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    Jandy LRZ175EN parts offer

    I'm taking my Jandy Legacy 175,000 BTU heater to the curb next week. If anyone might want anything from it, let me know and I'll ship it to you for just the cost of shipping. You can read more about my heater (significant rust in burner) Heater Troubleshooting Help
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    Check Valve

    I'm in the process of replacing my heater. My previous heater didn't have a check valve between the heater and in-line puck chlorinator. I only use the pucks when I'm away for a weekend or want to slowly increase CYA (and add chlorine). I always run my pump on a timer, so I understand that the...
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    Heater Troubleshooting Help

    I've had a Jandy Legacy LRZ175EN gas heater since ~ 2013. [If this is the expected life of this heater, stop reading and let me know.] Last night, it started throwing up "FAULT - CHECK IGN CONTROL" It usually does this at the start of the season when there may be air in the line (?), and I can...
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    Looking for a slight robot upgrade

    I currently have an aquabot Pool Rover Jr. for my 24' above ground pool. One of the lock nuts holding a wheel in place came off. I replaced it with a lock nut from the hardware store, but it hasn't been the same. It only easily goes in one direction, and gets worse quickly (10 minutes) as the...
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    While opening my pool, I noticed two of my panels are showing rust near the bottom rail. The pictures are of two different posts. The position is where the grade of earth is farthest from the pool, so there should be absolutely no standing water. I have an 18" rock border between grass and the...
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    New pump questions

    I finally replaced my single-speed 1.5HP pump (with possible bad bearings - REALLY loud) with a 1HP dual speed pump (Hayward SP15922S). 1st off, I am amazed at the noise reduction even on high speed. Several questions: I leave the solar cover on most of the time when not in use, so skimming...
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    Weir operation

    Maybe I don't fully understand the normal operation of the weir in my AGP's skimmer. It pivots along a single axis at the bottom. If water is a little too high, it freely floats towards the skimmer or pool with the pump off (thus releasing all the hard-earned skimmed junk). Are there different...
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    Do I need a new cartridge filter

    I finally opened my pool after a vacation. I was worried that it would be green because of several weeks of hot temperatures. What I wasn't expecting was the excessive noise my pump is making. A little background. This is the 4th year for my pool. I usually clean the cartridge filter with a...
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    Pool Opening Levels

    I finally opened my pool last weekend. It was late due to several cold snaps, then an extended vacation. I was pleasantly surprised that the water wasn't even cloudy even though the water temperature was about 70F. I still had FC=1.5 after adding ~30-40% new water. Anyway, my initial levels...
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    Intermatic P1131 Cord Length

    Approximately how long is the twist-lock cord for the Intermatic P1131? The outlet I now plug my pump into is located at the top of a post. I would like to mount the timer below the outlet if the cord can reach from the bottom of the timer to the plug above it. Nevermind. Intermatic website...
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    Replace pump with 2-speed

    I have a pump with labels Hayward SW15851X20TL and AO Smith Century 1081 SP1520Z1ESC. I want to investigate replacing the pump motor with a 2-stage pump, but don't know how to research what is compatible. Any guidance, suggestions, or questions are welcome.
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    How concerned should I be with TA and CH

    Recent numbers: FC = 6.0 CC = 0.0 PH = 7.5 CYA ~ 42 (much closer to 40 than to 50) TA = 170 CH = 40 The CYA number is from opening the pool, and is probably diluted some with some very heavy downpours we had several weeks ago. However, that would really just drive me to maintain lower FC since...
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    FC Level to maintain

    Following the recommendations through Simple Pool app (and elsewhere) for my CYA of about 42, I need a minimum FC of 3, target of 5, and max of 7. I test FC daily or every other day. It is my understanding that I never want to get below FC of 3.0, or run the risk of algae to start growing...
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    I too noticed that my TA was high at 130

    I finally just opened my pool for the season. I haven't done all not remeasurements yet, but estimated CYA based on what I had last year and the water added (from 50 to 37 with 25% water added). I raised the FC to shock level (15), and will monitor overnight. However, I too noticed that my TA...
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    Heater Selection Help

    Looking to add a heater this year (2nd year of pool life). Planning on something around 150kBTU natural gas. To be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed by options and choices. I looked through information at What I don't fully understand (haven't...
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    Random Questions

    We recently purchased a pool this summer. Being the uneducated buyer that I appear to be, I have some questions: How long can we expect things to last like pump, solar cover, other? We don't have a heater yet, but is there a best time to purchase based on typical sale cycles? Again with a gas...
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    Closing Help

    Closing my pool for the first time. Live near Chicago, so pool will freeze. Wanted to run things by someone who has done it before. I recently reduced my pH down to about 7.4. Will this change much during the winter? It has been creeping upwards to about 8.0 over the last month. Pool...
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    Algae drove me to this site

    Got my 1st pool this summer. Loved it in the heat! 24' above ground, round, Nature2 mineral system, cartridge filter. Everything was going well until we were gone for a long weekend over Labor day weekend. Chlorine tabs ran out, and there was a little algae near some leaves (may have been...