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    Polaris 3900 in-line filter screen

    My screen keeps blowing out the side. The original lasted about a year and the replacement OEM part lasted about 6 months. The screen just splits down the side. I've looked in the reviews at the replacements on Amazon and several people are having the same problem. Does anyone have a...
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    White residue ring with SWG

    New hot tub owner with SWG. Salt level is ~2400 CH is 150. I have a white ring of powder residue around the waterline of my tub. Rinses off with water and a slight rub of my finger. Is this from the salt or something I should be more concerned about? Thanks in advance, Tod
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    Alkalinity quite low, PH holding nice and steady at 7.7

    Hi all, I have a similar problem (or maybe it isn't a problem) as JoeCooler in previous post. Purchased a new tub, SWG, 500 gal. Got my salt adjusted, calcium in line (150ish), and some stabalizer (put enough in to get to 30 but my test kit doesn't go that low so assuming it's good). First...