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    Shotcrete (input needed)

    Hello all we moved to a new home and are doing a BYOP build. We got our shotcrete last week. When they did the shotcrete they placed our sheer descent in what would be the very middle of the swimming area of the pool (where we wanted the deepest part of the pool). But its not centered in the...
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    Suction side plumbing leak repair help

    Hello all - We will be selling out home soon so I'm closing up loose ends and making things right for the inspection and new owners. I had a suction side leak that I "fixed" using a can of that flexiseal stuff. It worked like a champ but its doesn't look good and needs to be fixed correctly. I...
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    Motor identification

    Hey all its been a while since I've been on the site. I need help with ordering and new pump motor along with anything else I might need to do the replacement correctly. I cant seem to find the exact model number for replacement so I am hoping for some guidance with that. I have attached a pic...
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    Fitting/re-plumb question w/pics

    He all its been a long time since I've stopped by. I made a mistake this weekend but I think with some plumbing help I can get it repaired and back to normal with out to much trouble. The weather is warming here and we are starting to swim. I was using the water spigot that connects to my pool...
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    Hayward three way divereter valve repair

    Hi all - the three way diverter valve that controls my waterfall is letting water by allowing my waterfall trickle even though it should be off. I've searched hi and low on the internet looking for a replacement diverter but cant find what I'm looking for. I have a feeling I'm searching the...
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    Cloudy dingy looking water

    Hey all it's been a while since I've posted a question but I'm having some water clarity issues. For the whole summer so far I've been having issues with water clarity after heavy swimmer loads. The water gets a dirty look to it. In the previous years it seemed like we could have 10+ People in...
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    Cool Pool 2012 on HGTV

    Cool pools 2012 is on HGTV right now. There are some really amazing pools on this one. My favorite so far was the rock quarry pool. I searched to see when it was coming on again but nothing showed up :x You might beable to find it online of you like this kind of thing.
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    Storm comming in cool pic

    My buddy took this pic while I was hustling to get the ribs off the smoker before they got dusted. The ladies had no idea what was on the other side of the fence until we told them. I thought it was pretty cool.
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    Confused about plumbing skimmer/main drain

    We had a bunch of family stay over the weekend and I was trying to explain to my bro inlaw how the pool plumbing works. He asked what happens when/if the skimmer gets completely clogged. I told him that it just automaticaly starts pulling water from the two main drains. So I plug one of the...
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    BKM for cleaning and storing a solar blanket

    Do you all have any tips on cleaning and storing solar blankets? I was thinking about spraying it with bleach, hose it down then letting it dry before I try and stuff in the plastic bag it came in. Seems like they are the perfect storm to get mold while in storage. Thanks :cheers:
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    Stains on pebble sheen after vitamin C

    So about a week ago I found some spots on the floor of our pool. They were rust colored so I thought I would try vitamin c. It worked but two of the vitamin c pills left some dark spots. One is about the size of a quarter and the other is the size of a fist or so. I searched the forum and found...
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    Solar panels on a south'ish facing verticle wall *update*

    We are wanting to extend our swim season to get the most out of our pool. Even a month on either end of the season would be nice. We like the water in the high 80's low 90's range. I would want to do this on the cheap and DIY. I would get the panels from Craigslist and install them myself on a...
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    Rust on/in Pebble Sheen

    I have a pebble sheen pool that I found a small rust spot in. It's about the size of a dime, maybe a little smaller. The repair tech is coming out tomorrow to check it out/fix it. Everything is under warranty so I'm not to worried about it, just kind of wondering what all is involved with the...
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    Re-hanging a door...need some help

    I know there are a lot of DIY'ers here so I figured I'd give this question a shot. I removed a door to fix the weather stripping on the bottom as it was falling off. When I put the door back on it didn't really seem to line up. The reaveal on the hinge side at the bottom is pretty much non...
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    Cordless drill & wire brush to remove tile scale?

    I started a thread a while back about scale build up on my tile line. I've searched the site and followed all the suggestions but I'm really not getting the results I thought I would. I've been in the pool with a spray bottle of m/a and have torn through two pumice stones in a matter of minutes...
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    DFW light show video

    Did any of you Texans witness this light show in the DFW area :wave: ? Sounds like it was a pretty amazing storm that fried all these transformers....very interesting stuff.
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    Surprised by scaling? Pics

    My auto fill broke a little over a week ago. The water level went down a little and this is what I discovered. I knew there was a little bit of a line around the pool but this is way more than what I was expecting. My PH is high but normaly with in range. Any advice would be appreciated. :wave...
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    ? for the PB's how would you fix an excavation mistake?

    This is a very random question that popped into my head :hammer: . If you are excavating a pool and say a wall collapses or it gets dug to wide for instance, how would you build the dirt wall back up? Any pics or instances of this happening? :cheers:
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    DIY umbrella stand/planter *pics*

    So since our pool was built we really wish we would have had them install some in deck umbrella sleeves. We have one on the baja step and another on the deep end bench. But we could really use some more. Installing them after the fact isnt cheap so we've been looking for other options. I was...
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    Kreepy Kritters

    I found this 2" scorpion this evening in my hallway. I cant stand scorpions, as in I have nightmares of them flying and spinning giant webs nightmares :hammer: ! I think watched to many scary movies as a kid :twisted: . We've been here a year and a half and havent seen a single one. I think it...
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    Cleaned cart filters for 1st time

    So our pool has been running for right about 3 months. I cleaned the cartridges for the first time today. It seemed like the rear two filters were dirtier than the front two. Has anyone else noticed this or is it even possible? We have the Hayward swimclear C4025. I was very pleased with how...
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    Remote liquidator location

    The liquidator has caught my eye and seems like a good alternative to daily chlorine dumps. My main issue is with the install. If I were to get one I would want to place it about 50ft away from my pump pad. I have a nice shaded area there. So how far can the LQ be away from the pump pad? Thanks
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    How many pools with CYA over 100?

    I have several questions for pool owners with high CYA (over 80ppm). 1)How many of you have high CYA over 80ppm? 2)How long has your CYA been over 80ppm? 3)Do you backwash? 4)Have you had algae issues? 5)What is you pool finish: plaster, pebble, vinyl or other. Thanks
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    Pump motor extremely loud (sound&Video)

    Can anyone tell me whats going on with this pump/motor from the sound its making? The pool and all equipment has only been installed for a couple months. PB gives a three year warranty so it should be taken care of with no issues. But I would like to get your expert opinions. It's a Hayward...
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    Sinking chlorinator, input wanted

    My wife heard a commercial for this thing today on a talk radio show. Does anyone have any input on it? I'm sticking with pucks for now so it is of interest to me. The part that interests me the most is the statement in bullet 2.4 which states "$ave you money: In a floater, up to 75% of...
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    Gotta have shade! Show off those umbrellas

    We wish like heck we would have had umbrella sleeves installed in our decking. We have zero shade until about 4:30ish even then it just starts to creep onto the baja shelf. We found this umbrella at Walmart, it helps a lil bit. I would like to see some of your creative shade ideas. Thanks
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    Switching to bleach this weekend

    We are having a mess load of people/kids over for the UFC fight this Saturday. My floater is just about empty and I have 4+ gallons of 6% bleach on standby. CYA has slowly climbed :whip: *just like you all said it would* :whip: to what I think is a good level. My current numbers FC 5 TC 5 CC...
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    West coast east coast construction differences?

    It seems to me that there is a pretty big difference in the way pools are constructed from coast to coast. Out west most pools are shotcrete and plaster. It seems on the east coast most pools are ABG, vinyl or fiberglass with the exception of Florida and in the middle of the country the...
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    Does sunlight cause CC?

    Will UV rays cause CC? My CC is 1 it's usually 0. The pool is getting sun all day, sun up to sun down. Light swimmer load, water looks great and no foul smells. According to pool school I'm keeping my FC to low, but these number have been solid for the last three weeks with the exception of the...
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    Umbrellas and sleeves ????

    Hey all, do your umbrellas fit snug in the sleeves? Its finally nice and hot here in Az. We put up our umbrella in the sleeve on the baja step today. The umbrella pole is smaller than the sleeve and just kinda wobbles around when the wind blows. Also has anyone ever had a sleeve added to a...