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    Winter Cover sizing

    I have a 24' round AG pool and last winter we had a 24' winter cover on it. Even though I tied milkjugs to it, the wind would billow under it and over the winter it rubbed the finish off some of the aluminum top plates. The cover barely went over the edge of the top plates in most locations...
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    Anyone purchase a Solar Heater from Ebay

    Poolman Solar heater Has anyone bought one of these units? If so, I'd be interested in your review. I'm looking at either adding a Fafco unit (4x20) or this unit. I'm thinking a one 4x20 unit is better than 2 2x20 units since there would be less connectors. Thanks
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    What's the risk of 0FC for a day

    I run my pool with a CYA of 30 and keep the FC around 3 or so. On a day like today with heavy swimmer load and lots of sun, I will check the pool at 8AM and it will have 3 FC but by 4PM it's down to 0 FC. If I load back up the clorine to 4 - 5 FC, what's the best guess of running into a...
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    Wier really needed?

    The PB installed a Skimsaver Lid'L'Seal (Link here) on my skimmer. Due to the fit of it, they didn't put the wier in the skimmer. After looking at it tonight, I think I could get the wier to fit in the holes as the holes are partially covered by the Lid'L'Seal. Is it really worth the effort...
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    Sand Filter issue with cloudy dust

    I have a Hayward 166 Sand filter and Zeobrite as the media. I've been dealing with a problem ever since the pool was installed 2 weeks ago. I had cloudy water after the Zeobrite was backwashed, and found small white material in the bottom of the pool. After a close to a week with no...
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    HTH 6 Way tester vs Strips (FC vs TC)

    We just purchased a 24' round pool and I'm getting the water adjusted. We had a Intek pool before, and I always used test strips. I never had an issue with algea, but I probably put too much chlorine in it a few times. With the new pool, I've purchased the test strips and the HTH 6 way kit...