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    Hayward SW15851X20TL: flow rate?

    Hi, i was under the impression that to calculate the optimal (minimum) time to run the pump to ensure turnover , the flow rate as well as the water volume is needed. If there's a better or more accurate way to determine the optimal pump run time that doesn't require flow rate, let me know; thanks!
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    Hayward SW15851X20TL: flow rate?

    Hi - I can't seem to find the flow rate for my pump + filter system. I bought the Seascape 27 ft AGP from the Great Escape and it came with Hayward equipment - pump model is Swimpro SW15851X20TL, motor part number 7-193554-01 - Swimpro Voyager cartridge filter model SW150 The filter says max...
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    Doughboy pools: fencing?

    Hi all - I got a quote from the local Doughboy dealer; cost of Doughboy fencing around the rim of a 24' AGP is >$1200 - does anyone know if 3rd party fencing is compatible? Local Great Escape fencing estimate < $500; a friend paid like $300 for their 24' (non-Doughboy) pool I understand...
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    Are Doughboys the best AGP?

    Resurrecting this thread. Local Great Escape sales guy told me their top of the line (Seascape Pool Terrain Series) is made by parent company of Doughboy (Hoffinger Industries) and is just as good, but is more compatible with 3rd party components (eg filter baskets, fencing), I wouldnt be tied...
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    Pablo from Chicago suburbs

    Hi, just joined. I'm planning to install an aboveground pool before the summer. I have a fairly large, flat yard, and am looking forward to having a fun activity for my kids. My wife grew up with an aboveground pool so I have a good idea of what I'm in for (costs, maintenance, etc). But if...