
  7. lynns

    Opinions on when to open to avoid pollen season

    This will be my first full season with the pool. Pool company winterized it but I plan on opening it myself (they want $300.00 to do it). Should I delay the opening until after pollen season? We get a TON of pollen here!! (South Jersey) THANKS!!
  8. lynns

    Leave solar cover on??

    This was my first year with the pool so this may be a dumb question. I live at the Jersey Shore and it looks like we are going to get some wind and rain from Hurricane Earl on Friday. Should I leave on my solar cover? or will wind just blow it around and make a mess anyway? I have a lot of...
  9. lynns

    Still having trouble with Polaris 360

    I can't seem to get this thing to work correctly. The back wheels just seem to stay up off the bottom. It doesn't climb the walls and keeps getting stuck in the corners. *I have the thrust jet at 11 o'clock *I made sure the head float was all the way pushed in *At first the tail wasn't...
  10. lynns

    Dog who tries to drink pool water (salt)!

    Hope this is the right section to post this. I have a SWG and my dog loves the pool. The problem is, he also loves to drink the water. I hate to not have him in the pool when he wants but I'm also afraid of him drinking salt water. Any experiences with this? He never throws up or has any ill...
  11. lynns

    Help with Placido Polaris....

    Yes, I named him Placido (any Phillies fan will know why). :wink: A couple questions: 1: What does the tail really do? A friend says his swings back and forth pretty good. Mine just seems to drag behind. 2: The back wheel doesn't seem to touch the bottom sometimes. Almost like it's...
  12. lynns

    Newbie in Jersey

    Just wanted to introduce myself. This forum has been a great help after a stressful pool installation that started last fall and finally just got completely finished. I wish I'd have found it while we were still in the installation process!
  13. lynns

    Newbie with a couple SWG questions

    Hello all!! I'm new here (and to pool ownership) and am loving this forum. I've been lurking and learning while reading. Ok, here's my problem: We had problems with our pool after it was installed (LOOONNGGG Story). Filter was plumbed backwards!! Before we realized this was our problem our...
  14. lynns

    Need some filter help

    First, I am new here and very very new to pool care. Great forum. Already learned a lot just reading some posts!! My problem: We have a fiberglass inground pool that was installed last fall. It is now up and running for the summer. We have been working on getting it clean and ready...